Lesson 2 - Editing

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Lesson 2 on editing - will be helpful for your essays


<ul><li> 1. Task 1a - Essay Learning Objectives To understand the effect editing has on the meaning of moving images To find examples and supporting arguments for my essay Challenge Objective To critically evaluate the development and techniques of editing Friday 19th November 2010 </li></ul> <p> 2. Starter Word Association Editing... 3. Starter Word DISassociation Editing... 4. Editing.... Look at the quote below about editing. Can you put it into a sentence that 5. Editing = Creating Meaning Film editing could be called 'film construction' and has been regarded by many as the 'invisible' art behind some of the greatest motion picture sequences of all time. Editing involves the manipulation of time and space to tell a story. 6. Editing = Creating Meaning Film editing is a skilled art - the selection and integration of a sequence of shots taken from thousands of feet of film to establish a structure, tempo, mood, or style. In other words, to create MEANING. 7. Montage The concept of montage or collision editing or "putting together is when an editor puts together various juxtaposing shots in rapid concession. These images are put together in this way to evoke a mood, emotional response or derive a new meaning. 8. Montage The concept was introduced by Soviet filmmakers in the 1920s (see Battleship Potemkin (1925)). The word montage has also taken on the added meaning of a compressed sequence of narrative material, condensed in time. 9. Exercise Get yourselves into groups of 3..... On the sheet in front of you work through PART A Now, complete PART B 10. Editing Examples You have seen some basic examples of the choices an editor has to put a sequence or film together but now we are going to look at some famous editing and try to understand the meaning it has created and WHY it was used. 11. Some important tips EVERYTHING we do in todays lesson will be useful for the content of your essay. You will be able to discuss some of the examples as evidence of the techniques of editing. </p>