Gallery 114 Art Consumers Survey

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Gallery 114

Heather Losey McGeachyOwner/Market Researcher8-2015 Art consumers Survey

MethodologyEvent held at Gallery 114, Portland Oregon.Art goers attending a First Thursday art opening in July & August, 2015 were given a paper survey to complete after viewing the art installation. Those choosing to complete the survey, were entered into a random drawing to receive a print from one of our member artists.Participants were asked to draw us a picture on the survey form, which many of them did.

Survey Participant from July 2015

Summary: Its still about relationshipsMajority of attendees are artists or affiliated with the gallery or artists members8% of those surveyed are receiving our newsletter currentlyHow can we continue to nurture these relationships? (and make more friends)Biggest barrier to owning art is cost, appealing price range $100-500: Begin to focus on developing new ways for payment (layway, rentals, etc)Consider integration of consumable works (trading cards, note cards, etc)Most event goers own a good deal of art and feel art is important to ownBUT buying from a gallery is NOT popular.

Most Own +5 Pieces of Art

Most Believe Owning Art to Be Important

Most Bought Art Because it Meant Something (not decorative) *Thinking of the last time you bought art, why did you buy it?

Friends Are a Popular Source of Art

Our Visitors are Artists & Friends of Artists

Our Space is Appealing.

We did better on providing artist information from month to month

Comfortable Price Range for Art: $100-500

Biggest Barrier to Owning Art is the Cost *We need more data on Other Reasons

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