ePortfolios and Your Career

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  1. 1. ePortfolios and Your Career Enhancing your job application and documenting a lifetime of learning and achievement
  2. 2. Outcomes for this Workshop Recognize the difference between a paper resume, interactive resume and website and an eportfolio Understand the eportfolio process and demonstrate folio thinking in your own career eportfolio Understand the importance of having an online identity and develop your own professional brand
  3. 3. What is an ePortfolio?
  4. 4. An ePortfolio is a collection of work developed across varied contexts over time that demonstrates the owner's skills, abilities and experience
  5. 5. An ePortfolio is a digital repository of artifacts, which can be used to demonstrate competence and helps the owner to achieve a greater understanding of their individual growth, career planning and CV building
  6. 6. An ePortfolio is it's the owners personal and continuing presence in an online community of discourse (Downes, 2004)
  7. 7. An ePortfolio helps the owner build working, interactive connections between academic, career, community service and personal areas of life through reflection and feedback
  8. 8. Over time, my eportfolio will help me to demonstrate my competencies in an online community with interactive connections. Our Definition
  9. 9. Eportfolio Uses Course and Program Assessment First Year Experience Learning Showcase Personal Reflection Capstone Teaching and Professional Showcase Internship and Career
  10. 10. ePortfolio Emphasizes process over product Its not the tool.
  11. 11. Foundation of the Portfolio Process Folio Thinking building a lifetime connections through collecting, reflecting and gathering feedback
  12. 12. Advantages of Folio Thinking Collect>Select>Reflect>Connect PROJECT
  13. 13. A brand is a combination of attributes, communicated through a NAME, or a symbol, that INFLUENCES a thought-process in the mind of an AUDIENCE and CREATES VALUE.
  14. 14. Why Develop a Professional Brand? a personal brand portrays you as a professional and provides employers, colleagues and contacts with a strong positive impression of you as a high- caliber, competent, TRUSTED individual who would be an asset to any organization.
  15. 15. Why Develop a Professional Brand? it's important to have an online presence where you can showcase your skills and experience.
  16. 16. A career eportfolio provides an ideal tool and process for which to create and develop your professional online brand and Internet identity. YOU'RE IN CONTROL!
  17. 17. Prospective employers will run a search for you on the Web!
  18. 18. 60 Minutes Trapped in Unemployment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD3AjeluO54 The resume will very soon become an obsolete tool in the job search process. When employers are considering you for a job they will go to the Internet to see what comes up. If you have nothing that shows up...you're not relevant.
  19. 19. The paper resume is obsolete! No More Rsums, Say Some Firms Wall Street Journal January 24, 2012 A rsum doesn't provide much depth about a candidate
  20. 20. Do Prospective Employers Look at ePortfolios ?
  21. 21. 2009 Clemson Study ePortfolios may assist supervisors in becoming more aware of an applicants knowledge, skills and abilities recruiters from a career fair and students rated four types of applications for the position of career counselor: paper resume web resume ePortfolio interactive resume
  22. 22. Clemson Study Results Resumes were viewed as easy to understand (remember this is 2009) ePortfolios which included resumes were viewed more favorably. ePortfolios and interactive resumes were rated as having the most impact on the job outcome. Examples of a interactive resume (template): paper - http://owl.english.purdue.edu/media/pdf/20101288114800_927.pdf website - http://www.leadyou.com/sample/?idtemplate=277
  23. 23. What Goes Into Your ePortfolio? Inviting Landing or Welcome Page Bio or About Me Section with visions, goals and logo Interactive Resume Artifacts that demonstrate your professional abilities and skills Artifacts that demonstrate connections between your academic, career, service and personal (interests) lives Presentation formats that demonstrate a wide range of multimedia use (images and video) Evidence-based reflective pieces that demonstrate critical, analytical and creative thinking skills
  24. 24. What abilities and characteristics do employers look for in a job applicant? Ability to work in a team structure verbally communicate with persons inside and outside the organization make decisions and solve problems obtain and process information plan, organize, and prioritize work analyze quantitative data demonstrate technical knowledge related to the job demonstrate proficiency with computer software programs create and/or edit written reports sell or influence others
  25. 25. Evidenced-Based Reflective Prompts What skill or ability did you learn from this experience and did you apply it to other areas of your life? What about this assignment or program was most useful to you? Can you see a relationship to other courses or activities in your academic and/or professional career? How would you recommend this course, project or program to others? What suggestions would you offer? What areas and abilities in your life were strengthened or improved by this course, assignment, project or activity? List the ways you have grown as a result of this assignment, course, project, activity or program. What problems did you encounter and how did you solve them? What risks did you take and what did you discover about yourself? What strengths and talents did you discover and demonstrate by doing this assignment/activity? If you had it to do all over again, would you? Why? What would you change? How did this experience prepare you for your professional career?
  26. 26. Whats Your Sentence ? In a sentence, how would you like to be remembered100 years from now ?
  27. 27. Whats Your Sentence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjBmnfI4Tn4 https://stonybrook.digication.com/emily_madsen
  29. 29. Kelliann Flores Facts About Me 1. Have taught at Stony Brook University since 1998, and at Suffolk County Community College since 2005. 2. Taught English as a Second Language in Mexico as a teen. 3. At Suffolk, I have appointments in Humanities and in Spanish. At Stony Brook, I have had appointments in Hispanic Languages and Literature, Women's Studies, the School of Professional Development (with Women's Studies classes), and the Harriman College of Business (also with Women's Studies classes). Teach face-to-face and online. 4. Frequently combine Spanish and Women's Studies: In WST, there are many wonderful Latin American authors I use, and in Intermediate Spanish classes, women's issues are integrated in small ways, such as discussing women presidents. 5. Will try just about any technology to help with teaching: blogs, Facebook, wikis, Prezi, Power Point, Youtube, Piazza, Blackboard, Quia, WileyPlus, Skype. Use more traditional media, like movie and TV clips. If it works well, I keep it. https://stonybrook.digication.com/kelliann_schrage_flores_teaching_portfolio
  30. 30. Vishwaja Muppa Five things about me: PreMed Student Indian Daughter Older Sister American Friend Tree-Hugger! https://stonybrook.digication.com/vishwaja_muppa/About_Me
  31. 31. Other Examples Chaz Wilson Diversity Professional Leadership Network https://stonybrook.digication.com/chaz_wilson Cynthia Davidson Writing and Teaching ePortfolio https://stonybrook.digication.com/cdavidson Aman Sharma Biomedical Engineering https://stonybrook.digication.com/aman_sharma Jim Yee TLT Internship https://stonybrook.digication.com/jim_yee Nancy Wozniak Career Showcase https://stonybrook.digication.com/nancywozniak Kathleen Rowley Teaching ePortfolio https://stonybrook.digication.com/cathleen_rowley