Using Twitter to Engage with Your Customers

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Using Twitter to Engage with Your Customers. Jenny Rees UNL Extension Educator @ jenreesources. Objectives: Learn What Twitter is How to build and monitor your company brand How Twitter can be used to engage your customers . Twitter Terminology. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Using Twitter to Engage with Your CustomersJenny ReesUNL Extension Educator@jenreesourcesKnow how. Know now.Know how. Know now.Objectives:</p> <p>Learn What Twitter is How to build and monitor your company brandHow Twitter can be used to engage your customers </p> <p>Know how. Know now.</p> <p> Know how. Know now.3</p> <p>But after listening to a talk about Twitter at a technology conference, the light bulb went on. I dont have to share things personally about me. I can share information with others and gain information in return. If I share information with say 20 people and 5 people re-share or retweet that same info, to their 20 followers, then there is a spider-web effect where the information reaches more people from different connections that I may never have had the opportunity to reach before. That was pretty cool to me-so I gave it a try.4Twitter TerminologyTwitter Handle: Your Twitter name which begins with the @ symbol. Consider as part of your branding strategy. Consider length.Tweet: Your message in 140 characters.Re-Tweet: Sharing the message with ones followers.Followers: People who view what you say-they dont need permission unless you change your security settings.Tweep: People who tweet.</p> <p>Sign up or sign in screen for Twitter. 6</p> <p>Security-*Let others find their tweets by their email address.Email notifications-alter when you want emails sent to you for info.12</p> <p>Direct Messages (email) </p> <p> Twitter Settings</p> <p>Compose a new tweet</p> <p>Direct Messages (email) </p> <p> Twitter Settings</p> <p> Compose a new tweetKnow how. Know now.</p> <p>HashtagsA way to easily search for keywords, phrases, monitor brands, etc. on Twitter.Have a # sign before the word.Examples include: #beef #food #plant14 #harvest14 #agchat #waterUsing hashtags helps spread your message to more people.Important to know key words/phrases within the industry youre working.What are Your Goals?</p> <p>Engage Your CustomersPeople like to interact with a person behind the brand.Ask customers their thoughts. Use their twitter handles.Dont always be selling something other than yourself.Listen to what theyre saying.</p> <p>Monitoring/Building Your Brandhttp://hootsuite.comhttp://tweetdeck.comhttp://twazzup.comhttp://tweetreach.com Google AnalyticsLargest following: Crowdbooster or SocialBro</p> <p>Jenny</p> <p>Blog: http://jenreesources.wordpress.comTwitter:</p> <p>Know how. Know now.</p>