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Researching Rock Genre Nicole Armstrong

Researching magazines of the rock genre

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Researching Rock GenreNicole Armstrong

Front covers

Short nappy titles that are memorable. The main word and the part of text that dominates the page the most. Exclusives to make people want to read the magazine.

The image is dominating the page as this is the main focus of the magazine.

Red black and white colour schemes to make sure it creates a house style.

Sell line about the main featured artist.


Contents page

Telling you what the page is about.

Continuing the colour scheme throughout.

Header and page numbers so people can read what they want and find it easily.

Image of the articles. This is normally them on set or performing. Never really a photoshoot photo

Taster of the article to make sure people want to read on.

Subscriptions to ensure people want to buy more.

2 Page Spread

The name of the artist is dominating in the spread to ensure that readers know who it is.

The image of the artist is always large and tends to take up most of the pages. They focus of the image with the text around.

One to one with as if claiming they are close to her and speak to her directly. Its not rumoured its straight from the horse's mouth.

The questions are often personal and the questions asked are in red to stand out and make sure you can see them.

The colour scheme is always the same throughout. Red, White and Black.