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    A Project Report


    Complaint Management system

    Submitted To: Submitted By:Mr.Mukesh Yadav Ankit ChaturvediMr.Ajit Jain B.Tech

    Project In charge:

    Mr.Rajesh Anand Mr.Arun Goyal(DGM Billing Dept) (Manager Billing Dept.)

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    This is to certify that the project titled Complaint

    Management submitted by Ankit chaturvedi student of electronics and communication Session 2007-11 of the

    Centre is an authentic work carried out by him at MTS under

    the supervision ofMr. Rajesh Anand and Mr. Arun Goyal in

    partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor

    in Technology(B.Tech) .

    Date :


  • 8/7/2019 Ankit Chaturvedi




    I, Ankit Chaturvedi hereby declare that the project entitled Complaint

    Management which is being submitted in partial fulfillment of the

    requirements for the awards of degree ofBachelor in Technology from the

    UDML COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING,RTU KOTA is an own record carried

    out by me under the supervision of Mr. Rajesh Anand and Mr. Arun




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    The satisfaction that accompanies the successful completion of any task

    would be incomplete without the mention of people whose ceaseless

    cooperation made it possible, whose constant guidance and encouragement

    crown all efforts with success.

    I offer my sincere thanks to the Director, UDML COLLEGE OF

    ENGINEERING,RTU for his help in taking up the project work at


    I am thankful to Mr. Rajesh Anand and Mr. Arun Goyal for giving us

    an opportunity to work in MTS as a part of the seventh semester of B.Tech


    I am grateful to my project guide Mr. Ajit Jain and Mr. Mukesh Yadavfor the

    guidance, inspiration and constructive suggestions that helped us in the

    preparation and execution of this manuscript.

    I am very much thankful to my teammate for their cooperation and sincere

    interest during the course of this project that helped me to make this project

    a success.

    I am thankful to all teachers for their keen interest, guidance and

    cooperation in lab in preparing, debugging and running of the program and

    support in the development of my project.

    I would also like to thank all my batch mates and friends who directly or

    indirectly helped me in completion of this project work. I would also express

    my thanks to colleagues and people who have helped in successful

    completion of the project.

    Ankit Chaturvedi

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    Mother Nature has created everyone equal. It is the environment that

    shapes a unique person, and it is these inculcated values in an

    individual that shape his destiny. A well planned, properly monitored,executed & evaluated industrial training helps a lot in cultivating a

    good work ethic and outlook.

    Excellence is an attitude that the whole of the human race is born

    with. It is the environment that makes sure that whether the result of this

    attitude is visible or otherwise. The well planned, properly executed and

    evaluated industrial training help a lot in including the good work culture. It

    provides linkage between the student and industry in order to develop the

    awareness of industrial approach to problem solving based on broad

    understanding of process and mode of operation of an organization.

    During this period, the students get their first real world experience on

    working in an actual real world environs. Most of the theoretical knowledge

    that they have gained during the course of their studies is put to test here.

    Apart from this, the student gets an opportunity to learn the latest

    technologies, and gain insights into the working of the system, which their

    colleagues at work have, already experienced.

    I had the opportunity to have this real practical experience, which increasedmy sphere of knowledge beyond theoretical realms. During the training

    period I learned how an actual project evolves from inception to

    maintenance, what problems may actually present them, how different

    people have different set of expectations (often conflicting) from the same

    things and how quality is ensured during the different stages of the Software

    Development Life Cycle. And most of all I observed how team effort is

    organized and integrated for the finished product to take shape.

    And working among the experienced lot, I had but the best possible


    (Ankit Chaturvedi)

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    Before Starting the project we should fully know about the

    meaning of project. There are seven letters in the word

    PROJECT each character has its own technical meaning.


    This deal with the idea at thinking and which are

    required for the project.


    The money problem will be solved and resources from

    which collected.


    The procedure from which the getting job is prepared

    in a systematic way is known as operation.

    Joint effort

    This is directly proper to a operation output is made

    of several person working sincerely is known as JOINT EFFORT.

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    A well-educated engineer can do this work in a better

    way to find out better result. Hence the project is as engineering



    To make the project successfully, it is necessary for its

    success and completion of project.


    It must as it gives a better shape. It is not possible to

    complete the project without technique.

    The project is a system that gives the systematic way

    of planning and working.

