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Estudio realizado por Pwc sobre redes sociales y consumidor. La participacin, cada vez ms indispensable, de las marcas en las redes sociales debe fundamentarse en conversaciones basadas en la autenticidad, la transparencia y la honestidad. Esta es una de las conclusiones del estudio Engage customers through social media, elaborado por PwC, y que examina cmo las marcas -en el sector del gran consumo y distribucin- pueden utilizar las redes sociales para lograr una vinculacin con el consumidor en el actual entorno digital


<ul><li> 1. www.pwc.co.uk/digitaltransformationEngage customersthrough social mediaDigital transformationThe worlds top brandsare using social mediaas a meaningful way ofdeepening relationshipswith their customers. Is itnow time for your businessto join in?Digital Transformation 1</li></ul><p> 2. 500,000,000The number of global users Facebookreports they have registered.2Digital Transformation 3. Table of contentsWhats going on? 5How big is social media? 6 Its bigger than you think6 Popular platforms 7What are the leaders doing?8 Socialmediaandfinancialservices8What makes social media different?10 Case study11Why should you care?12What are the implications for your business?14 How to balance security and social networking 15How can you get started?16 Tools you can use to start listening 17Contact us18Digital Transformation 3 4. Questions to consider as you read this document1 Who manages your social media strategy?Do you know what your customers are saying about you2 on Facebook? What about on Twitter? LinkedIn?Do your employees know what theyre allowed to say3 (and not say) about your business when they are online?Do you know how to sustain a meaningful conversation4 with your customers?How will you create content that people will find valuable5 and engaging?4 Digital Transformation 5. Whats going on? As you might expect, the picture social brand indexing paints is one of rapid, dynamic change. Top brands swap places, often many times a day. What is also interesting to see is the gap between the leading global brands that havedevelopedastrategyandthose that remain uncertain about what the social media phenomenon means for them. In the rest of this article we explain what social media is and how it differs from, and is similar to, traditional marketing and communication media.When Facebook announced lastMightthis500million-usermilestone We look at some of the reasons thesummer that it had registered halfand$50billionvaluationbetheleaders are successful and what lessonsa billion users around the globe, itwarning shot for organisations thatthey may offer. We also explore theresultedinaflurryofpublicityandhadpreviouslyconsideredsocialmediapotentialvalueofsocialmediaforcommentary. The media excitementanirrelevance?Isitnowtimeforallbusiness and most importantly, how togrew exponentially this January whenbusinesses to start thinking about its get started and successfully grow in thisGoldmanSachsinvested$450millionpotentialimpact?dynamic, burgeoning marketplace.in the social networking site andvalueditatajaw-dropping$50billion.Anumberofleadingorganisationshavealready recognised the importance ofIt is clear that social networking hasengaging their customers through socialbecome one of the dominant cultural media.FirmssuchasBMW,Coca-Colaphenomena in these digital times. andStarbuckshavebeenusingYouTube,Facebook, Twitter and other socialThe rapidity of this rise to prominence media mechanisms to grow awarenessineverydaylifeforsomanypeople,asof their brand and products and to buildwell as its global impact, is remarkable. customer loyalty.What had appeared to be simplyIts not surprising, then, to see theseanother Western teenage fad was, in same organisations and other earlyfact, being embraced by many differentadopters feature prominently in socialsocieties and groups of people around brandindexingservicesprovidedbythe world.suchcompaniesasVitrue,VivaldiPartners and Techlightenment (due thismonth).Digital Transformation 5 6. How big is social media?500,000,000The number of global users Facebookreports they have registered.Its bigger thanyou think.The speed, breadth, depth Social mediaand scope of social media advertisingpenetration is astonishing. It The average UKtook13yearsfortelevision spend willto reach a worldwide user spent nearlyaudienceof50million.Ittook Facebook three years; increase 400%andjustanotherfouryears an entire 24 hourtoreachoverhalfabillionby the year 2014.users worldwide. day on the internet Forrester in April 2010. The Connected One out of every fiveKingdom minutes online is spent on Google UK, BCG social media related sites. Nielsen 7. To understand the social mediamovementitsnecessarytounderstandthe most popular platforms for userengagement and how they differ.Popular platformsFacebook LinkedIn TwitterLaunchedin2004,byJuly2010itreached Launchedin2003LinkedInisoftenconsidered Launchedin2006,Twitterprovidedasimilarthe500million-usermarkdoublingthethe professional face of social networking. It microbloggingservicetoFacebooksstatususer base in a year. It is the most widely usedhas80millionregisteredusersandprimarily