Increase Engagement using Mobile

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Increasing engagement hours amongst employees is challenging. Using mobile phones for engagement definitely increases total engagement hours.


  • 1. Business Communication: DriveEngagement with Mobility

2. Why mobile?Source: are 6.8 billion peopleon earth4billion people have mobilephones3.5billion own atoothbrush 3. The Future:Mobility 4. Beyond the StrategyBusiness uses Sales InternalCommunications CorporateCommunication Employee Engagement Customer Engagement 5. Medium Learning Training Collaboration Engagement 6. Input ContentMobile AppContent Delivered 7. User Experience1.Awareness2.Consideration3.Intent 8. 1.Awareness2.Consideration3.Intent Company Policies Videos Newsletter Internal Communication Social Media sharing 9. 1.Awareness2.Consideration3.Intent Allow users to participate Send quizzes and surveys Users subscribe to blogs,videos etc 10. 1.Awareness2.Consideration3.Intent Increase: Productivity Engagement hours Revenue 11. Popular input content Videos Concise Text PodcastsSource: May 2012 report from Nielsen 12. USER EXAMPLES 13. SalesSend via mobile: New Product flyers Just-in-time updates oncompetitionTRADITIONALMOBILESend via New Product flyers (email) Just-in-time updates oncompetition (sms or email) 14. Internal/Corporate CommunicationsTRADITIONALMOBILESend via mobile: Policies/News HR CommunicationSend via Emails Pamphlets, flyers etc 15. 022 6758 1740


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