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  • 1. Evan Barker 7/23/20127/23/2012 Social Media Presentation 1

2. The NewRelationship Relationships arechanging Texting Skype IM FaceTime Facebook Alice and Jesse Have a relationship andtheir parents do not evenknow Constantly text, and IM7/23/2012 Social Media Presentation 2 3. Evolution of Dating Men you call on women attheir homes Women lacked space socouples would gosomewhere together(dating) Going Steady, shownby matching sweaters,women wearing letterjackets, etc 70s and 80s datingbecame different forms ofsocial contact (hangingout)7/23/2012 Social Media Presentation 3 4. Intimacy Tools Three intimacy tools Cell Phones Instant Messaging Social Media Facebook Skype Twitter These tools eliminatedthe strain of long-termrelationships7/23/2012 Social Media Presentation 4 5. Social Media plays key role in casual relationships turning into seriousones Social Media, less vulnerable than face-to-face communication Give people chance to introduce themselves to people they dont knowwell Example Male in Chicago stated that instead of making a phone call, he will Facebook stalk to learn more Facebook relationship status now makes relationships official 7/23/2012Social Media Presentation 5 6. Breaking Up Social Media good forstarting relationship, notgood for ending Teens interviewedacknowledged thatbreaking up over socialmedia is disrespectful Facebook pages begin toslowly change whencouples going throughtroubles (Ex: Michael p.134) Despite what teens saybreakups take place online(Ex: old pictures deleted,angry status updates,removal of ex as a friend)7/23/2012Social Media Presentation 6 7. Over, but not really Even when relationship isover usually exs havemutual social media friends Exs can still see statusupdates and messages sent These communicationscan be caring, respectful,hurtful, or angry The book uses Bob fromNorthern California as anexample You monitor your ex,check Facebook statuses,see whos writing on theirwall, and if therelationship statuschanges7/23/2012Social Media Presentation 7 8. Social MediaJealousy Ono used Facebook to make herex jealous Pictures of them removed Put in another person Flirt with other guys onFacebook Use an Exs friend to try andmake Ex angry on Facebook7/23/2012 Social Media Presentation 8 9. Privacy from Others Teens agreed thatcommunication privacy fromparents is important Social Media can give themthis The book uses Joan as anexample Her and her boyfriend would talkon the phone and IM at the sametime, so their parents could not heareverything Teens have ability to be inrelationships that parents maynot approve of7/23/2012 Social Media Presentation 9 10. Monitoring andBoundaries People can monitor eachother on Facebook Anything from Researching potential loveinterests Using a shared password tocheck ones significant other Restrict significant otherscontact with their friends Check significant otherswall to see who writes on it Example Gabriela a 15 year old fromLA always logs into herboyfriends Facebook after looking ather own DO NOT SHAREPASSWORDS!!!7/23/2012 Social Media Presentation 10 11. Vulnerability New media increases teensvulnerability and control overemotional exposure This could lead to them beingvictimized by friends andothers Media can also be a goodthing Leaving a message onFacebook can be morecomfortable than calling a girland stumbling over words Easier to flirt digitally than inperson Predators What parents worry aboutmost Be careful of groups you joinand individuals you talk with7/23/2012 Social Media Presentation 11 12. Ito, Mizuko. Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out. The MIT Press 2010.7/23/2012Social Media Presentation 12