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1..What is the caution about?The volcanoes and their effects.The danger of volcanic fumes area.The women and their childrens health.The pregnant visitors of the mountain

2..Visitors with breathing problems are not allowed to visit the area because .the fumes make them difficult to breathethe fumes can enter the humans lungit is very tiring to climb the volcanocertain people cannot breathe well

3..Where do you usually find such a caution?At all public places with visiting foreignersAny places which can be visited by tourist.On all the mountains with few visitorsAt the volcanoes used as tourist resorts

4..Volcanic fumes are .... What does the underlined word in the sentence mean?Sand.B. Sulfur.

Smoke.D. Storm.

GLOBAL SCHOOLBukit Kencana Jaya Kav 7, Surabaya

No.: 003/02/10Subject: GratitudeDear Parents, As a Headmaster of the Global School, I am grateful to you, especially for your support on the Tree Lovers Program we did last month. Now, there are about a hundred plants around the school. They have been planted by students in front of each classroom. Hopefully this program will arouse our awareness on the importance of having green environment. I look forward to seeing you at a special meeting next month.Yours sincerely,Engel LamentaHead Master

5.. The purpose of the program is __________To say gratitude to students parents.To motivate the students to study harder.To make the students aware of the danger of pollution.To encourage the students to love their environment.

6.. . will arouse our awareness . The antonym of the underlined word is __________IgnoraceB. Alertness

C. KindnessD. Clearance7.. Based on the letter, the headmaster would like to ___________ students parents.A.. InviteB. thank to C.. seeD. talk to8.. based on the fact, The followings are true , except : School has an agenda to meet students parentsThe program makes students love environmentThe program was supported by students parentsStudents parents planted plants in front of classes

9.. Tree Lovers Program we did last month. (Paragraph 1 ) The underlined word refers to: _______The headmaster and studentsReaders and the writerSchool members and parentsPlanters and parents

5 February2011Dear ShirleyCongratulation! Amanda has just told me that you have been perfectly elected. Im still away for a few days. Lets celebrate when I get back.See you!Uncle Danny

10. When will the celebration be carried out ?A. On that election B. After being electedC. After Dannys been homeD. When uncle is away11. Why is the greeting card sent to Shirley? Because she is ______________A. winning a prize B. chosen in an organization C. promoted in the next class D. selecting good members12. Arrange these words into a good sentence

Lita help will you not - promise 1 2 3 4 5 6 to be- anymore if you - naughty 7 8 9 10 111- 3- 11- 9 - 10- 6- 5- 4- 7- 8- 21- 6 2 - 4- 9 - 5- 7- 10-3-8-11 1- 3 - 2- 4- 9- 10- 6- 5- 7- 11- 81- 6 - 2- 4- 9- 6- 10- 7- 5- 11- 8

13. Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph. 1. It interested me and attracted me to collect it.2. Since then, I collected stamps when I got a letter from my relative.3. I began to collect stamps when I got a letter from my uncle.4. My hobby is stamps collecting.5. The stamps was very beautiful and interesting.6. I started when I was 10.The best arrangement is . . .A. 4-6-3-5-1-2B. 4-6-3-5-2-1C. 4-6-3-1-2-5D. 4-1-3-6-5-2 ATTENTIONFor those who have finished with the experiment, please clean the microscope and put them back in their boxes.Thank you.

14. What is the notice about ? A. Information while doing the experiment B. Instruction after using microscopes C. Direction before cleaning the boxes D. Steps before doing the experiment15. Where is it properly posted ? A. In the libraryB. In the laboratory C. In the lavatoryD. Storag16. For those who have finished . The underlined word can be best replaced by : A. pupilsB. people C. principalD. teachersAttention:If the envelope is received in open condition, torn off or unreadable, please return to BRI branch where you open your account.This is to inform you of your PIN (Personal Identification Number). Your PIN and card use simultaneously for cash withdrawal in Automates Teller Machine (ATM) throughout the world bearing Master Card Logo

17. You should ________ to BRI bank if the envelope is unreadable.A. openB. needC. give backD. identify18. From this text we know that __________A. We save an open-conditioned envelope.B. The card is for a bank with certain logo.C. The card is to send money in cash.D. We can use the card at any bank.19. throughout the world bearing Master Card Logo.The underlined word is closely similar with: _________seeingB. lifting

C..readingD. showing

15 March 2011Dear Uncle Sam,Thank you very much for the dictionaries you sent me. They really save Mum & Dad some money. And they will surely be very useful in my English study. Yours, Belinda

20..What is the purpose of the text?To greet someone.To express sympathyTo thank to someone for something.To tell something about something.

21..From the text above we know that .Uncle Sam has no nephew.The word you in the text refers to the readers.The dictionaries Belinda got didnt mean much to him.Belindas parents are still alive.

