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Varian TrueBeam

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Varian TrueBeam. Alamance Regional Cancer Center 2012. Varian TrueBeam. Why Varian TrueBeam?. New platform technology Improved imaging Efficiency Fast and precise Upgradability Most reliable equipment Unlocks treatments Enhanced patient comfort. Varian TrueBeam. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Varian TrueBeam

Varian TrueBeamAlamance Regional Cancer Center 2012Varian TrueBeam

Why Varian TrueBeam?New platform technologyImproved imagingEfficiencyFast and preciseUpgradabilityMost reliable equipmentUnlocks treatmentsEnhanced patient comfortVarian TrueBeam

New Beam Generation SystemAll new accelerator guideVariable energy switchSimplified and integrated bend magnetNew energy/foil carousel and target systemReal-time electron gun gatingMaximum flexibility in dosimetry

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