Animals in desert by han

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<ul><li> 1. By Han G6</li></ul> <p> 2. Arabian Camel The Arabian Camel is a herbivore,has one hump , and can live 3-4days without food or water. 3. ScorpionA venomous arachnid with a large stinger on its tail found worldwide except in Antarctica. 4. Fennec FoxThe Fennec fox is a small, desert fox withvery large ears it lives in the Sahara and innorthern Saudi Arabia. 5. TarantulaTarantulas are large hairy spiders thatlive in warm areas around the world,some species can live over 30 years,and they has 8 eyes. 6. Arabian HorseArabian Horses are a distinctive and elegantbreed of riding horses that were bred byBedouins thousands of years ago. Theselarge, slender, fast-running the life span isroughly 20-35 year. 7. PorcupinePorcupines are mammals withprotective, needle-like quills on their body, live upto 20 years in captivity. 8. RattlesnakeRattlesnakes are venomous snakes thathave a rattle at the end of the tail. 9. Gay wolvesGray wolves are carnivores that live inpacks and howl and the gray wolf is a fast-running. 10. KangarooKangaroos hop and have pouches.Their babies are called joeys. 11. Bighorn sheepThe bighorn sheep is a wild brownsheep from mountains and deserts ofNorth America 12. Desert tortoiseThe desert tortoise is a timid reptile thatlives in sandy deserts (the Mojaveand Sonoran) of southwestern NorthAmerica and It can live from 50 to 80years. 13. Australian lizardAn Australian lizard with along, blue tongue and the blue-tongued skink has a life span ofup to 20 years. 14. Kangaroo ratThe kangaroo rat is small rodent fromNorth America and These mammalshave powerful hind legs. 15. pupfishThe pupfish small fish from desertwaters of southwestern NorthAmerica of southwestern. 16. GeckoGeckos are the only lizards that make noiseand that is sound like "gecko," hence theirname and they have large eyes andexcellent vision. 17. Thank you!PowerPoint Presentation by Han </p>


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