Hive Community Meet-up 11/20/14: Hacking the Hive NYC Community Brokering Model

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Text of Hive Community Meet-up 11/20/14: Hacking the Hive NYC Community Brokering Model

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Hive Meet-up: Hacking the Hive NYC Community Brokering ModelDixie ChingRafi Santo, Christopher Hoadley & Kylie PepplerMAGNET, November 20th, 2014


Game Plan!Introduction: Why brokering?Group work: Hacking the modelBrainstorm: Network-level initiativesWrap up/Share outNetwork perspective on brokering


Hive NYC Community White PaperSupporting Interest-Learning Pathways in Hive NYC: A Focus On Brokering Learning Opportunities OverviewHive NYC Mission for Youth PathwaysA Focus on Brokering and Connective TissueModelChallenges and OpportunitiesConclusion3

What is Brokering?

Bridging or linking youth to opportunities, individuals, and/or offline and online resources that can support their engagement in interest-driven learning toward various personal, academic, professional and civic goals.4

What does Brokering have to do with Pathways?Youth PathwaysBrokering


Why is Brokering Important?Set of values, practices (and tools) that are:Relevant/necessaryAdaptiveScalable


Hive NYC Community Brokering ModelInterviews (youth, Hive educators, teaching artists)Observations of Hive programs and eventsYouth Trajectories meetings (Charrette, Affinity Group)YT pilot initiatives (Hive Youth Meetups; Text Connect; Hive Teen Mailing List)Hive community engagement (community calls, cohort calls, community meet-ups)Background literature7

Hive NYC Community Brokering Model8

Hack the Brokering model!Feel free to send more feedback []HRL will share revised model by end of November.Decide on which of the four posters youd like to start with.

Use markers and post-its to annotate. [Pink post-its = challenges.]

After 15 minutes, switch to another poster!9

Happy Hacking!Well reconvene at 11:1010

ReflectionComments or questions?Any takeaways?11

Why a network perspective on brokering?We are a robust network with ways to communicate and share information.Broker/Gatekeeper duality. Sometimes were recruiting and sometimes were placing.Over time, coordination costs will be offset by efficiency gains.Means a greater range of opportunities and meaningful relationships connective tissue or mesh of support.


Brainstorm: Network-level initiativesBreak into groups.Brainstorm possible solutions.What exists? What are some larger solutions that I would want to be a part of? (by leading, helping to implement)Create a project poster. How will your idea address any brokering issues or help you broker?Share and Discussion.13

Share out


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