From : + 6281333800866Just to inform you that the meeting will be cancelled for tomorrow Mon, 23rd May 2011 at 10 a.m. as the principal will arrive from Singapore tonight.Julian

22. From the text we know that ..a. the principal was away when the message was sentb. the sender cannot attend the meetingc. the principal will wait for the meeting that dayd. the sender was in Singapore when he sent the message23. The short message is written to a. tell what has happened in the meetingb. inform the cancellation of a meetingc. say that the principal wont come to the meetingd. inform that the sender has just arrived from Singapore

24. This notice means ....a. all visitor must wash their feet.b. All visitors' feet must be free from dirt.c. The notice is for staff only.d. Visitors must wipe their feet with clean cloth.25. We can find this notice ....a. in the chemical laboratory.b. in the parkc. on the computer laboratory doord. in the parking lot.

25. The above notice means...a.The bicycle and motorcycles must go through the road b.The road is for bicycle and motorcycles c.The bicycle and motorcycles should not go through the road d.The bicycle and motorcycles are not allowed to go through the road.

26. What does the above text suppose you to do?To play games around the place with children.Not play around the area with children.To watch children play around here.To be careful because children are playing there.

Dear Rinda, I am feeling so blue for missing your birthday.Happy BirthdayHope you have great life

Yours, Widi

27. Widi felt because she could not come to the bifthday party.A. unhappyB. surprisedC. delightedD. amazed

MILK CALCIUMDietary Supplement600 mg 100 Soft gelsSupplement FactsServing size : 1 soft gelAmount per 1 soft gel % Daily Value*Vitamin D 200 IU 50Calcium (from milk) 600 mg 60Zinc 15 mg **Daily value has not been establishedOther ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified WaterDirections: As a dietary supplement, take one soft gel for adults daily.Manufactured for: EXP 04 27 10NU-HEALTH PRODUCTS CO. LOT 27 05 61Walnut, CA 91789Made in U.S.A.28. When would it be best to consume the product?A..Before April 27th , 2010. B. During April 4th, 2010. C. After April 4th, 2010. D. On April 4th, 2010.29. Daily value has not been established. (Line 10) What is the meaning of the word established? A. Ordered. B. Determined. C. CarriedD. HelpedTo: DonaPlease forward to others, there is no scout meeting this week since Mr Brown hasnt come yet from Egypt. Its cancelled until he is back.Warmly,Jack

30. The scout meeting is cancelled because of Mr Browns. absenceB. meeting

C. coming D. information 31. Please forward to othersThe underlined word refers to A. Dona and Jack B. Jack and Mr BrownC. Mr. Brown and Dona ANNOUNCEMENTTo: All students of Junior High School 4 Kepanjen.To celebrate the National Education Day the students Board Organization will hold some interesting programs. They are English Speech Contest, English Story Telling contest and Wall Magazine Competition. The programs will be held on January, 4th , 2011, 8 am 1 p.m.All classes must take part in the programs and should report their participation to their own teachers.

For detailed information, please contact Ms. Retno, the coordinator of this program.

D. scout members

32. Who is in charge of the program? A. Student. B. Teacher.C. Ms. Retno D. Student organization.33. The text is about .A. programs to celebrate the National Education DayB. explaining special programs in JanuaryC. inviting students to come to school in JanuaryD. informing some programs on Jan 4th, 2011

To : customerser[email protected]: [email protected] : Delivery status

Date: January 6, 2010On January 4, I sent a package from the U.S. to Canada. Your firm promises overnight delivery but the package sent on January 5 in the morning has still not arrived.

Our trade fair takes place tomorrow morning at 9:10 a.m. My colleagues are setting up our booth this afternoon, and they need the package that contains our brochures and pricing information.

Can you please investigate and get us our package on time (within 24-hours) as your advertisements promise?

Thank you,Candy Wright [email protected]

34. What is the e-mail above from?A. [email protected]. [email protected]. [email protected]. [email protected]. Why does Wright require the brochures today?A. She needs to fly to Canada.B. The career fair has already startedC. Her colleagues need the brochures for the next day.D. Her colleagues are leaving at 12:00 a.m. tomorrow.36. and they need the package that contains . (paragraph 2). The word they refers to .A. my colleagues C. Wrights colleaguesB. your colleagues D. customers colleagues37. Can you please investigate and (paragraph 3). The underlined word can be replaced by A. askB. findC. examineD. look forAll Students of Grade 9You are invited to:GRADUATION PARTY 2011SMP KALPATARUDay/Date : Saturday, the ninth of Julytwo thousand and elevenTime : 10 a.m. 01 p.m. Venue : Gardu PandangJl. Sudirman kav. 9 11 MALANG*Invitation card available at OSIS room.