updatesinallowinguserstocreatetweetssocial network globally. As the name suggestsprovidesaddressbookstylefunctionality of140charactersorless.ThesetweetsareFacebooks initial purpose was to facilitate the forbusinessusers.Itis,however,alsoused availabletoallusersofTwitteranduserscansharing of photographs amongst friends. It asasitetopostjobopportunitiesandforjob subscribeorfollowaparticularusersTwitterhas since expanded into a platform for socialseekerstoapplyforthem.Overthelastfewfeed.Anumberofcelebritieshavetakentonetworking,andprovidesblogging,real- years LinkedIn has added a number of new tweeting and are being followed by their fantimechat,applicationdevelopment,sharing,Facebook-likefeaturessuchasstatusupdates,base (Lady Gaga currently has 7.1m followers).gaming and polling functionality. Facebook groups,companyfollowing,LinkedInAnswers The growth in tweets has been astounding,hasnowovertakenGoogleasthemostvisitedand LinkedIn polls to increase the usage of thegoingfrom60,000adayinMarch2007to95siteintheworldandisamajorplatformfor platform.milliontweetsadayinSeptember2010.communicating with customers.OrkutYouTube51.com, renren.com,Launchedin2004byGoogle,Orkutinitially FoundedinFebruary2005,YouTubeallowsQQ, kaixin001.comhad a fast take up in the United States. Today,peopletosearchfor,watchandsharevideos. A number of Chinese social networking siteshoweveritsprimaryuserbaseisinBrazilandItalsoprovidesaforumforpeopletocommentare popular within China, with incredibleIndia,where90%ofitsusersreside.Unlikeandinteractarounditscontent.YouTubeuser statistics for a single country. 51.comFacebook,Orkutallowsanyuserprofiletobe reportsmorethan2billionviewsperday hasover160millionusers,withover38.5visiblebyanyotheruser,ratherthantheneed fromaroundtheworld,with24hoursof million logging in each month. The lack oftofriendsomeone. videouploadedeveryminute,andabroadaccessibilitytoFacebook,TwitterandYouTube demographic(18-54year-olds)commentinghaspotentiallydriventhisgrowth. onmorethan50%ofthecontent. Digital Transformation7 8. What are theleaders doing?There are number of companiesleading the way with social mediainitiativesthatachievepositiveresultsin customer engagement.Thesebusinesseshaveeitherdeliberatelyororganicallyinvestedinplatforms that are aligned with theirstrategies and assets. Brands with agreat deal of media content (such asDisneyandBMW)tendtoinvestinYouTubemorethanthoseforwhomcommunity and functionality areA word about social mediaparamount (such as Starbucks andCoca-Cola). and financial servicesFacebookis,inalmosteverycase,the AccordingtoDatamonitorsSocialMediainFinancialplatform that attracts the greatest Servicesstudy,aboutathirdofconsumersgloballyareusinginvestment,whileTwitterisaclose onlineresourcestogetfinancialadviceintheformofpricesecond(andinsomeindustries,first; comparisons,calculators,blogsandonlinereviews.65%offinancialservicesfirmsuseTwitter).Thisdatawascollectedina2009surveyandexcludedJapan, France and Spain at that time, but social media has continuedRegardless of the platform focus, togrowasaviablechannelsincethenbolsteredbyconsumersputtinguservaluebeforenetwork preferenceforpeerrecommendationsovertraditionalmarketingvaluethatis,creatinganexperience propositions.that begins with user needs rather thanbusiness needs is the key to a socialThismeansthatthepowerofthemessagingaboutfinancialmediaeffortthatisvibrantandactive serviceshasshiftedtothecustomers,whohaveamultitudeofrather than barren and stale.waystoexpresstheiropinionsaboutproductsandservices. AccordingtoaForresterreportfromSeptember2010(Social MediaMarketingforFinancialServices)mostfinancialservices firmshaveatleastpartiallyexploredsocialmedia,buthavent fully embraced it in the manner that American Express and USAAhave.8 Digital Transformation 9. AnthonyvanderHoek,DirectorofStrategyandBusinessSolutionsataCoca-ColaCompany global team, puts it this way:It takes years, not weeks, to embed consumer conversationsin an organisation. Companies need to address this now or itwill be a huge challenge to catch up. HowConsumerConversationsWillTransformBusiness,aPwC1 Publication. StarbucksUSAA StarbucksareactivelyengaginginOne of the pioneers of direct social media and are talking withmarketing,UnitedServicesAutomobile their customers through a number ofAssociation (USAA), conducts most differentchannels.Withtheir700,000ofitsbusinessovertheInternetor followers on Twitter they are answeringtelephone. It currently maintains a fan questions, retweeting what people arepageonFacebookwithover122,000 saying about the brand and engaging in fans. This page offers USAA products realconversations.Totheir18million andservices,aneligibilityapplication, Facebook fans they upload contentandusefultips.Youcanalsoaccessand to their fan page but also engagemanage a USAA account directly on with their customers by allowing Facebookthroughabuilt-inapplication management of the customers with enhanced security. Starbucks card (e.g. checking balance, reloading)andevenallowingusersto American Express upload credit to other customers cards. American Express OPEN Forum is a sitewhichgivesmembersmallbusinesses Coca-Colathe tools to communicate and Asatraditionaltop5brandCoca-Colacollaborate. The