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<p>Slide 1</p> <p> Hyderabadsys Online Training Share Point Online TrainingBy</p> <p>Microsoft SharePoint is a browser primarily based collaboration and document control platform from Microsoft. Microsoft's content material management machine. It lets in groups to installation a centralized, password covered area for report sharing. documents may be stored, downloaded and edited, then uploaded for continued sharing. SharePoint is a web-based intranet that may help improve your corporation's effectiveness with the aid of streamlining the management of and access to records.Share Point</p> <p>Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 structure Logical structure bodily architecture high availability and disaster recovery Load balancer sites excessive availability and catastrophe healing are achieved through making plans and enforcing a method that meets predefined organizational dreams and goals for commercial enterprise continuity. This method must include the strategies and approaches which are required to application Pool SharePoint Server 2013 Farm workplace web Apps Server Farm assist the technologies that an HA or DR solution uses.Share Point</p> <p> Introduction to springArchitecture of SpringCore Modules of SpringSpring Web ModuleSpring MVCData AccessUsing Springs Action Support</p> <p>Course Content</p> <p> Transaction Management in SpringObject Relational Mapping IntegrationSpring SecurityAspect Oriented ProgrammingEvent Listeners in SpringSpring Auto wiring</p> <p>Course Content</p> <p>ADVANTAGESMultiple development platforms supported for creating appsUsers can easily add the new functionality to the SharePoint SystemReduction of server outages and downtownThe central store means a more effective use can be made of any marketing and advertising effortsApps are very less load and safer compared to the sandboxed solutions</p> <p> DISADVANTAGESThe Apps infrastructure is very clunky and in some cases unrealistic to implementApps are very primitive and rudimentaryA corporate catalog is paid or needs to be purchasedApps will need to rely heavily on JavaScript and asynchronous REST API calls/client OM calls to interact with the associated SharePoint contextThe new App model brings many more cross-server communications with it. </p> <p>Thank You By </p> <p>HYDERABADSYS ONLINE TRAINING Contact Us: </p> <p>INDIA: +91 9030400777 USA: +1-347-606-2716Email:</p>