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<ul><li> 1. First Things First All roads lead to your website Run them all in sync for an effective R.O.I </li></ul> <p> 2. How effective is your website? Over 30% of your social media followers will look at your website. Will they want to do business with you? Is your website up to date? Is it responsive? Does it have the information you are tweeting about on it? Can you convert visitors into customers? 3. Contact Forms Free Tips Sign Up 4. Booking Form Join Our VIP Club 5. The Power Of Blogging Set up a blog on your website Eg: www.yourdomain.com/blog Post weekly news Link to and from Social Media Each page to have unique URL SEO - New activity or info on an otherwise static website etc.. 6. Try to post a blog post once a week 7. KEYWORDS Ask staff, family, friends what they would type in if looking for your business Try to get 30 phrases Use them in web copy, social media bios and social media posts 8. What is Social Media? 9. Social media etiquette Act as you would at a cocktail party/networking event! 10. But WHAT shall I talk about? Your business history (Brand) Your driving lessons info Your successes Welcome new customers Special offers Competitions Driving feeds (retweets) Local area news Local events Latest BREAKING news Cartoons/videos/sayings Celebrities in the news Direct to your Blog posts 11. Good accounts to follow @DSAgovuk @DontTwive @THINKgovuk @the_DIA @Highways_Agency @transportgovuk @HighwayCodeGB @metoffice @DriversKnowledge @engagenw 12. Which Platform Should I Use ? 13. Has over 1 billion active users It is estimated that 1 in every 13 people has a Facebook account. On average, 250 million photos are updated every day. More than 2 billion posts are liked and commented on daily. Age of average user is 38 and is rising. 14. 235 million active users. Google+ affects search results on Google, if someone is in your circles their content will have a higher page rank in your searches. Google+ is linked to Google Places, if you link it to your + page it will improve your page rank for local customers greatly. 15. Google+ Circles 16. Has 200+ million users 51% of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products It now only takes up to once week to hit a billion tweets across Twitter. Great for driving traffic to websites 17. LinkedIn has up to 200 million users. 90.9% use the free version of Linkedin, but the rest have an upgraded paid account. LinkedIn is typically used more for businesses, it isn't as 'attractive' as other social platforms but proves to have its uses. For B2B it is essential to be on there 18. Faster growing than Facebook has EVER been Mainly female users aged 30+ in higher income bracket It is a standalone network like LinkedIn and there is hardly any crossover usage. Users have it to communicate through imagery 19. Pinterest Best for Mobile / Visual 29% of UK users (2.2m) are in the highest income bracket 20. Percentage of Instagram users that log in at least once a day is 70% Over 200 million users 43% of top 100 brands post daily on Instagram Only used on mobile devices Can use different filters to make photo look better 21. TWITTER 32% of 15 million UK users use Twitter daily 22. Twitter Brand awareness Drive traffic to website Drive traffic to Facebook Build momentum &amp; excitement 23. How do you set up an account? 24. Go To www.namechk.com 25. Twitter Lingo To Tweet is to post an update To Follow-You get their updates Follower follows you and gets your updates @reply-A public message Direct Message (DM) goes to their inbox Hashtag ~ Groups words together and highlights them Retweet (RT) Shares a post to their followers Lists-To keep a track on a group of accounts Trending-Most popular words at the moment Promote-Push your account or Tweets and payment 26. MAKING A TWEET 27. CONNECT PAGE 28. USE SEARCH TO FIND TARGET MARKET 29. HASHTAGS 1) Use to highlight keywords #websites #socialmedia #liverpool 2) Use to show emotion #soexcited #reallybusy 3) Use for competitions etc to win, tweet answer using #gurucomp 30. DIRECT MESSAGES 31. LISTS 32. Twitter Dos and Donts Dont link to Facebook Use keywords in biography Add your website/location Tweet regularly Use trending topics Be generous (retweets) Use Bit.ly account Use Hootsuite/Buffer Use Google Analytics 33. Add Social Media feeds onto your website 34. FACEBOOK 35. 77% of the UK population have an active profile 36. Profile, Page or Group? Daily posts - topical interesting relevant Facebook favours images/videos/questions Respond quickly No more than 25% sales messages About us keywords Like DVLA etc pages Proof read before posting!! Facebook stuff 37. FACEBOOK PAGE 38. Personalise your pics and bring them to life 39. SUCCESS STORIES Local interior design Firm secured deal To design interior for Worlds most expensive flat At 27m from Interactions on Twitter 40. SUCCESS STORIES Local kitchen firm Sold an ex display Kitchen worth Over 20,000 from a single tweet 41. SUCCESS STORIES Local accountants Have attracted 7 new clients in 2013 worth Over 10,000 in Business from interactions on Social Media 42. SUCCESS STORIES Local home store Sold a bath from their online store for 1499 From a single tweet at 2am on a Sunday morning 43. SUCCESS STORIES Online Guru have Attracted over 30 New website and Social media clients In the past 3 years Through our Social Media activity!! 44. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? GET TWEETING Mention this @onlineguruUK session in a tweet and we will give you another 1 hour bespoke strategy Consultation FREE!!!! 45. Google + Best for SEO &amp; Segmentation Globally No.2 Social Media site. Are you ready?? 46. Google + Business Pages and Personal Profiles Post to circles Integrate with other Google products Helps with your Google ranking Hangouts may see the demise of Skype 47. Google+ Circles 48. Google + Hangout 49. Google + 50. Questions?? 51. Pinterest Best for Mobile / Visual 29% of UK users (2.2m) are in the highest income bracket 52. 77% of the UK population have an active profile 53. Profile, Page or Group? Daily posts - topical interesting relevant Facebook favours images/videos/questions Respond quickly No more than 25% sales messages About us keywords Like DVLA etc pages Proof read before posting!! Facebook stuff 54. FACEBOOK PAGE 55. Facebook Advertising Perfect way to reach your markets precisely. Your business can advertise to your exact audiences based on specific social and geographical information. Age, gender, location, personal interests, job functions etc can all refine targeting. Set your own budgets. From 25p per click. 56. QUESTIONS? 57. Linked In Best for Networking and Finding Leads 11 Million Profiles In The UK 23% of Workers 58. Linked In Features Post from profile or page Great for search pre meeting 59. Linked In Dos and Donts Current picture Use keywords in Biography (120) Add contact details List landing pages for websites Get recommendations Join groups where targets are Respond to people who viewed profile 60. Linked In Profile 61. Linked In Business Page 62. QUESTIONS?? 63. Pinterest Best for Mobile / Visual 29% of UK users (2.2m) are in the highest income bracket 64. Other Platforms (or Tactics!) 65. Clothes, Shoes, Jewellery Kitchens, Bathrooms Boiler systems Interior design contracts Houses (Sales and Lets) Accountancy clients Legal clients Personal training clients Chamber members!! Success Stories 66. Success stories. 67. Analytics 68. Which platform or platforms are the right ones for you? 69. Thanks for listening We look forward to interacting on Social Media with you! @onlineguru2u 70. 212 224 243 271 303 329 338 479 578 670 inter phot #tfb music socia Top Klout Topics 94.8 Average Klout Score Highest Klout Score 30.5 Lowest Klout Score 10.0 Worldwide Average Klout Score 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Users Klout Score Audience Klout Score Distribution </p>