How to Use Twitter to Engage and Create Brand Awareness

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>How to Use Twitterto Engage and Create Brand Awareness</p> <p>Ideas</p> <p>Why Twitter?COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE NEW CONNECTIONSHow many of you are active on Twitter? What is the best thing that has happened to you as a result of being on Twitter?2What works on Twitter?LEARN FROM OTHERS AUTHENTIC HELPFULNESSHUMAN INTERACTION</p> <p>TRADITIONAL SALESTRICKING PEOPLE TO CLICK ON UNWANTED PRODUCT PROMOTIONSBEING SOLD TOWhat does not work on Twitter?</p> <p>Who is most active on Twitter?70% PUBLISH BLOG POSTS70% COMMENT ON BLOGS</p> <p>60% WRITE AT LEAST ONE PRODUCT REVIEW </p> <p>Keys to Success on TwitterTARGET WHO YOU WILL CONNECT WITHSHARE INTERESTING CONTENTBE OF SERVICE TO OTHERS Target Who You Will Connect WithFIND THE RIGHT MIX OF FOLLOWERSSET UP A GOOD PROFILE</p> <p>Balance quantity with quality</p> <p>The Right Mix of Followers</p> <p>Set Up a Good ProfilePersonal Photo, link to website, create bio for people to find you and make it interesting, easy to remember name, 9Finding followers</p> <p>Share Interesting Content </p> <p>Share what youre reading on the internet</p> <p>A great tool is from Hootsuite-share page via Hootlet</p> <p>Inspirational Quotes </p> <p>Create Targeted Lists of People Who Share Interesting Content </p> <p>Attend Tweet Chats to Connect and Share Content</p> <p>*Use Hashtags from Tweetchat throughout the week to connect *RT your followers tweets and people you want to follow*Recommend followers with #FF and #FollowFriday</p> <p>Find hashtags for conferences with topics of interest</p> <p>Be of Service to Others</p> <p>Create lists that will help your followers What works on Twitter</p> <p>THE SOLE MEANING OF LIFE IS TO SERVE HUMANITY. TOLSTOYTwitter Handles: @MGWorking 719.547.7992</p>