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  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Class - IV


  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    APRIL Unit ILiteraryReader-

    Course Book-

    The Vet's greatest reward

    Two boys in a junglePoem-The Tease

    * Worksheet 1* Simple Present* Concord* Verbs of perception* The Sentence (Parts of the Sentence)* The Noun :Kinds of Nouns, Gender and

    Number* Articles

    * Develop the spirit of adventure.* Learn to interpret and appreciate poetry.

    Month Unit & Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values


    MAY Unit IILiterary Reader-

    Course Book-Sindbad the sailor

    Humayun was drowning

    * Worksheet 2* Simple Past and Past Continuous Tense* Use of Prefix out-* Synonyms* Homophones* The Verb

    * Students get familiarized with thebasics of the English language.

    * Learn the value of helpfulness.

    JULY Unit IIILiterary Reader-

    Course Book-

    The Elephant's Child (Part1&2)

    A Precious Gift

    * Worksheet 3* Past Continuous Tense* Using Prefixes re-and un-* Notice Writing* Completing a story* The Adjective, The Pronoun, The Adverb

    * Students learn to share by working ingroups and pairs

    * Learn the value of kindness.* Learn to value the gifts of nature

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Unit & Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values


    August Unit IVLiterary Reader-

    Course Book-

    Poem-Milk For The Cat

    Rikki Tikki TawiAnd He Went To Bed

    * Worksheets 4&5* Use OfAlthough.yet* Picture Composition* Describing Week's events* Simple Past and Past Continuous Tense* The Preposition, The Conjunction

    * Students learn to be loyal and faithful toeverybody.

    September Revision Revision

    October Unit VLiterary Reader-

    Course Book-Birbal The Wise

    Whose is That Black Car?

    * Worksheet 6* Using Prefix un- and in-* Degrees Of Comparison* Direct and Indirect Speech

    * Students learn to participate in activitiesorganized by the teacher.

    November Unit VILiterary Reader-

    Course Book-Alladin's Magic Lamp

    Animal Communication

    * Worksheets 7& 8* As ( adjective ) as* Spelling - Use of e, u, o* Use Of Negative Forms* Describing Pictures* Punctuation

    * To enable them to write and punctuate asentence correctly.

    * Learn to assist people in trouble.

    December Unit VII

    Literary Reader-How a Crow Finds

    * Worksheets 9& 10

    * Present Perfect Tense* Spelling - Use of ei and ie

    * To enable them to write in a variety of

    contexts.* Learn to be kind and caring.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Unit & Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values


    Delicious TitbitsPoem- Why

    King Shibi And The DoveCourse Book-

    * Have / Has?* Use of some/many* Completing Dialogues* Comprehension Passage* Paragraph Writing* Idiomatic Expressions

    January Unit VIIILiterary Reader-

    Course Book

    A Mad Tea PartyWe Pack

    Poem: Plaint Of TheCamel

    * Letter Writing -FormalInformal

    * To help learners to further develop theirlinguistic skills and to promotecommunicative skills.

    February Unit IXLiterary Reader-

    Course Book-The Broken Promise

    Corvus - The IntelligentCrow ( Part 1&2)

    * Worksheets 11& 12* Future Tense* Time Clauses* Spelling - Use of -ful* Story Writing* Picture Composition

    * To help pupils to apply concepts ofgrammar to further develop theirlinguistic skills.

    * Develop a sense of humour

    March Revision(PreparefortheFinalExam)

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Topic Learning Objectives & Values


    April Helps to understand the country in which we live.Our Beautiful CountryThe Northern MountainsThe Northern Plains

    May Helps to understand the lifestyle of the people in deserts.The Western Desert

    July Helps us to understand the lifestyle of the Southern Plateau, and coastalPlains.

    The Southern PlateausThe Coastal Plains & the IslandsThe Climate of our Country

    August Helps us to familarize them with the richness of our country.Our Natural ResourcesSoils of IndiaOur Human Resources

    September Revision&1st Term Exam


    Learn about the wildlife and endangered species.Highlights the importance of conserving water.

