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History of Horror Films

Horror movies have been around since silent movies (Nosferatu). Obviously being scared is something the audience want. The horror movies received a huge lift in the late 70s and early 80s (e.g. Nightmare on Elm Street) but it died a sad death in the late 80s and throughout most of the 90s. Although, due to the success of the 1996 film 'Scream' (the horror smash parody) the genre again became very popular.

Horror movies have drastically changed since the period of the silent movie; this is because what was frightening in the silent movie days and what is frightening now may well have changed.

For example, when moving image was first invented footage of a moving train caused fear in the audience because people really believed that the train would come straight out of the screen. However, nowadays that would barely evoke fear out of the viewers.

Codes and Conventions of Horror Films...






Haunted houses and isolated settings



...Codes and Conventions of Horror Films Continued




Chase sequences





Nave teenagers

Dutch Tilt- This is often used inhorror films to createdisorientation.

Camera Angles mainly used in the HorrorFilm Genre

Camera Angles mainly used in the Horror Film Genre

Extreme Close up

These type of shots are usually used in horror films to emphasise something.

Camera Angles mainly used in the Horror Film Genre

Close up shot

This is where the

subject fills the frame it shows emotion.

Horror films are unsettling movies that try to bring out theemotions of fear, disgust and horror from viewers. They oftenfeature scenes that startle the viewer.The main colours featured in Horror movies are: black,white and red. The colour red signifies: fire, blood, danger,strength and power. The colour black is associated withpower, death, evil, mystery, fear and the unknown; it usuallyhas a negative connotation. Whereas, the colourwhite connotes: light, goodness, innocence and purity.The lighting in Horror films is usually rather dark and dim togive the viewer a sense of fear and mystery.

Examples of Horror Films