Connectodex links wouldbeexpectedtohaveastrongmemberbusinessesseekingservicesto presence in social media, and with thosesupplyingservices;filterableby nearly20millionfansitisoneofthe industry,geographyandsize.TheIdea most popular in the world. The pageHuboffersinsightsandperspectives was originally created by fans and from small business experts, in an thenadoptedbyCoca-Colaandusedenvironmentthatencouragesfeedback tocreatetheofficialsite.Althoughonandinteraction,whilearticles,videos, firstlookitseemsanormalfanpage,discussionboardsandeventlistings Coca-Colahaveengagedcustomersby highlight case studies and areas of allowing user generated content on the interest to the member community. siteincludingphotosandposts.Coca- Cola has also embedded social mediaITV LiveWebelievethatfinancialserviceswithin the organisation and last yearThenewinteractiveITVportalfirmscancreateferventcustomerslaunched their social media strategy.combines the strengths of online TVbyusingsocialmediatohave ThisincludesensuringthatCertifiedstreaming with the popularity of socialmeaningfulconversationswith Online Spokespeople complete anetworks.Userscanengageinlivetheir clientele. They can then use certificationprogrammepriortochatanddiscusstheirfavouriteshowsthatdialoguetoinformanddrive representing the company online andin real time, using their Facebooktheir offerings and propositions.encourageseveryemployeetoengage credentials. According to ITV, the insocialmediaandreportbothpositiveapplicationistheperfectdual-screen andnegativecomments.companion to ITV Shows. LaunchedThat said, any suchduringthe2010FIFAWorldCup,ITVstrategy will require Liveachievedtwomillionuserswithincareful planning, asfourweeksbyprovidingadditionalwell as knowledgeable incentivessuchasdirectchatwithcelebrities, factoids, etc.guidance from regulatorsand compliance officers. 1PwC refers to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (a limited liability partnership in the United Kingdom),whichisamemberfirmofPricewaterhouseCoopersInternationalLimited,each memberfirmofwhichisaseparatelegalentityDigital Transformation 9 10. What makes social media different from other ways of engaging with customers?Traditional marketing channelsbroadcast in one direction and areusually only targeted in a general way.Social media, when done well, createsdialoguewithaveryspecificandlargeaudience one person at a time.Social media also runs across all otherchannels whether web, mobile,phone or physical stores. This is ahighly connected community wherethe most unlikely contributorscan be celebrities and other socialinfluencers.Customersdonthavetocometoyouanymore.Yourcustomerstake their social media applicationswiththemwherevertheygo,whetherits to your store, on the phone to yourcall centre, linked to your website oron their Xbox.In order to truly exploit the powerof social media for your business,you need to understand how thisnew channel differs from the moretraditional channels.10 Digital Transformation 11. How a major airline is using social media to offset rising fuel prices and operational costs Faced with rising fuel prices, one of the This social solution includes not onlyAs of January, the airline reported three worlds largest airlines sought to identify elements of the companys website, butmillionvisitorstoitsonlineblog,about onlineopportunitiestoincreaserevenuesalsopartnersites(forcross-sell)and,ofa million Twitter followers, and another and help counter higher operational course, social media mainstays such asmillion Facebook fans. Furthermore, costs. They were also interested in Twitter,FacebookandYouTube.Nielsen/Netratings rated it as the largest settingupaconsolidatedvisionfortheir airlinesiteintermsofuniquevisitors. marketinginitiatives,whichhadbeenFurther, the airline has used this languishing in harsh economic times.opportunity to increase collaboration These social media assets will continue to internally as well, and makes sure its paylong-termeconomicdividendstothe Working with us to establish an media team employees are well preparedcompany. appropriate social media strategy and to address questions and issues through vision,theairlinesetupmeaningfulways these channels. for customers to connect and contribute content around the brand. The airline is now able to directly connect all of its customers to its employees messages and also the thoughts of influencerssuchasavidtravelbloggers and fans of the brand.You have no control (or atIt gives your customersleast only a little) Its a conversationa jobOneofthemajortrendsthatsocial The expectations of those whoTheabilitytoco-createcontent,servicemedia is accelerating is the shift ofengage in social networks are that the offeringsorevenproductswithcontrol from companies to customerscommunicationwillbetwo-way;in customers, employees or businessand their social communities. Whetherotherwords,itwillbeaconversation. partners offers huge potential foracompanychoosestohaveasocialAuthenticity, transparency and honesty business.Youdontneedtobethemedia strategy or not, the reality isare mandatory characteristics of thisone to do the research or create theyour customers are already engaging in conversa...</p>