    Our Forest WealthOur Water Resources

    November Children learn the importance of environment. Learn to understand that wastage is a vice.

    Our Mineral Resources Our Agriculture

    December Understands the importance of different means of transport and means of


    Our Industries

    Means of Transport Sending& Receiving Messages

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Topic Learning Objectives & Values


    January Understands the importance of the constitution of India.Municipal CommitteesOur Rights& DutiesOur National Symbols

    February Children learn to appreciate our culture and traditions. Inculcates the valueof tolerance.

    Our Rich HeritageThey Showed Us the Way

    March Revision&AnnualExam(Discussion& Activity)

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Unit & Topics Contents Learning Objective


    April Microsoft Windows Operating SystemThe Windows desktopTaskbar &Start menu

    Files & Folders

    Students learn about the WindowsOperating System and its importantFeatures

    They shall work in windows and learnbasic file operations .

    May MS Windows Creating folders & SubfoldersMoving Files to folders

    Working with Files & Folders in windows.Renaming and moving Folders

    Jul Advanced Paint Define two colours in drawing.Magnifying part of a picture.Adding Text & Format Text.

    Copying a part of the picture.

    Students work on Paint Program and learnsome advance tools in Paint .They shall experiment with the tools learnt


    Aug MS Word Word Processor Standard toolbarFormatting ToolbarChanging Font and Font sizeTyping TextSelecting TextEditing Text

    Cut, Copy, Paste!

    Students shall learn about Standard toolbar& Formatting Toolbar options in Word .The student learns to edit and format text

    in MS Word.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Unit & Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values


    Sep More aboutMS Word

    Formatting textUsing toolbarsAligning text

    Presenting text in a bulleted or numberedform.Inserting Pictures.

    Students shall be introduced to the differentparts of a word window. The student learnsto type and edit text in MS Word.

    Oct More on Logo Basic Logo PrimitivesUsing Logo Commands to drawGeometric ShapesPenerasePenpaint


    Students shall learn to use the logocommands and draw simple designs inLogoApplication.

    Nov Repeat Primitive Syntax of Repeat commandUsing Repeat Commands to draw regularpolygons

    Students shall learn to use the RepeatCommand to draw polygons in Logo.

    Dec Let Us Connect CommunicationNetworkingTypes of Networking

    LAN & WAN

    Students shall know about how technologyhelps to communicate and shareinformation.

    They shall also be aware of different typesof networking

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Unit & Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values


    Jan Introducing the Internet InternetUses of Internet

    Internet Service ProviderBrowser & WWWInternet Explorer

    Students shall be introduced tothe world of Internet and its usage.

    They shall learn about the advantages anddisadvantages of Internet .

    Feb Electronic Mail E-mailCreate e-mail account Sending messagesReceived messagesSigning out

    Students shall learn to use and Create E-mail account .They shall know about the privacy andsecurity of using email .

    March Revision Revision Revision

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Unit & Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values



    April Chapter 1Place value numbersup to 9999

    Looking back at numbers upto 9999

    5- and 6- digit numbers

    Number Names Place value of a digit in a 5

    and 6-digit number Comparing numbers Building Numbers Rounding numbers.

    To know the concept of numbersup to 999999

    To be able to read and write

    numbers up to 999999 To be able to form and compare

    numbers up to 999999 To be able to build greatest and

    smallest numbers using givendigits.

    To be able to round off a givennumber to the nearest 10,100,1000.

    Place value activity ofa 6- digit number tobuild an

    understanding of 6-digit numbers.

    May Chapter 2Addition andsubtraction

    Looking back Addition and subtraction

    without and with regrouping Problem solving of addition

    and subtraction

    To be able to understand theconcept of addition andsubtraction without and withregrouping

    To develop computational skills To be able to solve day to day

    problems requiring addition andsubtraction

    Group activity ofcompensation inaddition.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Unit & Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values



    July Chapter 3Multiplication

    Looking back the concept ofmultiplication

    Exploring Multiplication

    Multiplying 4-digit numbersby 1- digit number

    Multiplying by a 2- and 3-digit numbers

    Estimating products Patterns in Multiplication Problem solving Roman Numerals up to 39

    To be able to understand theconcept of multiplication by 1-,2- and 3- digit numbers

    To be able to recognize theterms-multiplicand, multiplierand product.

