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Text of Aloha Hive BUZZ Hive, oh Hive Never so alive Oh how I love Hive Oh Hive, Oh Hive Menehune and goats

  • Aloha Hive

    BUZZ Winter 2011

    Greetings Hivers! I hope you enjoy this edition of the Buzz. It was so much fun seeing so many of you while I was traveling to the open houses last month. Each of you, in the different locations, added so much to helping new families see the magic of Hive. Seeing you, sharing summer memories, and seeing how many of you are coming back next summer has me dreaming of Hive 2011. It will bee another amazing summer! I have had a great fall enjoying warm days here at home in Norwich and over at camp. When I was over at camp to clean out the gardens, I was greeted by about 100 beautiful yellow peppers to harvest. Your love and care of the gardens really paid off in such a bountiful harvest, thank you! As you can imagine, when I walk around camp it is very quiet. There are no giggles from the hillside, or conversations from the dining hall, or squeals from the farm. It is as if camp has gone to sleep for the winter in order to get ready for another summer, which is only about six months away. As the weather begins to get colder I am waiting in anticipation for our first snow storm. I am not sure how many of you snow shoe, ski, cross country ski, or do other winter sports, but that is what I will

    be doing much of the winter. My dog, Mini, and I will spend hours outside snow shoeing, mostly over at camp. When the lake freezes it is really fun to walk across the lake! I hope you all have some fun activities to keep you busy throughout the winter months. I have heard from some of you about how our camp theme of “Courage” has helped you this fall in school and other places in your life. I am thrilled that you are still thinking about how you can use courage to be your best self. And, you know what? When you

    are being your best self, it will help those around you to be their best selves as well. It’s a pretty powerful thing, and I am so glad so many of you are trying on your own sense of courage. Next summer we will be building on our courage theme and we’ll help you look even deeper into who you want to be and who you want to grow into. I can’t think of a better place to do self exploration than at camp: a safe, comfortable and simple environment that gives us the space, solid relationships and time to discover. For now, and throughout the winter, dream of Hive 2011, and of all the wonder that awaits each and every one of you.

    Aloha and Cheers to you all!!

    Kathy Plunkett Director, Camp Aloha Hive

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  • News from HIVE Campers

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    Page 3

    I have been enjoying my fall at a new school and fall sports (soccer). On Monday I am starting a swim team (inspired by camp) and I am very excited! I miss camp alot but I have been in touch with alot of camp friends which is great! I hope you are enjoying your fall as well! Are you coming to VT for your camp tour? Hope to see you :) Looking forward to Aloha! Claire Pennell

    Well, I am playing soccer, squash and tennis. I am taking an oil painting class at Concordia College and my fall is going great. In school we are writing a letter to the president about the oil spill. We are also interviewing our parents about the oil spill. We are writing a lot of creative stories in writing and one of my stories was about Hive and you were in it. Aloha, Laura Holland

    Mary Schwarzer will be on stage with Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker this year. She is in the battle scene, playing the role of a doll who gets carried off by a mouse. The schedule is demanding, lots of rehearsals on top of regular class, but she’s having a great time and learning lots. Hopes to see everyone again next year.

    I miss you and I miss Hive. I’ve been busy with swimming and I started drums at school. When I’m swimming in the pool I still expect to see fish! I can’t wait to come back as an Anti-Q. Love, Camille Buffaloe

    Q: If fish lived on land, where would they live?

    A: In Finland.

    Q: Why can’t skeletons play church music?

    A: Because they have no organs.

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    Page 4

    I can’t wait for camp 2011 and for the reunion. Thanks so much for the B-day pictures. Tri-Camp 2011 - First Place!!!!. Elise Baker

    A Riddle (thanks Grace!) Q. What is so fragile even saying its name can break it?

    A. Silence.

    I miss camp soooooo much! The great memories will stick in my mind forever! My first summer at Hive was an unforgettable one. I have learned so many things I will use in my everyday life. Especially courage, and how I know I can do anything I set my mind to! Thank you again for all you have done for me. Lots of Love, Erika Hvolbeck

    My fall has been great! I just got my braces on so I’m a little sad about that. I miss Hive and can’t wait to be an Anti-Q. Love, Holly Galbincea

    I have been very busy! So far I have started swimming on NJRC again. I have had a lot of swim meets. I am really looking forward to camp again in 2011. It is going to be so much fun. Bye and Aloha, Colby Mallett

    Hey everybody!!! I am sooo excited for ANTI-Q YEAR!!! I am taking acting classes and we’re doing Once on this Island, and I’m a peasant! YAY! I’m having some friend/ bullying problems right now but except that, everything is going great! MISS U ALL!! LUV, ISA

    Hi! I really miss all of camp and I am really looking forward to coming back FULL for next summer. I wish that I could live at camp all year. I am looking forward to Hive 2011. Camille Buffaloe 2011 Anti-Q

  • Page 5

    Q: Why are fish so smart? A: Because they live in schools.

    I started a new travel soccer team and we are winning all of our games. For our league we are in first place. I started Chinese which is difficult. Aloha, Grace Wonnell

    This year started out great! My friend, Helena, started telling me about all these different kinds of patterned duct tape. Me and my mom went on YouTube and looked up, “How to Make a Duct Tape Handbag.” My birthday is in the summer so I had my birthday party in September (the beginning of the school year.) We tried it out at my party. First they were a little messy, but then we got the hang of it. After my party, me and my mom went over to Michael’s (the art store) and looked at patterned duct tape and bags. We decided to start making a lot of them. Here are some pictures of some of my bags. I miss camp sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for next summer. From, Eloise Harcourt

    A Riddle (thanks Grace!) Q. What flowers do you always wear?

    A. Two lips.

    A Poem by Eliza Mann

    Camp, oh camp There’s nothing like camp So sweet, so damp Oh camp, oh camp.

    Hive, oh Hive Never so alive Oh how I love Hive Oh Hive, Oh Hive

    Menehune and goats Counselors and boats Oh how I love you

    Oh camp, oh camp High five for Hive Oh Hive, oh hive

    Hey! I miss camp so much!!!! I can’t wait until the summer. I am playing soccer right now and I’m about to start basketball. I am busy with a TON of homework from school - not fun. I wish I was at camp right now! Katherine Smith 2011 Anti-Q

    More News from HIVE Campers

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  • Aloha from our HIVE Assistant Director

    Aloha from across the Atlantic! I looked up from my desk this morning wondering how I was going to keep warm and dry on my bike ride home from school--it is windy and rainy and a bit gloomy here in England today. As my mind wandered, I remembered a lively conversation at Table 17 in which we all fantasized about a year-round Hive, even through the winter. How would we cope with the elements? What kind of activities and subjects would we have? Which would be our favourites? Funny how I never think of school during the summer! But I always seem to think of summer as the school year progresses (don’t be misled--I do love my teaching job and students).

    Some of the greatest ideas were suggested: snow tennis, x-c skiing on the lake, snowboarding down Aloha Hill! We would keep outdoor cooking, hiking would become snow shoeing, landsports could offer skating and hockey. Performing arts, gymnastics, A&C, archery could go on as usual of course. Oh, we did admit that we’d have to throw in some academic subjects too, but that would be easy as long as we kept the fires going to keep us warm. Who knows, maybe it’s not all fantasy...!

    I miss you all of you terribly and think of Hive daily. Can’t wait to see everyone again in 2011!


    Nikki Holdaway Assistant Director, Camp