Researching Genre

Researching genre powerpoint

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Page 1: Researching genre powerpoint

Researching Genre

Page 2: Researching genre powerpoint

Pop MagazineThe colours used throughout these magazines are mainly pinks and white. The characters used throughout the magazines are usually well known singers/bands which will attract the viewer. Costumes are mainly casual and not too dressy. The characters used are mainly all smiling or posing. Props used link in with the band/ singer but don’t always appear to be used.

Page 3: Researching genre powerpoint

Rock Magazine The colours used are mainly dull such as black and red. All the artists are dressed in casual, dull coloured clothes which shows the personalities. Props used are linking to the genre of music. The characters seem to be positioned in casual ways which will help the viewer understand what will be inside the magazine.

Page 4: Researching genre powerpoint

Indie MagazineThe colours used are mainly whites and creams with the continuous colour of the red heading. All the artists are dressed in what appears to be casual clothes and it makes it clear who is on the cover and what is going to be included in the magazine linked with that artist. Props don’t seem to appear a lot throughout the magazine covers. The characters are all placed in the centre of the cover with a medium shot of their face.

Page 5: Researching genre powerpoint

Conclusion After researching the 3 different genres I have came to the conclusion that I would like to choose the genre of pop for my final magazine. I have chosen this because I take more of an interest in pop music than I do in rock or indie. I have found out that throughout all the different genres of magazine there appears to always be a main image of a celebrity/celebrities used which will obviously attract the reader to the magazine. Also the mastheads on all 3 genres are placed pretty much at the top of the cover and the font is always a lot bigger than the rest used on the front. The fonts are always the same or similar so that they are recognisable to the reader and so they know what they are expecting inside. The sell lines are always clear and easy to read to give the reader more of an insight of what else will be part of that magazine. If there are other images used within the front cover apart from the main one they are usually also celebrities or well known people within that genre of magazine.