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    1. Introduction

    1.1 Purpose1.2 Scope1.3 Abbreviations1.4 References1.5 Technologies

    2. Overall Description

    2.1 Complaint management system

    2.2 Software Interface

    2.3 Hardware Interface

    2.4 Communication Interface

    2.5 Modules2.5.1 Customer Relationship Management

    2.5.2 Data Management

    2.6 Dataflow Diagram

    2.7 ER Diagram

    2.8 Database Design

    2.9 Features

    2.10 User Characteristics

    2.11 Constraints

    2.12 Assumption & Dependecies

    3. Specific Requirements

    3.1 Functional Requirements

    3.2 Supplementary Requirements

    4. Snapshots

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    1) Introduction

    1.1)Purpose:This project is designed to enhance the resolving capability of

    complaints filed or registered through mails/calls. This project will

    help operators to manage complaints received from calls/mails. Itwill help to keep vigilance on the operators.

    It will be embedded with the existing software Telecompass used by


    TeleComPass is a comprehensive customer care and Billing for

    Telecom services providers. TeleComPass has exhaustive module.

    y Web based front endy Product packagesy Rate packagesy Telephone No. Seriesy Customer ordersy Rate calculationy Invoice generation and printingy Payment and adjustmentsy Inter-carrier billingy Basic customer carey Customer relationship managementy Instrument Inventory managementy Order managementy Mediation Enginey Subscriber and IUC rating Enginey MIS report editor

    1.2) Scope:

    A person can file a complaint or can ask a query.

    y Reports under the section status will be categorised asprocessed, under processing, pending.

    y The reports which have been left unattended will be taggedunder the time based section on the basis of the time since they

    have been reported.

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    y A proper database would be maintained for authority viewingmaking the system transparent. Any lethargy in the system

    could be figured out.y It will make all possible efforts to minimize the paperwork to a

    zero extent.

    There would be separate logins for operators, engineers and a

    central authorized administrator.y Manage all the account details such as user name, circle name,

    task status, flow-up count, closed date, time and IDs of all the

    clients and complaints from one central location.

    y Activities like updating, creations done in the system by thesystem users will be maintained in the form of logs for auditing

    and maintaining the integrity of the system.y A engineer/administrator can download the report at his will.

    1.3) Abbreviations:

    y HTML: Hypertext Mark-up Language is a mark-up language usedto design static web pages.

    y HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a transaction orientedclient/server protocol between web browser & a Web Server.

    y JavaScript.y Oracle: Oracle Database is the database management system

    that delivers a flexible and cost effective database platform to

    build robust on demand business applications.

    y Asp: active server pages.y HTTPS: Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a HTTP over SSL

    (secure socket layer).

    y TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, thesuite of communication protocols used to connect hosts on theInternet. TCP/IP uses several protocols, the two main ones beingTCP and IP.

    1.4) References:

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    y IEEE SRS Formaty Problem Definition (Provided by MTS)

    1.5) Technologies:

    y Oracle: Databasey Visual Web Developer: Development Tooly IIS Server (For run Asp pages to run on Local host)

    2) Overall Description

    2.1) Project:

    y This project is designed to enhance the resolving capability ofcomplaints filed or registered through mails/calls.

    y This project will help operators to manage complaints receivedfrom calls/mails.

    y There will be a single computer to act as the server, as well asseveral others to act as clients. These computers must beconnected to each other through a network.

    y The system is also including backup utilities with timescheduling.

    y It uses cryptography encryption and decryption for security.y The system uploads data on HTTP after compression. There is a

    facility to coping file at Network.

    2.2) Software Interface:

    y Client on Internet: Web Browser, Operating System (any)y Client on Intranet: Client Software, Web Browser, Operating

    System (any)y Web Server: IIS, Operating System (any)y Data Base Server: ORACLE, Operating System (any)y Development End: HTML, JavaScript, ORACLE, OS (Windows),

    Web Server.

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    2.3) Hardware Interface:

    Client side

    Processor RAM Disk Space

    Mozilla FireFox Pentium II orhigher

    64 MB or more 1 GB or more

    Server side

    Web sphere



    Pentium III or

    higher512 MB or

    more2 GB or more

    DB2V8.1 Pentium III orhigher 512 MB 1 GB or more

    2.4) Communication Interface:

    y Client on Internet will be using HTTP/HTTPS protocol

    2.5) Modules:

    2.5.1. Customer Relationship Management

    1.1 Clients complaint entry:When a person got any problem in the software/hardware he is usingor services provided to him, Supported by the company, he files a

    complaint or a query regarding the problem. The details of

    complaint/query are entered. This detail is filled in the database.

    1.2 Scheduling:The clients problem which are complicated are added to schedule- thatis to be visited (Say as Pending queries). And the administrator wouldassign the complaint to engineer as per his specialization.

