Interactive Video and Adult Education

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1. Interactive Video C. Guertin UOIT | EDUC 5405G 28 May 15 2. Why do we use video in a classroom situation? 3. How do we use video as a critical pedagogy? 4. What did Grady Walker and Julie Arrighi in their article Participatory Video find video production most useful for? 5. Video packs an emotional punch 6. Kids Creating Community Content, an American contest gives an example of the way having students create their own material fosters learning both inside and outside of the classroom 4 minute sample video (for later): 7. Interactive documentary is more game-like than film 8. Edmodo, interactive software for classes at every educational level: Watch demo: 9. When should a documentary be interactive instead of linear? 10. Interactive documentary has started to redefine our experience of news and of documentaries. What are the characteristics of interactive documentary? 11. History of the Highrise: 12. Interactive documentary requires a viewer/user to be an active and interested participant in the final product. 13. Elaine McMillion (2013) 14. Richard Desjardin and Robert Monderie (NFB, 2012) Trailer: 15. Journey to the End of Coal Samuel Bollendorf and Abel Sgrtin 16. iBooks Author Watch Author Tour (3:06): 17. Tumult Hype For interactive video or animation, app development and iBooks widgets Mac Only, $50. Watch Intro Video: Or Hype Pro $99: 18. Create interactive iBooks Widgets (Tumult Hype) Demo: 19. Create interactive infographics, schematics or diagrams (Tumult Hype) View the infographic: 20. Create interactive/animated comic books (Tumult Hype) Read the comic: Or an interactive dictionary: 21. Stopmo from NFB Watch: $3.49 for iPad 22. Interactivity fosters inductive rather than deductive learning 23. Inductive learning fosters noticing. Whats noticing (in pedagogical terms)? 24. What is noticing? Noticing is the process of students becoming aware of something in particular; in the inductive approach, noticing can be used to teach a concept when students are given the examples, and they come to understand the rule by noticing what those examples have in common. In a more general classroom situation, noticing can be used in many ways: When a video slows down a particular activity or event or fragments it into digestible chunks, it allows students ongoing opportunities to notice the commonalities and differences. This way each student can become aware of the differences at his own pace. Teachers can provide students with opportunities for noticing simply by showing multiple examples, say, for instance, of how camera angles or framing influence the emotional impact of a shot in a film, or of how in a particular situation a speaker always uses a particular grammatical construction. When the students are ready to notice the difference, they will. 25. Interactive works dont have to be just for kids Watch Video: 26. Free Animation Software 27. Powtoons for Business and Education Tutorial (10:53): Watch (1:36) 28. Pencil (2D animation) Simple with a clean interface. It supports both vector and bitmap images, multiple layers and has its own in-built illustration tools (so you can either import graphics or create them right there before animating them). Exports to .FLV format. 29. Synfig Studio Synfig is similar to Pencil, but with a steeper learning curve. Enables the creation of animations at a professional level. Drawing ability required. 30. Stykz (2D Animation for all platforms) Stykz is a great tool for rudimentary animation and GIFs. Fast to learn, easy to use. Integrates with Pivot, another node-based (and free) animation tool. 31. CreaToon Entry-level animation program. CreaToon is cut-out based (all graphics are imported) Not very polished, but enables real-time editing, auto in-frame filling and versatile file format support. 32. Ajax Animator, a flash-like animation program Ajax was developed by a 6th grader as a replacement to Adobes expensive Flash MX. Full functional program is well worth checking out despite its primitive look, especially if youre an iPad user. 33. Blender, professional quality 3D animation software Steep learning curve, but professional results. 34. Chupamobile: purchase discounted templates to develop your own app or game 35. Interactive Video Directory Wiki Assignment. Go to: 36. Further reading: Video: How Interactivity and Rich Media Change Teaching and Learning White paper by Cisco Systems


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