    To be able to enhance speed andaccuracy of multiplication

    To be able to solve day to dayproblems requiringmultiplication.To be able to read and write

    Roman numerals up to 39


    Individual activity ofReinforcing tables

    August Chapter 4Division

    Looking back n Dividing a 4-digit number by

    a single digit number Dividing by tens. Estimating Quotients Division by a 2-digit number Patterns Problem solving

    To be able to understand theconcept of division.

    To be able to divide by 1- and 2-digit number

    To be able to estimate quotientin a given division sum

    To be able to solve day to dayproblems involving division

    GroupActivity ofdivision by tens.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Unit & Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values



    Chapter 11Handling Data

    Looking backInterpreting pictographs andbar graphs

    To be able to read the givenpictograph

    To be able to collect data and

    prepare pictograph and bargraphs

    Activity of building abar graph using matchboxes

    September Chapter 7Shapes , Space andPatterns

    More about closed curvesTypes of polygonsCirclesSymmetryReflections

    To develop the basicunderstanding of variouspolygons and the number ofsides they possess.To develop spatial concepts andunderstanding symmetry of

    figures as well.

    Activities on:-Tessellation

    Exploring circles

    October Chapter 5Factors and Multiples

    FactorsCommon factorsMultiplesCommon multiplesEven and odd numbers

    To be able to recognize anddetermine the multiples andfactors of a number.To be able to find the commonfactor and multiple of the giventwo numbersTo be able to recognize even andodd numbers

    Activity of findingfactors.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Unit & Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values



    November Chapter 6Fractions

    Looking back Equivalent fractions Like and unlike fractions

    Addition and subtraction oflike fractions

    Proper and Improper fractions

    To be able to write equivalentfraction of the given fractionalnumber

    To be able to distinguishbetween like and unlike , andproper and improper fractions

    To be able to add and subtractlike fractional numbers.

    Group activity to findthe unit of fraction of aquantity.

    December Chapter 8Measurement

    Looking back Measurement of length Conversions Perimeter Measurement of mass and


    To be able to study therelationship between the units ofmeasures of length in metres,centimetres, kilometres.

    To be able to convertcentimetres in metres and metresin kilometers.

    To be able to find the perimeterof the given figures.

    To be able to understand therelation between grams andkilograms and litres andmillilitres.

    Group activity of measuring Area andPerimeter.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Unit & Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values



    January Chapter 10Time

    Lookingback Reading time to the exact


    Useofa.m.andp.m. Time line Durationoftime

    To be able to read the time inhoursand minutes.

    To be able to understand the

    concept ofa.m. andp.m. To beabletofind the time interval


    Group activity oncalendar patterns.

    February Chapter 9Area and Perimeter

    Perimeter of regular andirregularshapes

    Area of regular and irregular shapes

    To be able to find the perimeter and area of regular and irregularshapes.

    IndividualActivityof finding approximatearea of any irregular shapeon graphpaper.

    March Revision Recapitulation of all the

    concepts learned.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values


    April Chapter : 1Food and Digestion

    Chapter : 2Teeth and Microbes

    Nutrients in foodDigestion of foodPreparing food

    Preserving foodSets of teethKinds of teeth

    To enable students to know the variousnutrients present in the food.To learn and practice proper food

    habits.To help students recognize the differentkinds of teeth and the parts of a tooth.

    May Chapter : 2Teeth and Microbes

    Structure of a teeth Care of teeth Microbes

    To make children learn to take care ofteeth.

    To help children identify and namesome useful and some harmfulmicrobes.



    Chapter : 5Solids, Liquids and Gases

    Chapter : 3Safety First

    Chapter : 4

    The Right Clothes to Wear

    Matter States of matter Interchangeable states of matter

    Safetyathome Safetyat schoolandintheswimming pool First aid


    Materials for clothes Care of clothes

    To help children understand and definematter.

