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Researching Genre

Researching Genre Thriller

Repertoire of elementsThriller films, like all genres, have a specific repertoire to make the films instantly recognisible to the audience and offer them familiar pleasures.In order for my film opening to be successful I need to be aware of the forms and conventions and ensure that I adhere to many of them.Some films that fall into this genre include:

Aspects of IconographyGunsCarsDetectivesLow Key LightingAbandoned buildings

Although this is a DVD opening it displays many aspects of the expected iconography https://vimeo.com/143959483

Themes CrimeMistaken IdentitiesConspiracy AssassinationTerrorism

This trailer shows most of these films. These themes aper in most thrillers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca7I04jrSyk

Setting/ location Churches Prisons Police stations Government offices

Film; sixth sense