Invitation to Intimacy

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The ultimate goal of salvation is to have the most intimate, powerful, satisfying, transforming relationship with God, Father,Son & Holy Spirit progressively now and fully in heaven. Learn the benefits of this and the obstacles to it. The more we know God intimately, the more we know ourselves who are made in His image. We are more than we think we are and knowing God intimately will reveal that to us so we can fulfill our true destiny more.


  • 1. Invitation to Intimacy The Ultimate Goal of Salvation
  • 2. Many Church Metaphors Citizens of Gods Kingdom! Temple of living stones with Jesus the Cornerstone! Royal Priesthood! Servants of the Master! Army with faithful soldiers
  • 3. Many Church Metaphors Vineyard or field! Branches on Jesus the Vine! Flock with Jesus as Shepherd! Body with many body parts & Jesus is the Head! House of God! A New Creation
  • 4. Many Church Metaphors House of God! A New Creation! Holy Nation! Gods Elect
  • 5. Meaning of Metaphors Describe the different functions of the Church! Governmental: Kingdom, nation, army! Structural: house, temple, field, vineyard, flock! Functional: Body, priests
  • 6. Our Main Identity Adopted Children of God! Household of God! Bride for Jesus! WE ARE GODS FAMILY!
  • 7. Ultimate Goal of Salvation Intimacy with God in the deepest, safest, most powerful, most satisfying, most exhilarating relationship as His child & His Sons Bride.! All of the Bible and history is about a heavenly Papa trying to bring His children home to share His Kingdom as joint-heirs with His Son, Jesus.
  • 8. God is The most affectionate, most joyful, most gentle, most kind, most creative, extravagantly loving Father! The most humble, self-sacrificing, faithful Savior Who calls us His friends and brothers & sisters. ! The most intimate Spirit Who graciously lives inside us to help us in every situation.
  • 9. The Intimate God We want intimacy because He wants intimacy! Made like Him, walks with us in Garden, chose to adopt us before time began and sings over loudly (Zeph.3:17)! Became one of us, lived with us, died to bring us home! Lives inside our frail bodies, prepared rooms for us in heaven, knows everything about us, even # hairs
  • 10. The Intimate God Knocks on the door of our hearts (Rev.3:20), waiting to come in and eat with us.! Treats us like a Good Shepherd loves His sheep (Is. 40:11)! Watches over us to bless us (2 Chron. 16:9)
  • 11. Barriers to Intimacy! Reasons to Hide from Intimacy Fears, feeling not safe (Jer, Tom)! Shamed by others ! Guilt for personal failures! Feeling worthless, not good enough, invalidated! Helpless, Hopeless! Alone, not wanted
  • 12. Growing in Intimacy Enjoy sharing more with Him: feelings and thoughts! Listen more to hear Him, including mediate on Scripture! Your life revolves more around Him than anything else! You communicate with Him more all day long! Grow more satisfied in your relationship with Him
  • 13. Know Him More ! Know Yourself More Child of God, chosen, unique, totally known yet loved! All by grace, God loved first and will always love! Incredibly valuable to God. His unique delight. ! Beautiful, handsome, powerful, wise, creative to Him! Already safe forever, already accepted, already alive forever