    To help them compare different statesof matter.

    To enable students understand howaccidents happen.

    To help them deal with emergenciesthemselves.

    To make children aware of different

    materialsused formakingclothes.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values


    September Chapter : 6

    Chapter : 7

    Plants : Preparing andStoring Food

    Plants : Living andSurviving

    Food for plantsSome unusual plantsBalance in nature

    Terrestrial plantsAquatic plantsRainforests

    To help children appreciate the processof photosynthesis.To enable students to classify plants

    according to their habitats.

    October Chapter : 8Animals : How Life GoesOn

    Reproduction Egg-laying animals Birth giving animals Care of the young

    To enable students to understand whyanimals need to reproduce.

    To observe developmental changes inthe life cycles of a cockroach and abutterfly.

    November Chapter : 9Animals : Living andSurviving

    Adaptations to environment Adaptations for food Adaptations for protection

    To enable students to analyze theimportance of adaptations amonganimals.

    To enumerate the different ways inwhich animals protect themselves.

    December Chapter : 10Force, Work and Energy

    Force Work Simple machines Different forms of energy

    To identify various simple machinesused in daily life.

    To know what energy is, and name itsforms and uses.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    Month Topics Contents Learning Objectives & Values


    Chapter : 11The Earth and ItsNeighbours

    Stars Planets Satellites

    To enable students to distinguishbetween stars, planets and satellites.

    January Chapter : 11The Earth and ItsNeighboursChapter :12Air, Water and Weather

    Earth Seasons Day and Night Sun causes changes in weather Properties of Air Purification of Water Underground Water

    To understand how seasons and other natural changes arecausedonEarth..

    To help students appreciate thesignificanceof Sunfor movementof air.

    To understandvarious forms ofwater.

    February Chapter : 13

    A Clean World


    Types of pollution Effects of pollution Preventing pollution Reuse or Recycle

    To help students understand the concept

    of a clean environment. To make students aware of the ill-

    effects of pollution.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    ekg ikB dk uke @ 'kh"kZd ew Y;kadu


    Ap` Ola saaih%ya ek ek kivata

    rajaa iSaiva paOraiNak kqaavyaakrNaBaaYaa @yaa hOihMdI kI saM#yaae 51-80Apizt gaVaMSa

    rcanaa%mak kaya--ihMdI ko rajaBaaYaa sva$p pr cacaa- krnaa . kaya- pp~ 1

    baccaao maoM do Sa p`oma evaM raYTIyata kI Baavanaa ka ivakasa krnaa.kivata vaacana saMbaMqaI ASauidQayaao M kao dUr krnaa.

    pSau pixayaao M ko pit dyaa p` oma tqaa saMvaodnaa ko Baava jaagaRt krnaa.

    ma[- saaih%ya caalaak kCuAa laaok kqaa kovala pznajanmaidna kivata kovala pzna

    vyaakrNavaNa-ihndI kI saM#yaae 81-100

    rcanaa%mak kaya--Apnao manaae hue iksaI ek janmaidna ko baaro maoM Apnao ivacaar kxaa ko

    saaqa baaTnaa. kaya- pp~ 2

    pMcatM~ kI tmaama naIit prk khainayaoMa ko saMbaMQa maoM jaanakarI doto huenaOitkta ka ivakasa krnaa.

    ivaVaiqa-yaaoM kao vaRxaaoM tqaa ]nakI mah%ta ko saMbaMQa maoM Avagat kranaa.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    ekg ikB dk uke @ 'kh"kZd ew Y;kadu


    isatmbar saaih%ya samast p`qama sa~ ko paz\yak`ma kI AQa-vaaiYa-k prIxaa hotu punar-avaRit.

    pudInao kI mahk laoKvyaakrNapyaa-yavaacaI Sabd kuC cauinaMda Sabd

    rcanaa%mak kaya-Sabd maalaa ivaiBanna saga saibjayaaoM ko saMbaMQa maoM ]nakI ivaSaoYatae batato

    hue cacaa- krnaa.

    ivaiBanna pkar kI saaga saibjayaaoM ka pircaya donaa.Sabd BaMDar maoM vaRid\Qa krnaa.

    saMvaadaoM ko maaQyama sao baccaaoM Wara Apnao BaavaaoM AaOr ivacaaraoM ka saMp`oYaNa.

