Exploring Desert Animals

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<ul><li> 1. Exploring Desert Animals </li></ul> <p> 2. Badger These incredible diggers are part of the weasel family. 3. Big Horn Sheep Males have massive curved horns and females have thinner shorter horns without large curves. 4. Bobcat They get their name from there short tail and bobbing walk. 5. Dromedary Camel Have one hump composed of fat which stores food for times of need. 6. Coyote Do not have large pack like wolves. 7. East African Crowned Crane Their crown is stiff gold feathers. 8. Sicilian Donkeys These type of donkeys have a cross-shaped marking on their back. 9. Great Egret They fly with their neck pulled back in a S curve. 10. Giraffe They are the tallest mammal on Earth and their legs are taller than many humans! 11. Nigerian Dwarf Goat They are the only true mini goat of the dairy type and character. 12. Black-Crowned Night Heron They are nocturnal feeders. 13. Jaguar Recognized by distinct black spots and rings all over their body. 14. Mexican Wolf Small subspecies of the gray wolf. 15. Arabian Oryx Called the unicorn of the desert because when you look at them from a side it looks like they have one horn. 16. Ostrich This flightless bird can run up to 40 mph. 17. Javelinas (Collared Peccaries) They look like pigs but are not true pigs. Pigs=Old World Peccary=New World Species 18. Roadrunner They can fly but prefer to run or walk. 19. Serval One of the small to medium sized African cat that can jump 10ft. 20. Yellow Billed Stork They are know to have the quickest muscular reflex of the neck allowing them to secure their prey. 21. Turkey Vulture They are extraordinary carrion eater. 22. Warthog They live in burrows. 23. Zebra One male will defend small territory with a watering hole and females mate with the resident male. 24. Digital Photography By Samantha Barrientos 2014 The Living Desert Palm Desert, CA Special Thanks To: The Living Desert </p>


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