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AW 13 for menswear


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  • contents1 - introduction


    colour palette


    print and graphic

    VM & in-store


    colour palette


    print and graphic

    VM & in-store


    colour palette


    print and graphic

    VM & in-store
























  • 1This trend document aims to illustrate the up and coming trends to be experienced in Autumn Winter 13. These are shown using three general overarching creative directions each with a menswear, graphics and VM trend within it. The three creative directions are;Technotalic - an industrially focused movement, Blue-Collar Peter- a trend for the manly-man who isnt afraid to get his hands dirty and finally Flux-Fusion- a direction aimed at those old school hip-hop lovers with a thirst for something more edgy. Who knows what the next progression will be.


  • 2kenzo




  • 3oreinspired

    colour palette


  • 4mr roboto

    roberto cavallijuun j issey miyakemenswear

  • 5kenz


    roberto cavalli

    Edgy but sleek, the Mr Roboto trend showcases modern tailored designs as expected in the city alongside a more bold and eye-catching touch. This feature can be seen most commonly in fabrics with a metallic sheen in bright azure, molten gold or burnt copper. The unexpected glamour allows the city dweller to branch out from the dreary norm to something much more audacious. Those who really wish to break the mould are dared to step out in head to toe metallics (see Kenzo, right).

  • 6fontfontfontfontfontfontfont

    print and graphic

  • 7For this industrial inspired creative direction the graphic and type trends are plain and simple.Packaging graphics are straight to the point, exactly depicting the phrase does what it says on the tin. Basic sans serif fonts alongside minmalistic labels represent the fast pace of city life - no time for fuss and frills but rather direct phraseology. No space for bullshit here.

    talk frank

  • 8Own photo - Bread and Butter Tradeshow, Berlin

    VM & In-Store

  • 9Visual Merchandising under this Industrial theme is much like the print and graphics - basic and barefaced. Tradeshows such as Bread and Butter displayed exposed metal poles, wiring and disused corrugated containers. These stripped-back props combine to produce an abandoned warehouse atmosphere. The dull metallics within the VM is a stark contrast to the aforementioned vibrant hues included in the Autumn Winter 13 collections.

    stripping off

  • 10 moodboard

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    ade maritim


    colour palette

    blue-collar peter

    Manual labour is a trend devised as a rejection to the emergence of technological advancements. Think lumberjacks and trawler fishermen as muses, beards are a prominent feature, the manly man is the model of choice. This trend celebrates workmanship and draws inspiration from the vintage style graphics of American heritage brands, an importance is placed on how the product is made with a natural and workshop feel to the visual merchandising. Denim brands are also a strong influence with hardwearing and practical well-made materials the basis of the garments within this trend.

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    The blue collar worker is a trend which celebrates and recognizes

    the artisanal skill of craft production.

    Mixing chunky lumberjack shirts and fisherman knits with heritage style graphics, it is all

    about referencing workmanship within the design and production,

    acknowledging man as the strongest and most powerful work


    Moncler Gamme BleuGivenchy Givenchy

    menswearsea-fit steve

  • 13menswearsea-fit steve

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    fontfontfontfontfont font

    print & graphics

    New old school is inspired by the American heritage brands and their logos and graphics. Vintage style fonts that look handwritten or block printed mixed with muted work wear colours complete the trend and reference the art of craft production within industry. More often than not the graphics will look faded as if weathered outside, on signs made from wood or blackboards.

  • 15the new old-schoolprint & graphics

  • 16 VM & In-Store

    A rebellion against modern technologies, Blue Collar Peter incorporates a handmade feel, taking a low-tech approach to VM. Stacked crates, yarns, and workers materials create a thrown together feel and the whole look echoes the workmanship involved in production. Materials such as wood, fishermens nets and sewing machinery are prominent throughout the trend and many of the stalls at Bread and Butter incorporated workshop areas where there were showcases of how the garments were made.


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    shop window at Levi, Berlin

  • 18moodboard


  • 19colour palette

    psychedelic swag

    Direct influence from graffiti with a colour-pop against a shadowy backstreet. The acid buzz creates a focus point. Hypnotic, but keeping it real.

    own photo - Berlin

  • 20 menswear

    The so called Urban has its origins from NY Bronx, 1975 is so called birth of hip hop and urban style was all the rage... MTV went on air in 1981 allowing stars like run DMC and Beastie boys being viewed..

    These street inspired looks have changed a lot and developed, remaining urbans role model, having a broader meaning of demin sportswear, casual and street wear.. making it a lot more wearable.

    Sportswear mixed with illustrated eclectic print not for the reserved. With physical shapes, materials allow to be sculpted and muscular, creating a luxury twist but with underlying casual, no care face.

    Vivienne Westwood Juun J Katy Eary

    cut & paste

  • 21menswear

    A A



  • 22 orint & graphics

    Cut out, collage and reprints with handwritten calligraphy provides a handmade take on vandalism. With its graffiti edge, artists can use self expression within the graphics. By reconstructing and overlapping, be inspired by 90s street art. Photographic influences feature heavily, so scan something and scribble away.


  • 23orint & graphics


  • 24 VM & In-Store

    Following through from the city influence, objects taken and recycled are seen to give a caged / boxed structure. By combining this uniformity with the graphics it gives the displays some order, making it more product-focused with a cut-priced appeal. Merchandise is intense, but for units think functionality.

    out ofthebox

    bread & butter, berlin

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  • 27application to Ted Baker


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    application one - product packaging

  • 29

    Weary of too much choice on the shelves, many consumers are turning to packaging that cuts through the noise with simple, black-and-white communication that combine bold type with plenty of white space the IKEA approach made famous by Stockholm Design

    Lab. The implication is that the product is of sufficient quality to speak for itself, without the need for ornamentation to sell it too hard. Its minimalism at its most brutal, but effective.

    - Nick Carson, Creative Blog Author

    As Ted Baker is a brand that focuses on garment quality and detail it seemed appropriate to apply the Talk Frank graphic and font trend.

    Mock-up ideas on the previous pages illustrate labelling and packaging stating quite simply what the product is (few extra details such as pricing would be included on the reverse).

    This allows a product focus alongside a blunt and tongue-in-cheek effect.

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    The second trend we want to apply to Ted Baker is a window display influenced by the manual labour visual merchandising trend. Playing on the humorous theme of the brand, in particular their witty window displays we have chosen to create a window display based around the trawler fisherman. Mannequins with beards will be used to create the humorous twist, they will be dressed in chunky check shirts and fisherman knit jumpers. The backdrop will be a hand painted map, referencing the handcrafted nature of the trend and will feature a quote about how in 1987 The idea for a global brand came to Ted whilst fishing. Through this we aim to create an idea of brand heritage while keeping it witty and in keeping with the trend.

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