Hive NYC Learning lab: Carnegie Hall and Building Beats

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Text of Hive NYC Learning lab: Carnegie Hall and Building Beats

  • Digital Music Production Workshops Cohort 7

    Presented by Carnegie Hall and Building Beats

  • Summary of Workshops

    Focus of the digital music production workshops is to give young people from across New York City an opportunity To work side-by-side with

    professional musicians and producers

    to explore digital production techniques used in hip hop, rap, and R&B

    Receive hands-on experience with creative software, laptops, tablets, microphones, and audio mixing consoles.

  • Recruitment Building

    programming in underserved communities

    Targeted brokering this opportunity as a next step for students engaged in school and community settings

  • Workshop Format

    Started each workshop with a 15 minute warm-up activity

  • Workshop Format

    Topical focus aligned with a creative challenge

    Example Alternative Controllers

  • Workshop Format

    Creative work in small groups

  • Workshop Format

    Group sharing of creative work and reflection

  • Workshop Successes

    Assessment Professional

    Work Flow Brokering

    and Recruitment

    Workshop Online Resources

  • Challenges & Resolutions

    Workshop Format balancing lessons with creative work

    TA Professional Development rotating lead TAs to building TA experience

    Share-Out and Reflection provided best practices for structure and student leadership

  • Cohort Prompts


    Due to the format of our workshops, it was difficult to build in reflection time with the TAs after the students left.


    What are some other approaches to nurturing and facilitating ongoing reflection among TAs and program staff?

  • Cohort Prompts


    Production work at professional DAWs is resource-intensive and difficult to scale. Our lesson on iPads felt like the most scalable of the 8 lessons.


    What are some ways that other organizations are thinking about spread & scale of resource-intensive work?