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  • Experienced.

  • What qualifies Client Rewards to be my purchasing partner?

    Knowing the ins, outs, ups and downs of the hospitality industry is what has catapulted Client Rewards into its position as the nations largest cost reduction company for multi-unit operators. Client Rewards was founded and continues to be managed by men and women who got their hands dirty (and then, of course, thoroughly washed before returning to work) in food service.

  • Flexible.

  • Wont I have to change what Im doing to partner with Client Rewards?

    Client Rewards started with one goal in mind. Lets provide restaurant

    operators with substantial cost reduction opportunities without impacting their purchase habits. When you work with

    Client Rewards you save money while purchasing the products of your choice from the distributors youve come to trust. Mission accomplished.

  • Powerful.

  • How can a partnership with Client Rewards reduce my companys costs?

    When you work with Client Rewards you

    take advantage of more than $12 billion dollars in leveraged purchasing volume.

    This buying power helps you gain access to rebates and deviated pricing for which you would generally notqualify.

    Regardless of your companys size, we humbly guarantee cost reductionfor our


  • Dynamic.

  • Can I count on Client Rewards to be an effective long term partner?

    Rebates and deviated price savings are just the tip of the savings iceberg.

    Client Rewards gets to know its partners and identifies other areas for

    potential cost reduction. First, we look

    for like product opportunities. We

    saved one of our clients over $100,000 annually by facilitating a switch from one manufacturers drinking straw to an almost identical product on our program. We also offer out of the box

    savings programs on produce, energy, office supplies, trash, packaging,

    electronics and more. Long and short,

    Client Rewards constantly looks for new ways to keep money in your pocket.

  • Transparent.

  • How can I know that Client Rewards is living up to its end of the partnership?

    The answer is at your fingertips. Our

    one of a kind dashboard provides clients with itemized details that show not only how much money is being saved but exactly how these savings are achieved. More than that, this powerful

    tool also reveals how additional savings can be secured. Request a

    demonstration of the Client Rewards dashboard by contacting a Client Rewards team member today.

  • Recommended.

  • What do current partners have to say about Client Rewards?

    With over 800 Client Rewards partners representing no less than

    15,000 rooftops, we are grateful to have satisfied clients willing to line

    up with glowing recommendations. Here is one example:

    I was a little skeptical about the Client Rewards program at first. It

    sounded too good to be true - well receive revenue without working

    for it, with no contracts or risk, and we remain in control of our

    purchasing decisions? That actually is exactly how it works. We are able to take advantage of large scale, collective

    purchasing power and capture rebates and deviated savings on products that we dont have the volume to contract

    on. Client Rewards also partners with other companies to provide additional resources and cost savings, all of

    which has made this a great fit for our organization.

    Please feel free to ask for additional references when speaking with a Client Rewards team member.

    Do forgive us if we blush.

  • Yours.

  • Did you know that Client Rewards only earns money by saving you money? We cant succeed without your success. Add to that no out of pocket cost,

    no long term commitment, no time commitment from our customers and no required change to your purchasing habits. Isnt that your kind of purchasing partner? Please contact one of our team members today to get started with

    Client Rewards.

    Will you let Client Rewards be yours?

  • Providing flexible supply chain management solutions to improve the profitability of multi-unit foodservice and hospitality operators

    across the nation.

    800.332.9270 | 15000 Citrus Country Drive | Dade City, FL 33523 |