10 tips to increase engagement on your facebook page

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10 Tips to increase engagement on your Facebook page

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Why Engagement on Facebook?Usually people are very much happy if they get likes for their Facebook page. Getting likes is very much essential for your social media marketing strategy, but engaging your fans is far more important. You may have seen this metric on your Facebook business page named People Talking about this This clearly states how much fans of your Facebook business page are really engaged with you. So if your brand is being talked about by your fans it states that they are mentioning your brand, sharing, commenting and liking your brand.


As per Michael Leander (http://www.michaelleander.me/)Above 1% engagement rate is good,0,5%-0,99% is average andbelow 0,5% engagement likely means that you need to realign your messages to that of your audiences expectations and in the process attract more compelling and engaging contributions from your community members.Since Engagement is more important than likes, lets see how you can increase engagement on your Facebook page:


1. Use of Photos and videos

Why this tactic of using photos and videos? It is because being rich media, it gets lot of attention compared to the text based images. Within photos and videos, bright colours like red, blue etc get more attention compare to the aqua based colours. Do showcase your customers using your products and services.



2. Offer ValueIf you can help people with any useful information from which they can benefit, do that. If people find the information shared by you is valuable enough, they will even share it on their timeline which help you get free marketing. This can result in viral marketing and therefore create a buzz for you.


3. Post at right times for your audienceHave you ever taken a look into your facebook page insights?. Dwell this particular tab and this is a mine of insight which you can analyse. The best time to post will depend upon your industry and also your target audience behavior. Buddy Media reports that posts which are sent after the regular working hours of 9 to 5 p.m have a much more engagement rate than done during these hours.



4. Provide a solution to your readersCheck out the following examples to consider: One little-known way to clean your makeup : Use baby oil which is better than make up remover One little-known way to get boys to wash their hands: Put Lego pieces in their soap dispenser to make it more appealingThe question here is why this type of post. Yesyou guessed it right. It is more appealing in terms of the engaging content and solutions you provide to your fans. In the long run your brand will get benefitted due to the trust now people have in your brand.


5. Show the inner side of your businessPeople love to see the photographs of your team working together in an office. You can see such behind the scenes photos with your target audience.These can be even the fun photos of employees enjoying a party, event photos, seminar photos etc which could be shared. This helps people to see real people and since in the virtual business we need to build trust, this really helps a great way.


6. Use of emoticons in your marketingYou may have seen brands using emotions almost everywhere these days. As per research, emoticons help people to express their feelings in a non verbal manner which excites the user. Your target audience can use emojis like hearts, love symbols or hate symbols to express their feelings towards your brand.



To make you understand this further, let me quote few examples wherein marketers have used emoticons successfully for their marketing.General Electric sometime back in 2014 developed an emoji periodic table of experiments, dubbed Emoji Science, in which they asked users to choose any emoji from their website and see what happens. They also collaborated with science educator Bill Nye to create short science videos and created fun.



7. Give content that creates lots of sharing on FacebookRegular post updates may not really be working well with you and this creates a lot of frustration. You can rather use the following type of updates which may increase your Facebook shares and content by as high as 30%.



8. Caption a postAsk people to caption a post. You can create a contest and then ask your fans to caption it. You may select a winner randomly.


9. Are you writing longer posts?Dont be afraid. Bigger posts are considered to be best for engagement. Consider the one below where the title and introduction is perfect to catch the attention of your readers. Even you can apply this to your Facebook post. Make sure you capture your readers attention right at the start, so theyll be interested in clicking through to the rest of the article



10. Be consistent in what you do Post at least 5 times a week. Find the best time to share as per your target audience Keep it short and simple Be relevant and always encourage your readers to comment, share and like.


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