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Researching Genre by Lauren Gill

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  • 1. Genre

2. Genre Definition Genre means the type of something, for instance the different genres of music would be rock, pop, classical, punk ect. 3. Key Components of Genre: Stock Characters Stock plots, situations, issues and themes Stock locations and backdrops Stock props and signifiers Music and sound Generic conventions 4. My chosen genre: pop punk 5. Stock Characters Pop punk stock characters are usually represented as quite fun loving and dont conform to social expectations. They usually have tattoos and are made to look slightly rebellious. Males usually have jeans and a baggy t-shirt. Females usually have brightly coloured hair. 6. Examples of Stock Characters: 7. Stock plots, situations, issues and themes Mainly pop punk revolves around modern and personal issues such as love, hate, attitude and individuality. This can be shown within the music produced by pop punk artists such as Blink 182, Green Day and Paramore. This is also reflected in magazines such as Kerrang! (Issue 165 Rocksound & Issue 1463 Kerrang!) 8. Stock Locations and Backdrops In magazines stock locations are usually in a studio, at a live gig or outside crumbling walls. Evidence can be found in issues of Kerrang! Magazine, Rocksound and NME. Box rooms can also be associated as for example Paramores music videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH9A6tn_P 6g 9. Stock props and signifiers Signifiers will include tattoos and bright hair colours. Props will include drumsticks, guitars and bass to show the artists passion. 10. Music and Sound Pop punk music generally is composed of short guitar melodies and can be quite repetitive. Examples of this can be found with Blink 182, Green Day and Paramore. 11. Summary This has shown me what Ill need to consider when representing the pop-punk genre. My own work must include the conventions of pop punk such as bright and rebellious colours, make my models quite individual and also think about the settings and props.