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  • 7/24/2019 varian modul


    VarianAtomic AbsorptionSpectrometers


  • 7/24/2019 varian modul


    Varians AA range enables analysts to extendthe performance and productivity boundariesof AA determinations, and is equally athome in routine laboratories where reliabilityand simple operation is vital.

    The Varian AA range includes the stylishand easy-to-use AA280 and AA240 series.Combining Fast Sequential design with upto eight lamp capability, the AA240/280flame instruments provide high performanceand lower running costs. If you requiresuperior furnace performance and accurate

    background correction, the AA280 Zeemaninstrument delivers, with fast transverseZeeman background correction and our newGTA120 graphite furnace. For an economicalanalysis solution, choose the AA240 series,which provides four lamp capacity and achoice of automation options.

    AA choices for every applicationVarians wide range of hardware features,advanced software solutions and automationadvantages are designed to cater for everyapplication need. Select from:

    Feature AA280FS AA280Z AA240FS AA240Z AA240 AA140

    Fast Sequential capability

    Dedicated furnace with Zeeman Correction

    Full automation

    PC control

    Deuterium background operation

    True double beam optics

    Integrated accessories

    Standard Feature

    Optional Feature

    Varian is synonymous with innovationand reliability in Atomic Absorption,and has over 50 years of comprehensiveexperience in analytical instrumentation.

    A family of AA solutions

    AA InnovationBuilt componentsfor worlds firstAAS (as Techtron)

    1957Developedthe AA3,Techtrons firstcommercial AA

    1964Nitrous-oxide/acetyleneburner introduced

    1966Varian appliesfor a patent onZeemanbackgroundcorrection

    1971Pioneeredgraphite furnacetechniques withthe transverseheated Model 61

    1971Automated GFAanalyses withthe ASD-53 the first furnacautosampler


  • 7/24/2019 varian modul


    ully automatedA-975 forulti-element


    981Introducedcentralizedinstrumentcontrol with theAA-30/40

    1985DedicatedZeeman graphitefurnace AAS

    1987Patented SIPSproviding onlinecalibration andfast online dilutionfor flame AA

    1994Worksheetsoftware an innovativespreadsheetconcept fordata display

    1995Patented FastSequential AASreduces analysistimes by upto 50%

    1997Varians Duo AAintroducessimultaneousflame andfurnace analyses


  • 7/24/2019 varian modul


    No matter what the application, Varian AA

    systems deliver real productivityimprovements in flame AA. High productivitymeans reduced gas, reagent and lamp usage,and more results every day. Heres how:

    Fast Sequential AAAchieve the productivity and speed ofsequential ICP with Varians patented FastSequential* AA systems. By measuring allelements in each sample before moving tothe next one, Varians Fast Sequential (FS)AA280 and AA240 provide complete resultsin minutes.

    Determine your entire element suitewithout repeatedly aspirating samples

    Improve productivity by up to 50% byreducing the sample analysis delays

    Get full elemental coverage, no matterhow many elements you are determining

    Reduce sample consumption withless delays throughout analysis, less sampleis wasted

    Save labor and reduce running costs the more elements you determine,

    the greater your savings

    Improve precision and accuracy withonline internal standard corrections thiscorrects for physical differences, samplepreparation errors, or drift

    How does Fast Sequential AA work?1. Determination time is optimized as theFS wizard sorts the elements by wavelengthand flame type

    2. Optimum flame conditions are used foreach elemental determination the patentedHammer gas control** initiates instantaneouschanges to programmed flows and providessuperb reproducibility

    3. Reproducible wavelength positioning isachieved with minimal delays by the highspeed wavelength drive (2,000 nm/min)operating under intelligent software control

    4. Simultaneous operation of all lamps inFS mode

    5. Fast lamp selection using a motordriven mirror

    Real productivity improvements

    Conventional AAdetermines only oneelement at a time,so samples are analyzedtime and time againduring a multi-elementsequence (top).

    Using Fast Sequential AA,samples are onlyaspirated once and allelements are measuredbefore progressing tothe next sample (bottom).

