Researching Genre Aidan Smith

Researching Genre

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Researching Genre

Aidan Smith

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What is the meaning of Genre?

In media the term Genre is used to categorize a type of media based in its similarities within the narrative and the way a film is constructed. Most genres are taken from literary genre. In a literary and media context, there is a large debate over how genre is really defined and how it is categorize. Film genres can be categorized in several different ways such as:

Action, Thriller, Horror, Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fiction, Documentary

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Chosen Genre

For my opening sequence/film I have decided that my chosen genre will be Action/Thriller. I have chosen this genre because it can be quite upbeat but with a dark and moody aspect to it. I think this is a good genre because I already watch quite a lot of films with this genre so I have an understanding of what the opening titles are like. Also, I really enjoy the music that goes into the sequences so I think I will have a lot of fun creating it and fitting it all together.

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Representation of Males In Thriller/Action films both genders, Males and Females and represented in many different ways. Males are usually stereotyped as being very physical, mentally strong, brave, clever and are usually a “hero” or a “lone hero” and have a lot of independence. They are seen to be less emotional than woman and take more of an active role and become a team leader. For example, in the film “The Transporter 2” Frank Martin is a portrayed is a quite and mysterious person but he is really a highly skilled driver and martial arts expert set out to receive a life saving antidote for the family he works for. This portrays the representation of Males very well within Thriller and Action films.

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Representation of FemalesWith Thriller and Action films film are usually portrayed in several ways. Younger woman are seen to have a sense of innocence and purity. However the older woman are seen to have a great sexual appeal and are usually mothers. Woman are portrayed as being very dependent on men and not a “hero” like figure with not much intelligence. However is some Action/Thriller films women can be very strong and skillful but still emotional, so there is a lot of different representations for women in films than there are for men. This is why I believe it is a lot harder for females in the film industry

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Opening Title Exampleshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k2gsEI34CE

In this clip above, it is the opening titles/sequence to the film Se7en. This opening sequence has inspired me and has made me think of a lot of ideas. I enjoy the way in which it is mysterious and sinister, especially with music and how it starts off very quite but then it picks up and this grabs the audiences attention and keeps them interested. With the music being dark and mysterious at the beginning linking with the clip, it sets a tone for the rest of the film so now the audience know what type of genre it is and what type of things to expect.

This has made me think a lot about my opening title and I am going to have my music similar to Se7en in the way it starts off slow and dramatic but then it picks up and becomes more upbeat but sticking with a thriller/sinister tone.

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Setting & Location In Action/Thriller films the setting and location of these films are usually set against a problem so they are usually on a mission, escaping or it’s a mystery. No matter where it is set the film will always emphasize the danger the character will come into. Thrillers usually have their society set as a dark, corrupt and dangerous and the tension usually arises when the character is placed in a menacing situation.

For when I create my film opening I think I will use some remote locations, as my chosen genre is Action/Thriller. As Thrillers can be quite dark and moody a good location to represent this could be an old building/warehouse or even an open field and when it comes to editing I could add some filters to it to make it seem a lot darker and moody. I think I will film it on a cold morning/evening so I can get a nice sky effect. A top location I can think of is up in the Dales at Reeth and Richmond as my family have a farm there so this could be a prime location for my film.

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Costumes & Characters

I am still not 100% sure on my plot of the film opening but costume wise, I will probably have the characters in their normal clothes so they just look like normal people but I may have someone dressed up in a certain outfit (police officer/riot officer, soldier etc.).

When it comes to the filming process I think I will use my family members and friends to play in the sequence as I know them very well so it will be easier for me and them to act in it.

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CinematographyAs the genre I am doing is Action/Thriller I want a lot of my camera work/cinematography to be from the characters point of view and over the shoulder shots and I don’t think I am going to use a tripod a lot (mainly just with long distance shots). With the use of having POV and over the shoulder shots this adds a much different experience for the audience, they will feel more part of the film as they will be seeing it from the characters view so they are seeing what the character sees.

To get this effect but keep it sturdy I will use a Shoulder Rig for my camera so I can have at least 3 points of contact with the camera (2 hands and shoulder) so this means I can still walk/run with the camera behind or in front of the character but it will still look smooth and so the audience won’t become disorientated and lose focus. Another piece of equipment I may use will be a small action camera (GoPro camera) so I can attach it the the person on a helmet/chest/hand etc. So I can get some good POV shots.