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Genealogy Boot Camp Session 4


  • 1.Genealogy Boot Camp Session Four: Where do we go from here?

2. Social Security Card Applications (SS-5) The other vital record 3. 4. 5. Social Security Card Application (SS-5 ) Date and place of birth (Parents names (includes maiden name) Address at time of registration Place and Length of employment Address of employer Usually includes a signature 6. Death certificates often include social security numbers 7. 8. Social Security Card Application (SS-5) Provides foreign ancestors place of birth! 9. Beyond Census and Vital Records Finding genealogical information from other record types 10. Newspaper Obituaries 11. Newspaper Articles 12. 13. City Directories 14. Transcriptions 15. County History Books 16. Railroad Retirement Records(CER-1) 17. Railroad Retirement Records 18. Railroad Retirement Records 19. World War I Civilian Draft Card Registration First Registration.The registration on 5 June 1917, was for men aged twenty-one tothirty-onemen born between 6 June 1886 and 5 June 1896 . Second Registration.The registration on 5 June 1918, was for men who had turned twenty-one years of age since the previousregistrationmen born between 6 June 1896 and 5 June 1897.Men who had not previously registered and were not already in the military also registered. In addition, a supplemental registration on 24 August 1918, was for men who turned twenty-one years of age since 5 June 1918. Third Registration.The registration on 12 Sept 1918, was for men aged eighteen to twenty-one and thirty-one toforty-fivemen born between 11 Sept 1872 and 12 Sept 1900. 20. Military Pension Applications 21. Sworn Testimony from Civil War Pension Application 22. Ship Passenger Lists 23. Naturalization (Citizenship) Applications 24. Where Are Genealogical Records Kept? 25. Local County Courthouse Grayson County, Kentucky 26. National and State Archives National Archives in D.C. 27. Family History Library and Family History Centers Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah 28. Larger Genealogical Libraries Newberry Library in Chicago 29. Local Public Libraries Local library in Arthur, Illinois 30. Local Historical Societies County and Town Historical Societies 31. Searching Libraries

  • Union Catalog for most U.S. Libraries www.worldcat.org
  • Family History Library Catalogwww.familysearch.org
  • Local Library Catalogs www.libdex.com

32. Continuing Education 33. Read Books! 34. Read Genealogy Magazines 35. Attend GenealogicalSociety Meetings 36. Go to Genealogy Conferences 37. Browse Genealogy Web Sites 38. Use Message Boards 39. Listen to Genealogy Podcasts 40. Read Genealogy Blogs 41. Ask a Librarian 42. Genealogy Boot Camp Session Four: Where do we go from here?