Using Social Media to Raise your profile

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Raising your profile through social mediaDr Nick Pearce, Durham University@DrnickpearceElaine Tan, Durham University@ElaineRTan


Goals for the sessionUse twitter as case study to show the range of possible uses of social media to raise their profile and engage with community of peers and wider public

Introduce a wider range of social media that can be explored furtherImage Creative Commons Thomas Leth-Olsen

Who are you?Copyright Monkey

Hopes, Fears and ExpectationsYou can post these anonymously here Commons image Titanic Commemorated Kate Ter HaarMake sure theres a link here on blog post

This is an opportunity to make sure everybody is online and engaged5

Ego surfingSearch for yourself onlineFirst just your nameThen your name and institutionYour supervisor(s)Then just your topic(s) of interest/ expertise

What do you find?Post to

Perhaps another padlet?7

Creative Commons Image Chris LottOldie but a goodie.

Does illustrate the range of social media out there

Also how quickly they come and go, some of these are tailing off, some newer ones not mentioned (e.g. Wassap, YikYak, Snapchat)8More academicallyAcademia.eduMy paper on donuts in 19th French literatureSlideshare.netMy slides from the 3rd European Conf. on Donuts in LiteratureWordpress.comMy thoughts about donuts in generalMendeleyMy bibliography about donuts in literature

Creative Commons Image Roger Ferrer Ibez

Great networking toolHelps keep currentShare thingsFind out about thingsIts fun!

Some reasons to use twitter

Perhaps ask for experiences from the floor?


Part time and distance can be very distant sometimesCreative Commons Tim Sackton Twitter presence of Durham PhD Students

Create your twitter profileGo to and sign upPut some thought into pic and profileLike speed dating!Create inbox folder for email from

Stress that this is an opportunity to have a play with twitter.

Its easy to delete a profile at the end (well de-activate, then after 30 days delete)15

Use a disclaimer such as "the views contained in these web pages are my personal views and do not represent the views of Durham UniversityThink keywords and a disclaimer

Anatomy of Tweet

Someone who I follow retweeted thisHashtag to add to a conversationShortened URL saves on characters!Avatar of original poster@ replies to individuals. Appears in their tweets and repliesThis tweet has been favourited onceIts been retweeted twiceFollow the original posterMore

Share something privately with someone else on twitterShare a link to the tweet directly- cite or share with non twitter users Will create HTML code so I can embed this tweet in my blog/websiteHide tweets from Doug, I dont want him in my feed anymore. Well still be able to interact using @ with each other. Unfollow Doug. He also wont be able to interact with me using @ anymore.I find Dougs tweet offensive. Twitter look at this pleaseEven MoreRT Directly retweet something youve found

RT with comment will display full RT but with comment

Develop your twitter profileFollow interesting peopleSee who other people follow3rd party appsOpportunities for funding, conferences, call for papers

What you cant do proprietary, copyrighted, defamatory, libellous or obscene.

Creative commons Joe Bielawa

Is there any danger of commercial value being lost as a result of your tweet?Do you have the right to share it?Is it likely to damage someone elses reputation?Is it untrue?Could it be seen as offensive?

Image Creative Commons Iko

Other social media of interestBlogs ( Blogger, Wordpress)Academia.eduLinkedinSlideshareFlickr/ Youtube/Pinterest

Examples from Durham

Feedback and questions? Creative Commons Marcello Maria Perongini