38. Where will the graduation party be held?A. At Osis room. B. On Sudirman street.C. At Kalpataru school.D. Gardu Pandang.39. How long is the graduation party carried out?A. 2 hours.B. 3 hours.C. 9 hours.D. 11 hours


40..What does the caution mean?The shop sells special broken articles.You don't have to buy articles that are broken.In this section you will only find broken articles.If you break any of the articles, you should pay for it.

41..Where do you usually find this caution ?Library. B. Bookstore.

C..Greengrocer. D. Department store.

. 42..What does the notice mean?You will have breakfast at 10. 00 am.The breakfast will be served at 10.00 am.You will have breakfast till breakfast will be served after 10.00 am

43..This kind of notice is found in .CafB. hotel

C..hospitalD. restaurantPlease Join usas we celebrateBrenda Adams 16th BirthdaySaturday, January 30th 20116.30 p.m. -10.00 p.m.

VenueThe Brighton Golden House(Dinner will be served)

RSPV 54390186(Harry/Mary/Bella)

44..What is the purpose of the text above ........To promote an everlasting relationship.To invite someone to join the party.To announce a wedding ceremony.To describe a certain party.

45..When was Brenda Adam born?a. in 1994b. in 1995c. in 1996d. in 1997Alien. I am sorry I cant return your book today. I cant leave home now. My mother has a meeting. I have to take care of my grandmother. You know she is not well. I will bring the book tomorrow. I will meet your class in the break time. Virna

46..Virna stays at home because she has to ...Return the book tomorrow Take care of her grandmother Meet Alien tomorrow Leave home nor

47..You know she is not well. The underlined word refers to A..Virna B..Alien C..Virnas mother D..Virnas grandmother


48..Where can we possibly find the notice?In the lobby.In the longue.In public places.D In the meeting room.

49..Which of the following statements describes this sign most accurately?We may not dance on this wet floor!The floor is dangerous for the peopleYou must be careful to walk on this floor. The man is skiing gracefully on the wet floor

CASANOVAS Annual SaleThis week onlyMen and womens SaveClothing Shoes, coats and 25%Sweaters, swim wears, Jeans, shoesJewelry, Watches, rings, Earrings, necklacesFurniture: Leather sofas, SaveDinning tables and chairs 40%BookcasesLuggage: Bags and briefcasesCasanovas is on Jl. Merdeka Timur 3 MalangOpen from 09.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m.

50. How long is the sale in CASANOVA?a. one year b. one monthc. seven daysd. twelve hours 51. What is the purpose of the text above?a. to entertain everyone to go to CASANOVAb. to invite everyone to see the sale in CASANOVAc. to inform everyone to get discount in CASANOVAd. to persuade everyone to buy things in CASANOVA

52. CASANOVAS Annual Sale. What does the word annual mean?a. every yearb. every monthc. every weekd. every day

53..What does the above caution mean?A..Children are playing games around the place.B..Children are not allowed to play around the area.C..It is the place for children to play around here.D..You have to be careful because children are playing there.Cliffton School, Newpot, Gwent Wales February 9, 2011

Dear everyone, I dont live in England, I live in a big town called Newport. It is in he SOUTH Of Wales. It has got population of 120,000 people. My school is in the north of the town. Near the school there are shops, offices and cafes. A lot of students like football. After school they play football in the park near the sea. I dont like football. I go to the swimming pool near the bus station after school. Im in the school swimming team.I live about four kilometers from school. I dont walk to school, but by the school bus. There are a lot of factories near my flat. My mother works in one of the factories. My father doesnt work.On Saturday mornings I have guitar lessons in my teachers house near the library and museum.Write and tell me about your town and school.


54..Which of the follwing statements is not true about Anne,s letter?Her school is in the north of the town.Her school is near shops, offices, and cafes.A lot of students like football.Anne also likes football.

55..Why did Anne write the letter? Because she wanted express her tell her express her tell her residense

Dear Faiza,I was . (56) to hear that you become the first winner of the speech contest.Please . (57) my warmest congratulations !Love, Your brother

55. A. sadB. delighted C. disappointedD. interested

56. A. acceptB. reject C. takeD. get

Dear Parents,You are . (58) to attend a meeting to discuss the result of your childrens evaluation and prepare . (59) for the upcoming national examination.Date : Thursday, 18 April 2011Time : 08.00 10.30 a.mPlace : Multi media roomPlease make sure to participate in this meeting. It is very important.SincerelyPrincipal

58. A. wantedB. needed C. invitedD. announced

59. A. theyB. us C. theirD. them

Speed Limit90 km/hour

60.Choose the statement that best explains the traffic sign.You must .not exceed 80 km per hourbe above 18 years to drivedrive below 90 km per hourdrive faster than 90 km per hour