    1.3 Viewing:The complaints which are scheduled are viewed by the assigned

    personnel. The engineer should view each complaint within an hour

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    and if he is unable to do so the complaint would be marked and a

    warning message is displayed both on his as well as administrator's

    window. The solution of customers problem is noticed. If the problemis not solved, it is added in the further schedule.

    1.4 Categorization:

    The complaints registered are classified firstly on the basis of theirarrival mode i.e. through mails/calls and secondly on the basis of their

    status i.e.

    y Processedy Under processingy Pending

    2.5.2 Data Management

    2.1 Cryptography:Here password is encrypted for security purpose. This encrypted data

    will flow over the network. When the data is needed, it will bedecrypted to view the original content.

    2.2 Compression:The data is compressed before send at HTTP Server or Network


    2.3 Log file:It notifies the data uploaded, copied over network or compressed in atext file. And a daily report will be sent to the administrator at a fixed

    time including all the details such as no of complaints arrived, solved,

    pending etc.

    2.4 HTTP upload:This module is setup on clients computer. It uploads backup of theirsystems database on the server.

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    2.6 Data flow Diagram


    Data flow diagram can be used to provide a clear

    representation of any business function. The technique starts with an

    overall picture of the business and continues by analyzing each of the

    functional areas of interest. This analysis carried out to precisely the

    level of detail required. The technique exploits a method called top-

    down expansion to conduct the analysis in a targeted way. The result

    is a series of diagrams that represent the business activities in a way

    that is clear and easy to communicate.

    Diagram Notations

    There are only five symbols that are used in the drawing of business

    process diagrams (Data Flow Diagram). There are now explained,

    together with the rules that apply to them.

    External Entity:

    Data Flow:


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    The External Entity symbol represents sources of data to the system or

    destinations of data from the system.

    The Data Flow symbol represents movement of data.

    The Data Store symbol represents data that is not moving (delayeddata at rest).

    The Process symbol represents an activity that transforms or

    manipulates the data (combines, reorders, converts, etc.).

    Any system can be represented at any level of detail by these four

    symbols. The DFD of the proposed project is shown below.

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    Valid Account

    Login/ password


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    2.7 ER Diagram:

    Also called an entity-relationship model, a graphical representation of

    entities and their relationships to each other, typically used in computing in

    regard to the organization of data within databases or information systems.

    An entity is a piece of dataan object or concept about which data is stored.A relationship is how the data is shared between entities.

    There are three basic elements in ER models:

    Entities are the "things" about which we seek information. Entity isrepresent by a rectangle.

    Attributes are the data we collect about the entities. Attribute isrepresenting by an oval shape.

    Relationships provide the structure needed to draw information frommultiple entities. Relationship is represented by

    There are three types of relationships between entities:

    One-to-one: one instance of an entity (A) is associated with one other

    instance of another entity (B).

    One-to-many: one instance of an entity (A) is associated with zero, one ormany instances of another entity (B), but for one instance of entity B there

    is only one instance of entity A.

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    Many-to-many: one instance of an entity (A) is associated with one, zero

    or many instances of another entity (B), and one instance of entity B is

    associated with one, zero or many instances of entity A.

    Before starting the ER diagram , the concept of strong entity, weak

    entity etc are like this

    A normal entity as described above is alternatively called a strong entity, in

    that it can be uniquely defined by its attributes alone.

    A weak entity is an entity that isn't uniquely identified by its own attributes,

    and therefore includes one or more of its relationships into its primary key.

    It is indicated by drawing the entity's rectangle, the diamonds of the

    identifying relationships, and the connections to them, in bold or with doublelines. For example, in a work tracking database, if a task is co-identified by

    the person to whom the task is assigned, and person is an entity, then task

    is a weak entity.

    Attributes in an ER model may be further described as multi-valued,

    composite, or derived.

    A multi-valued attribute, illustrated with a double-line ellipse, may have

    more than one value for at least one instance of its entity. For example, apiece of software (where the entity is application) may have the multivalued

    attribute "platform" because instances of that application may run on more

    than one platform.

    A composite attribute may itself contain two or more attributes and is

    indicated as having contributing attributes of its own. For example,addresses can be composite attributes, composed of attributes such as

    street address, city, and so forth.

    A derived attribute is one whose value is entirely determined by other

    information in the database; it is indicated by a dashed ellipse. For example,

    if we have an employee database with an employee entity along with an age

    attribute, the age attribute would be derived from a birth date attribute.

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    2.8 Database Design:

    The general purpose of database is to handle information as an integratedform. A database is a collection of interrelated data, stored with minimum

    redundancy. In database design, several objectives are considered.

