Networked intimacy

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Networked Intimacy is a performed relationship of togetherness taking place in a networked public space. Networked intimacy creates ephemeral intimate groups that recursively reshape the distinction between private and public.


<ul><li> 1. snsitalia.itNetworked IntimacyFriendship and intimacy in Facebook Italian usersManolo FarciGiovanni Boccia ArtieriFabio GigliettoLuca RossiUniversity of Urbino Carlo Bo </li> <li> 2. Aims at investigating the impact of SNSs on the blurringboundary between private and public in the context ofItalian society; Funded as a project of national interest by the ItalianMinistry of Education (2011-2013); First large-scale qualitative research project on SNSs inItaly; 5 Italian Universities involved; Unprecedented integration between qualitative andquantitative data (Facebook App retrieving tool, TwitterAPI 1.1 Patch + New Web Interface forYourTwapperKeeper).About </li> <li> 3. snsitalia.it120 in-depth interviews with Facebook users;Subjects selected to represent by age and gender the Italianpopulation on Facebook (based on figures available in theadvertising platform) and were equally distributed betweennorth, south and center Italy;Facebook App voluntarily installed by 58 subjects;Data from Facebook App used to identify clusters of subjectsand as meta-data to complement qualitative analysis.Methodology </li> <li> 4. snsitalia.itHow intimacy of Italian peopleis shaped by social technologies?How is the distinction between privateand public redefined?Research questions </li> <li> 5. snsitalia.itBeyond narcisistic &amp;confessional approaches(Antony Giddens 1992)People become self-reflexive regarding the health andauthenticity of their identities.(Eva Illouz 2007)Emotions are named and classified, fixed in place, outsidethe body.(Zygmunt Bauman 2007)The exteriorization and objectification of intimacies produce aspecific kind of object, namely, the commodity </li> <li> 6. snsitalia.itBeyond narcisistic &amp;confessional approaches(Christine Rosen 2007)Intimacy has been transformed from an interpersonalaspect of friendships into a tool for gathering attention(Sherry Turkle 2011)Users expose their intimacies with the hope this willproduce social fruit and self-validation </li> <li> 7. snsitalia.itNetworked IntimacyNetworked Intimacy is a performedrelationship of togetherness taking place in anetworked public space.Networked intimacy creates ephemeralintimate groups that recursively reshape thedistinction between private and public. </li> <li> 8. snsitalia.itSometimes I write cryptic messages becauseI dont want them to be understood. I mean Iwant to say it but I dont want to make itpublic.[] With my friends we share songs lyrics orbooks quotes and we tag each othersA.29f </li> <li> 9. snsitalia.itNetworked IntimacyExclusionMotivationSocial SteganographyNetworked Intimacy </li> <li> 10. snsitalia.itA friend of mine gave me a present of a PacMan Mug that change the colour when filledwith an hot beverage [] Shes in Londonnow and I cant talk to her [] so I posted aphoto of the mug on Facebook. That photoworth a thousand words, everything was in itthank you, I miss you Im thinking aboutyouM.22f </li> <li> 11. snsitalia.itWith my boyfriend we share mainly shortmessages[] when he started his ownbusiness I wrote Im proud of you. It wassomething that I wanted to share with otherpeople and with my best friend. That was tostress our relationship [] I use Facebook tostate that our relatioship doesnt needFacebookS. 21f </li> <li> 12. snsitalia.itNetworked IntimacyExclusionInclusionMotivationSocial SteganographyNetworked Intimacy. </li> <li> 13. snsitalia.itNetworked IntimacyNetworked Intimacy is shaped by thetechnological affordances of the platform(and viceversa): likes, tagging, comments. </li> <li> 14. snsitalia.itNetworked Intimacy:ephemeral groups vs statements of intimacy </li> <li> 15. snsitalia.itFrom Public Intimacyto Networked Intimacyis that something new? </li> <li> 16. snsitalia.itConclusions &amp; discussionNetworked Intimacy ephemeral nature ishard to be implemented with traditionalapproaches (MySpace Best friends list, G+ circles)Networked intimacy practices might lead bothto bridging and bonding behaviours </li> </ul>