    A@tUbar saaih%ya maOM hU tumharI cahotI ba`o D Aa%makqaa%mak laoKsTIfna haikMga jaIvanaI

    vyaakrNaivaSaoYaNa ivalaaoma Sabd kuC cauinaMda Sabd

    na[- ivaQaaAa%makqaa sao ivaVaiqa-yaaoM kao piricat krvaanaa.ivaiBanna vaO&ainakaoM evama\]nako AaivaYkaraoM ko baaro maoM kxaa maoM cacaa- krnaa.

    navambar saaih%ya nyaUTna kI ija&asaa kivata

    vyaakrNa ikyaa mauhavaroM kuC cauinaMda Sabdrcanaa%mak kaya-

    kxaa maoM ivaiBanna vaO &ainakaoM ko saMbaMQa maoM cacaa- krnaa.

    kivata ko maaQyama sao ivaiBanna vaO&ainakaoM ko AaivaYkaraoM ko baaro maoM jaanakarIdonaa.

    ivaVaiqa-yaaoM maoM ija&asau pvaRit ka ivakasa krnaa.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    ekg ikB dk uke @ 'kh"kZd ew Y;kadu


    idsambar saaih%ya svaamaI ivavaokanaMd laoK

    @yaa hI AcCa haota kivata kovala pznasaUya-mauKI prI kovala pznavyaakrNa

    yaaojaksama$pI iBannaaqa-k Sabd kuC cauinaMda Sabdp~ laoKna

    rcanaa%mak kaya-svaamaI ivavaokanaMd jaOsao hI kuC Anya samaaja sauQaarkaoM ko baaro kxaa maoM

    cacaa- krnaa.

    Baart ko kuC p`mauK samaaja sauQaarkaoM ko baaro maoM jaanakarI donaa.ivaVaiqa-yaaoM maoM klpnaa Sai@t ka ivakasa krnaa.

    BaaYaa ko SauW $p ka &ana krvaanaa.

    janavarI saaih%ya kaoyala kivata kovala pznacalao kaba-oT raYT/Iya ]Vana yaa~a vaR taMt

    vyaakrNavaa@ya ivarama icanh AnaucCod laoKna

    rcanaa%mak kaya-

    Eaut Baava.saMkotaoM ko AaQaar pr khanaI vaacana.

    kivata vaacana Wara BaaYaagat ASauiWyaaoM kao dUr krnaa.Baart ko kuC p`mauK raYT/Iya ]VanaaoM ko baaro maoM jaanakarI donaa.AnaucCod laoKna ko maaQyama sao ivaVaiqa-yaaoM maoM laoKna kaOSala ka ivakasa krnaa.

  • 8/9/2019 Ankit Syllabus


    ekg ikB dk uke @ 'kh"kZd ew Y;kadu


    frvarI saaih%ya ittlaI laaOT Aa[- kivata kovala pzna

    ibana panaI saba saUna kovala pznavyaakrNaAnaok SabdaoM ko ilae ek Sabd kuC cauinaMda SabdvaaiYa-k prIxaa hotu samast paz\yakma kI kxaa AByaasaaoM evama\ prIxaaAaoM

    ko maaQyama sao punar-avaRit

    panaI ko saIimat s~aotaoM ko baaro maoM jaanakarI donaa.p`kRit p`oma kI Baavanaa ivakisat krnaa.

    Sabd BaMDar maoM vaRid\Qa krnaa.

    maaca- samast pazaoM ka punaravalaao kna evama\ punaravaRit vaaiYa-k prIxaa ko maaQyama sao ivaVaiqa-yaaoM ko baaOiwk str kao maapnaa tqaa ]sakamaUlyaaMkna krnaa.