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Mobile SEO Optimization

Mobile SEO Optimization

1Easy Media NetworkEasy Media Network is an Internet Marketing Company provides following services - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Mobile SEO Optimization

Mobile SEO describes the activity of doing search engine optimization to increase your websites visibility in mobilesearches.

Mobile optimization is the process of ensuring that visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an experience optimized for the device.


Why We Use Mobile SEO??

In aGoogle Smartphone User study, mobile searches will make up 25% of all searches in the world this year.

ACompuware studysaid that over 50% of consumers would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site. In fact, over 40% said they would use a competitor with a better mobile experience.

In the Mobile Movement, a study by Google, 77% of smart phone users visit search engines and then social sites.

Over90% of mobile searchesend in some type of actionvisiting a business or purchasing.4

Mobile SEO Vs Desktop SEO

Local results Are More Likely In Mobile

Mobile Web is growing 8x faster than pc based web

Mobile Internet is growing faster than desktop internet ever did

Ad CTRs on mobile devices were 37% more than desktop

Some smart phones and tablets do well to capture your website even without a mobile version but many of them do so quite poorly.

Regular websites are made and optimized for computer monitors which averages 1000 pixels in width. Mobile devices, however, average only around 300 pixels.5

Advantages of Mobile Website

Faster Download Speed

Portability and Connectivity

More Flexible and Cost-Effective Than App Development

Engagement and Context

Improved Search/SEO performance

Competitive Advantage Over Your Competition

Improved User Experience

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Disadvantages Of Mobile Website

There is NODisadvantage to Using Mobile Web Optimization, Only Advantages.


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