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Gallery 114

Gallery 114Facebook LearningsHeather Losey McGeachy, Owner/Market ResearcherJanuary 26, 2016


Creating a community starts with authenticity & appealing contentOur data shows highest engagement occurs with casual posts that include comments, replies and less formal wordingTo increase engagement, we need to raise the quality of our posts.

MethodologyFacebook engagement data was used to track and compare post types & times with viewer engagement.

Page Engagement-Huge leap of engagement-what happened?

605 1/7/2016 Heather OMG!479 1/13/2016 Curtis posts video about David 12/08/2015 Curtis posts picture about gallery meeting309 9/2/2015 Lacey post first Thursday + Heather reposts

Likes Page likes are steady with a jump around the time of high page engagement

*Most likes in one day for last 28 months!

Top post It Includes comments and repliesJanuary 7 605 unique visitors

Top post It Includes comments and repliesJanuary 13 479 unique visitors

December 8 404 unique visitors

Top post It Includes comments and replies

other posts Posts without commentary, tend to be less engaging!December 26 119 unique visitorsAn event created

August 27 52 unique visitorsPosted from our Tumblr

September 1 209 unique visitorsIncluded link to Youtube

IdeasGet more members posting or sharing posts to our page, be yourselves!Post a work in progress, ask a question, ask for feedback, share a story, share your inspiration.what makes you different from every other artist?Add your own comments, replies & pictures to our posts.Whenever something is posted to our page, add a relevant comment or photo.Ask a question ex. whats your favorite piece of this show?Get people talking, show our community that we are human and want to have a conversation.

Game plan Lets increase engagement!Add Posts By Members

referencesPowell, Juliette. 2009, Pearson Education, pp 86-10233 Million People in the Room: How to create, influence, and run a successful business with social networking