    Controlled redundancys unique aspect of database design is starting data

    only once, which redundancy and improves performance.

    Easy to learn and use Data independence Accuracy and integrity Privacy and security Performance improvement

    A Database can be thought of as a set of logically related files organized tofacilitate access by one or more applications programs and to minimize the

    data redundancy. Intact, a Database is defined as a stored collection of data,organized on the basis of relationships in the data rather than the

    convenience of storage structures. It is not a replacement of files.

    I have designed the database to eliminate the redundant data as much aspossible. The integration of the data files has been done with proper care.

    Care has been taken to share the data among all users but some of the

    database has been kept private beyond the display and manipulation of the


    I have designed the database to incorporate the changes, which takes placeeasily and quickly. Care has been taken to keep the use of data as simple as

    possible. The cost of storing and retrieving the data has been kept

    minimum by reducing the unnecessary space and repetition of the similar


    I have designed to provide accuracy and consistency in the data so that the

    users are not confused and delayed by searching the unnecessary items.

    I have also been very sharp in the matter of data security and prevent theaccess/retrieval of records or data by the unauthorized user. To stop access

    and retrieval of data, a User Master table is created which saves the user

    name user type, user description, roleand the Password of the memberuser.

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    2.9 Features:

    y This application can run on multiple systems in the company.y It is centralized system that the database is at server and applications

    are at clients computer.

    y If a record of a customer is being used by any user, it cannot be editedor deleted by any other user.

    y System administrator can mail to all of their clients by Mass Mailing.y A new user can be added and his rights can be given dynamically by

    System Administrator.

    2.10) User Characteristics:

    y User must be comfortable with working of computers and must have abasic idea of using internet and web browsing.

    y Basic idea of English is must as UI is developed only in English.

    2.11) Constraints:

    y GUI is only in English.y Login and password is used for identification of all users (except

    anonymous user who is not allowed to create a profile).

    y This system is working for single server.

    2.12) Assumption & Dependencies:


    Authorized account like Administrator, Employee, and Client can becreated only by the upper hierarchy.

    Network is secure enough to prevent hacking of any private or personaldata on the server.

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    Server is highly dependent on number of users accessing the database at a

    time. Thus we need to have a rigorous redundancy control check.

    The server needs to work 24 X 7 hence we need to have backup energy

    support. No loss of data in any form could be tolerated as the data is highlyimportant thus we need to have complete backup of all the data which is to

    be appended frequently. The admin should be totally uninfluenced by any other body or personnel.

    This might lead to total failure of the system. However even the admin is tobe constantly monitored.

    3) Specific Requirements

    3.1) Functional Requirements:

    y It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the detailrequirements which we have tried to find out below. The new system

    should be able to:

    y Run this software only in Windows XP sp2 and above. Software to bedesign to get more detail report for Support / Engineers ability tosolve problem and more on Records of Software License Version -Type of Software etc.

    y The data of client should be uploaded on the server for backuppurpose.

    y A secure database will be designed to store the data where only theadministrator can add, remove or update. Only the administrator willhave the right to create or delete any user. The user can be a part of

    administrator group or a regular user.

    3.2) Supplementary Requirements:

    y Tie the existing Web site into existing enterprise systemsy Provide good performance and the ability to scale the server The

    Web Application Server should provide good performance and the

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    ability to manage performance with techniques, such as support for

    caching, clustering, and load balancing.

    y Providing session management capability Web application developersshould not spend valuable time worrying about how to maintain

    sessions within the application. The Web Application Server shouldprovide these services.

    Application Area

    The application of the proposed system is associated with various problems in theconventional manual system. These are

    1. To do faster processing in the system.2. To fully utilize the available resources in the organization.3. To get updated information.4. To improvise the report generation job.5. To get the updated and faster details for the queries fired by the

    management and operational staff.6. To secure the data in the organization.7. To maintain the privacy of the relevant data.8. To help the management in decision-making.9. To provide information to the management in taking various decision

    and get the information about the organization progress.10.To store the data for long-term utilization.

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    Client Login Form

    This page act as login page for all type of users i.e.

    y Clienty Employeey Administrator

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    Client Inbox Form:-

    This page is showing inbox of clients account listing all complaints/queries filed by

    him along with other details.

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    Client Complaint Form:-

    This page represents the complaint form through which client will fill in the details

    of the problem encountered.

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    Employee Inbox Form:-

    This page is employees inbox listing the details of complaints/queries filed by clientor say allotted to him as a task.

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    Administrator Inbox Form:-

    This page is administrator inbox page where he will find all thecomplaints/queries along with details and a search box from where he cansearch complaints.