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A powerpoint done for my World Wars Class in High School

Text of anzio landing

  • 1. Anzio Landing By: Katie FulmerHour 1

2. Summary The Allies wanted to breakthe standstill at the CassinoLine, capture Rome, andweaken Germanys grip onEurope. In 1944, Allied troopsdecided to land thousandsof troops in a small fishingvillage in Anzio, Italy. The goal was to surprise theGermans, secure thebeachhead, and advance toRome. 3. Allies Attack Plan 4. German Counterattack 5. TroopsAllied Troops- 61,000German Troops-135,000 6. Allied Leaders Lt. Gen. Mark W. Clark- planfor attacking Anzio General Eisenhower- revivedAnzio plan General Sir Henry M. Wilson-commander or Allied troops inMediterranean Maj. Gen. John P. Lucas- USArmy commander of FifthArmys VI Corps Col. William O. Darby- led 3rdDivision and three RangerBattalions to attack at Cisterna 7. How it Happened 0200 Jan 22, 1944: Allied forces surpriseattack the German troops onshore and takethe Anzio beach by noon. Over the Next Few Days: Allies will push 7miles inland against increasing Germanresistance Jan 23: Allies move towards Campoleone andcapture the town of Aprilia Jan 24-25: Allies make some progress goingtowards Cisterna and Littoria. 8. How it Happened Continued Jan 26-29: Allied forces regroup andreorganize themselves Jan. 30: Col. Darby makes an attack onCisterna Feb. 3-4: Germany makes their firstcounterattack in several waves Mar. 4: Germany makes their final attack March-May: Allies get bombarded with airraids and constant cannon firing. 9. Results May 23: Allied forces drive to the Anziobeachhead and breached the German line June 4: General Clarks forces captured RomeAlthough the Alliessucceeded incapturing Rome, ittook awhile to breachthe line, and thingsdidnt go according toplan. 10. Long Term Effects The landing at Anziohelped to distractthe Germans anddivert their attentionlong enough so thatlanding inNormandy, occurring4 days after thecapture of Rome,was possible. 11. Casualties Allies- 29,200 combat causalities 4,400 killed 18,00 wounded 6,800 prisoners or missing Axis- 27,500 combat causalities5,500 killed17,500 wounded4,500 prisoners or missing 12. Time PeriodJanuary 22nd, 1944 - June 4th, 1944 13. Pictures