Using Social Media to Raise Your Visibility

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This slideshow was used at the Cal State Fullerton Gianneschi Summer School for Nonprofits on July 13, 2012. This slideshow covers topics including why companies should be using social media, basics on social media voice, content, planning. Setting up basic social media tools, and touching on some advanced practices.


<ul><li> 1. Making Your Media Social to Raise Your Visibility Peter J. KuoCommunications Associate South Coast RepertoryTwitter: @PeterJKuo #SMVisible</li></ul> <p> 2. July 12, 2012 Part I: Me, You and the Basics Part II: Case Studies Part III: Getting Started, Practical Tips Part IV: Q &amp; A 3. My Experience Blogging since September 2003 Facebook since February 2005 Twitter since August 2008 YouTube since January 2010 Foursquare since April 2010 4. Facebook StatsNov. 09: 550 LikesJul. 12: 4700 Likes 5. Twitter StatsNov. 09: 790 FollowersJul. 12: 4450 Followers 6. YouTube StatsAnnual Views 2009: 35,000 Views 2010: 98,000 Views2011: 143,000 Views 7. Blog Stats Annual Visits 2010: 3,500 Visits2011: 10,000 Visits2012: 7,200 Visits (to date) 8. One Social Media Specialists Opinion YouTuber: KeepOrJot 4,730 Subscribers 132,000 Video Views Comedy &amp; Community Twitter: PeterJKuo 625 Followers Conversation &amp; Broadcasting Facebook: Friends Personal and Family 9. Getting to Know You Types of Non-Profits Service/Volunteer Organizations Educational Organization Awareness/Advocacy Organization Health Service Organization Staff Sizes 15 6 10 11 25 25+ Who is on Social Media? Highest Social Media Numbers? 10. Why is Social Media Importantfor Any Company? Statistic Facebook 8 years old 900 million users 20 minutes per visit Twitter 6 years old 140 million active users 340 million tweets per day YouTube 7 years old 100 million hours of video watched each day 72 hours of video uploaded every minute 11. Brand Loyalty and Trust Arts Patrons Survey 89% of arts patrons who say they follow an artsorganization on Facebook log on a few times a week. 69% find it important when an arts organization seems toknow them personally 12. Why is Social Media importantfor any company? Customers are becoming audiences. Audiences are changing how they get their information. Marketing subscriptions are changing. Audiences are in control and are becoming selective about how they get information and from who. 13. Traditional Subscription 14. Why is Social Media importantfor any company? Communication is accessible, transparentand instant. It is easier to listen to what people aresaying about your organization. People have direct access to you and knowwhen youre ignoring them. You can hear peoples needs and respondto them faster. 15. People are talking about you. People who interact with you want to talk to you! 16. Why is Social Media important for any company? Easy to set up. Easy to update text andmultimedia. Easy mobile access. Interface that audiencesare comfortable and feeltrendy interacting on. 17. Type &amp; Click 18. Where to start in Social Media Quick Set-ups Yelp FourSquare Wikipedia Regular Maintenance Facebook Twitter Advance PR Social Media YouTube Blogging Pinterest 19. Where to start in Social Media Time Management 10% of your marketing &amp; PR departments time. Social Media Goal Setting Friends &amp; Follower, Interactions, Google Goal Conversions, Increased Communication Social Media Tools Google Analytics Facebook Insights Tweet Deck HootSuite 20. Plan Now or Suffer Later Plan Topics Plan Loosly But PLAN! 21. Track Your StatsFacebook Insights TwitterCounter.comYouTube 22. Give your Social Media voicea personalityFind your companys voice Brand your Social Media with a promise Declare whos behind Twitter &amp; Facebook Based off your organization add humor,compassion and/or intellect. LISTEN and respondto everything. (almost) Social networking is notjust to reach out to patronsbut to network with otherrelated organizations. 23. Content Guide Types of Post Sales/News Humor Questions Relatable Opinions Tag other organizations or people Look for content to share, or reasons to poston other pages. 24. Break! Next up: Case Studies Facebook &amp; Twitter:South Coast Repertory YouTube:Anaheim Ballet Blogging:2amtheatre Pinterest:PETA 25. Customize! FBML/iFrames 26. Facebook Timeline 27. Facebook Ads &amp; ContestUse ads to introduce new people to your page,not your website.Use contest to make your awareness go viral. 28. Talk Around Your Mission 29. Social Media Topics Talk History Hot Topics 30. Twitter: Learn The Lingo#HashTag@ReplyRetweetsMeme#YOLOCheck in 31. Listen With TweetDeck 32. Twitter: Stalk Your Audience Just Unfollow: Evaluate YourCurrent Audience Friend or Follow: Find YourAudience Qwitter: Chip Your Audience 33. YouTube: Anaheim Ballet Subscribers: 53k Views: 43M 34. YouTube Non-profit Program CustomizeRaise Funds 35. Blogging: 2amtheatre Community&amp; Network Builder Multiple Writers Article on andAround Topics 36. Pinterest: PETA Vegetarian&amp; Vegan Cute Animals Celebrities &amp; Pets Animal-Friendly Fashion 37. Tricks of the Trade Link &amp; Tag everything! Facebook: Events create a page of infoYouTube: Annotations connect videos. Twitter: .@replies expands readership Want something? Just ask! 38. High School Musical or Glee? 39. Q&amp;A and Contact InfoQUESTIONS?Peter J. KuoCommunications AssociateSouth Coast </p>


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