Interactive Video, Why Make the Shift from Linear to Interactive Video?

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  1. 1. INTERACTIVE VIDEO Why Make the Shift from Linear to Interactive Video? Rapt Media | The Future of Video: Make it Mobile, Social & Interactive
  2. 2. Definition Interactive video merges storytelling with the interactivity of the web to create a personalized, immersive, user-driven experience. WHAT IS INTERACTIVE VIDEO?
  3. 3. Big brands are using interactive video to drive impressive results. What have they figured out? WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?
  4. 4. Interactive video offers a great deal more than its linear cousin. Just like the Web itself: WHY MAKE THE SHIFT? VS. Passive viewing No choices Single call to action Limited content segmentation Limited viewer data insights Linear Maximizes discovery Choice Multiple calls to action Content segmentation Data exhaust* (insights) Interactive *Data generated as a byproduct of peoples online actions & choices
  5. 5. WHY MAKE THE SHIFT? Online consumer behavior is changing 10+The average number of interactions Google has clocked consumers making prior to a purchase 10.4The number of sources of info millennials use when making a purchase decision 4xAs many consumers would rather watch a product video than read about it to include more discovery.
  6. 6. WHY MAKE THE SHIFT? Explosion of online video content 13B Will be spent on video marketing by 2018 600BILLION HOURS of video are watched each month 300 HOURS of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute $ is making it harder to attract and engage viewers.
  7. 7. WHY MAKE THE SHIFT? The power of mobile and social 50% of all views will occur on mobile devices by the end of year 2015 8,000 The number of times millennials check their smartphones per year (22 per day) 92% of those watching video on mobile devices share the content with others requires a mobile-first solution that is worth sharing.
  8. 8. CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS FOR ONLINE VIDEO Mobile-friendly and share-worthy (drives reach) Helpful & authentic (earns visibility) Personalized & interactive (keeps engagement) HTML5 & data (delivers insights)
  9. 9. MOVE BEYOND AWARENESS WITH INTERACTIVE VIDEO Greater Reach To maximize reach today, a mobile-friendly platform is a must, with the ability to play across all devices without an app is a must !
  10. 10. MOVE BEYOND AWARENESS WITH INTERACTIVE VIDEO Sharper Insights Each choice point is an opportunity for you to learn about your viewer and collect rich data. Using that data, you can adapt your video and strategy in real time.
  11. 11. MOVE BEYOND AWARENESS WITH INTERACTIVE VIDEO Better Click-Through Rates Interactive video has delivered click-through rates as high as 20%, compared to an average of 1-2% for linear video. Personalized content and CTAs motivates viewers to click through and learn more.
  12. 12. MOVE BEYOND AWARENESS WITH INTERACTIVE VIDEO Deeper Engagement Interactive video drives deeper engagement, up to 3x more than traditional video. Creating an immersive and tailored experience leads to longer view times, increased interactions, and more social sharing.
  13. 13. MOVE BEYOND AWARENESS WITH INTERACTIVE VIDEO Higher Conversions and ROI Interactions generate rich data about your leads for segmentation, scoring, and tailoring of content. Personalized choices and CTAs deliver more meaningful engagement and drive conversions 2x the average.
  14. 14. Ready to learn more about Rapt Medias solution? Call us at 1.888.383.0928 or go to Rapt Media | The Future of Video: Make it Mobile, Social & Interactive


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