    * US patent no. 6,236,457** US patent no. 5,355,214

  • 7/24/2019 varian modul


    Flexible sample handling choices

    If you deal with diverse samples, yourproductivity solution is Varians SamplePreparation Systems (SPS). The SPSautosamplers feature:

    Fastest ever sample to sample changes

    High sample capacity to enhancelaboratory productivity

    Advanced rinse options to reducecarryover

    Traveling Rinse: the most rapid rinseoption, which enables rinsing of the probe

    as it is drawn up out of the sample.This enhances throughput by minimizingprobe movements

    Flexible configuration with economicallaboratory racks for different tube typesand probes

    Online dilution using the optionalbuilt-in diluter system

    Complete sample preparation capabilityusing the optional diluter and software foroffline standard and sample preparation

    Optional environmental enclosure forpurging/fume extraction

    Varians latest

    innovations for flame

    autosampling include:

    Pre-emptive sampling(top) Reduces analysis times

    by an additional 15%

    Reduces sample to

    sample delays

    Moves the autosampler

    probe to the next

    solution while the reading

    is still in progress

    Lowers sample

    consumption the

    reading is completed

    using remaining

    excess solution in the

    transfer line

    Smart Rinse(bottom) Optimizes rinse time

    for each sample

    Eliminates excessive

    rinse times

    Automatically extends

    rinse times for those

    solutions that need it

    Eliminates carry over

    as Smart Rinse monitorsthe wash-out until

    minimum absorbance


    Reduces sample

    analysis times

    Simplifies method











    5.0 10.0 15.0








    5.0 10.0 13.0



    Min. absorbance setting

  • 7/24/2019 varian modul


    Productivity solutions for dilution and vapor generation

    Fully automated hydride determinationswhen coupled with the SPS series SamplePreparation Systems

    Increase sensitivity by 30% andimprove detection limits with the ETC-60Electrothermal Temperature Controller

    Varians Sample Introduction Pump Systems

    (SIPS) improve productivity with a rangeof unique benefits for flame AA.

    No tedious, multiple standard preparation.Performs online multi point calibration froma single standard

    Fast, online dilution of over range samples

    No costly, time consuming manualdilution and re-analysis

    Enhance accuracy and precision with< 2% error no more dilution errors

    Varians dual pump SIPS-20 further reducessample preparation before analysis, with aunique range of productivity benefits.

    Adds modifiers such as ionizationsuppressants online during analysis

    Performs online spiking of samples forspike recovery studies

    Automates the tedious task of flamestandard addition calibrations

    Enhances accuracy and precision duringextended runs by enabling automated flame

    internal standard correctionsVapor Generation made easyExtend analyses to trace levels with Varianscontinuous flow VGA-77. This allowsdeterminations of mercury and hydrideforming elements (As, Se, etc.) at part-per-billion (ppb) levels. The VGA-77 offers:

    Convenience of flame AA operation

    Better sensitivity than flow injection

    Exceptional precisions of 1-2% RSDat ppb levels

    High sample throughput of up to70 samples/hour

    Simple operation, as the integral pumpprovides automatic reagent addition

    Low sample consumption < 8 mL perelement during analysis

    Reduced setup time and elimination crosscontamination when switching betweenelements with conflicting chemistries.Simply change modules




    Cu mg/L




    2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.0

    SIPS dilution performance

    Actual M easured Dilution DilutionConc. mg/L Conc. mg/L Factor Error %

    1.2 1.2 1.0 0.2

    6.0 6.0 1.0 0.4

    10.0 10.1 3.3 0.2

    50.8 50.8 7.5 0.1

    56.4 56.7 18.7 0.6

    101.6 102.8 35.5 1.2

    202.8 204.4 55.0 0.8

    400.0 401.6 62.4 0.4

    456.7 455.8 78.3 0.2500.0 497.2 138.4 0.6

    500.0 501.3 151.8 0.3

  • 7/24/2019 varian modul


    Simultaneous AA operation

    Duo systems double your AA productivity

    The Varian AA Duo systems are theworlds only AA systems providing truesimultaneous operation of flame andgraphite furnace from a central computer.With an AA Duo, operation is more flexible,setup and change-over times are eliminatedand productivity is doubled.

    Ideal for busy environmental, chemicalor industrial laboratories

    Be more productive with simultaneousoperation of flame/hydride and graphite

    furnace Customize the system to your needs bycombining flame or hydride atomizers witheither a deuterium or Zeeman correctedgraphite furnace

    Centralize data and method storage inone location on the single controlling PC