How to Use Audience Awareness to Engage Your Readers

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Using Audience Awareness To Engage Your ReadersChristina Carrell,</p> <p>Optional Image </p> <p>If a post is great, is it great for every audience? </p> <p>What does classical rhetoric have to do with modern blogging?</p> <p>By Matt Neale from UK (Greek philosophers Uploaded by NotFromUtrecht) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons</p> <p>Rethinking Audience For Better Content</p> <p>Audience Analysis Benefit #1:Engaging your audience</p> <p>Audience Analysis Benefit #2:Getting editors to notice your work</p> <p>Audience Analysis Benefit #3:Returning traffic</p> <p>Audience Analysis Benefit #4: Decreasing your bounce rate</p> <p>Audience Analysis Benefit #5: Converting visitors into dollars</p> <p>Performing Audience AnalysisStep #1: What Do I Know About My Audience?</p> <p>Who are my followers?Consider: age, gender, location, marital status, occupation, educational level, and income</p> <p>Performing Audience AnalysisStep #2: What does my audience value?</p> <p>What values do my followers share in common?Consider: political views, religious beliefs, interests, and hobbies</p> <p>Performing Audience AnalysisStep #3: Does my audience need any accommodations?</p> <p>Does my audience have any disabilities? Consider: hearing, vision, physical limitations, cognitive impairments, illness</p> <p>By NPS Graphics, put together by User:Wcommons ( [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons</p> <p>Performing Audience AnalysisStep #4: What are the demographics of my social media platform?</p> <p>What social media platforms am I using to promote my content?Consider: average user and platforms most common demographic</p> <p>Performing Audience AnalysisStep #5: What do my readers want?</p> <p>What are your readers hoping to get from your blog??</p> <p>Tools For Audience AnalysisGoogle Analytics</p> <p>Tools For Audience AnalysisGoogle Keywords &amp; Google Adwords</p> <p>Tools For Audience AnalysisFacebook Insights</p> <p>Tools For Audience AnalysisTwitter Analytics</p> <p>Tools For Audience AnalysisSumoMe</p> <p>Tools For Audience AnalysisStay active within your community: Study your audience - and your competitors audiences!</p> <p>Invent A Character -Give your character a name &amp; identity, and write to him/her</p> <p>Coming Up With Content Based on Audience AnalysisThe Overlap Method</p> <p>Tailoring Your Content To Engage Your Audience</p> <p>Step-By-Step Worksheet For Audience Analysis</p> <p>Visit momswithpain.comClick Resources for BloggersKeep in touch!@ccarrell_writer@momswithpain</p> <p>THANK YOU!</p>