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Spanish Demography

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Habla de la demografía española.

Text of Spanish Demography

  • 1. TOTAL POPULATION46.257.974 people live in Spain.

2. POPULATION DENSITYThe populationdensity in Spainis 504.782inhabitants persquarekilometres. 3. WORKINGPOPULATIONThe currentworkingpopulation isaproximately17.807.500people. 4. NON-WORKING POPULATIONThe currentnon-workingpopulation isaproximately28.450.477people. 5. PRODUCTIVESECTORS:-Primary Sector-Secondary Sector-Terciary Sector 6. PRIMARY SECTOR7% of the working populationwork in the primary sector. 7. SECUNDARY SECTOR31% ofthe working populationwork in the secondary sector. 8. TERCIARY SECTOR62% of the working population work in the terciary sector. 9. BIRTH RATEThe birth rate in 2011 was 10.66births per 1000 inhabitants. 10. DEATH RATEThe death rate in 2011 was 8.8deaths per 1000 inhabitants. 11. IMMIGRATION According todata of theyear 2011,5.730.667immigrantswork in 12. EMIGRATIONAccording to data of the year 2011 508,000 emigrants work abroad. 13. AUTHOR:

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