Desert Animals

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  • 1. Desert Animals Cool Facts Every First Grader Should Know

2. Tarantula

  • Worlds largest spider
  • Some are so big they can eat lizards, bugs, and mice.
  • Hairs vibrate to inform them of nearby animals.

3. Dromedary Camel

  • This animal can drink 27 gallons of water in a few minutes!

4. Javelina

  • Favorite food Prickly Pear Cactus
  • Mostly active at night and early morning

5. Coyote

  • Has a great nose that can smell very far away and even underground!

6. Gecko

  • At night their narrow eyes open to help them catch flies!

7. Grasshopper Mouse

  • Tiny whiskers help them smell grasshoppers from far away and also warn them about nearby coyotes.

8. Rattlesnake

  • Rattle at the end of their body warns off enemies before they attack with their poisonous venom.

9. Jackrabbit

  • Blood vessels in their large ears give off heat and keep their body cool.

10. Roadrunner

  • Can run 15 miles an hour.
  • Two toes point forward and two point back which allows it to run fast and catch lizards.

11. Gila Monster

  • One of 2 poisonous lizards in the world.
  • Can go a year or more without eating (it lives off the fat in its tail!)

12. Kangaroo Rat

  • Strong legs make it an excellent burrower.
  • This animal never needs to drink water.

13. Horned Lizard

  • Can shoot blood from its lower eyelid as far as 4 feet!

14. Gila Woodpecker

  • Chisels out nests in a Saguaro cactus and feeds plants food to its babies.

15. Elf Owl

  • This nocturnal bird feeds on insects it finds near around the Saguaro.

16. Scorpion

  • Grabs victims with its pinchers and stings them with the poison in its tail.

17. Sidewinder

  • Moves along the desert by throwing its body into two loops and pushes against the ground to create parallel marks.

18. Sandfish

  • This creature burrows into the sand and wiggles along so fast that it seems like it is swimming under the sand!