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Theme: Organic

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  • Fall/Winter 2014 Trends and Forecasting




    riverstonefig wood

    pastel fern

    MARBLE LAYERS Soft whites and neutrals qui-etly generate a peaceful mood. Colors are foggy and dreamy. Chalky cloud tones and flesh tones are mixed with pure white to generate depth and move-ment in the simplicity of the designs.

  • SILHOUETTEMARBLE LAYERS Inspiration comes from marble statues, stones, and origami. Prints are minimalized

    or subdued. Silhouettes start to gain a more geometric and thus more modern look, but comfort

    is still a priority in design.

  • BEAUTYMARBLE LAYERS Beauty is inspired by simplicity and neutral tones.

    Mens beauty is gaining attention with strong interest in androgyny. Makeup is natu-ral and makes the face delicate. Womens makeup strives to obtain the illusion of naturally flawless skin.

  • LIFESTYLEMARBLE LAYERS Interiors are influenced both directly and indirectly by marble.

    The idea of layers upon layers, like marble stone, is used for decoration and color

    inspiration. Organic shape of stone is applied to architecture and interior decoration.


    wild honey

    burnt sun

    rose bud



    NATURES GEOMETRY Colors are stronger and more vibrant, but

    not bright; they are drawn from natures

    geometric aspects so that shape and color blend in a more organic way.

  • SILHOUETTENATURES GEOMETRY Geometric shapes affect prints and silhouettes, especially for activewear. Shapes

    have sharp corners and are drawn from natures geometric components, like crystals,

    stones, and honeycombs.

  • BEAUTYNATURES GEOMETRY Makeup is done more methodically. Faces are analyzed in a more technical way so that facial planes are broken down and simplified into geometric lines. Digital and planar faces are a result of increasing technology for makeup: makeup can now be applied to avatar to test makeup, allowing consumers to try on more

    variety and more quickly.

  • LIFESTYLENATURES GEOMETRY Shapes for interiors and accessories are taken directly from nature. It makes items

    look modern but feel old. There is personality. Octagonal and pentagonal shapes will be especially popular for prints and in jewelry.


    grassy shadow


    old lipstick


    evening tulips

    NEW LACE Lace finds new ways to incorporate itself

    into design, beauty, and lifestyle. It be-comes darker, heavier, and bigger for F/W

    2014. Colors are bolder. Dark lace against white

    stands out strong, versus the usual delicate

    nature of lace.

  • SILHOUETTENEW LACE Silhouettes expand in size to accommodate for large-scale lace that resembles

    heavy embroideries. Lace no longer mimics only floral designs, but also pulls from

    artificial and geometric influences, like webs.

  • BEAUTYNEW LACE Delicacy of lace translates into delicate facial accessories and veils

    The popularity of black, bold lace influences makeup patterns

  • LIFESTYLENEW LACE Organic designs inspired by webs, stencil stems, and rigid structures

    Interiors both influence lace and receive influence from lace.


    baby budteal glow


    flower girl

    tainted cheeks

    SECRET GARDEN Brighter colors are pulled from natures

    brightest florals. Green is a given for the season. These colors are meant to accen-tuate F/W 2014s colors.

  • SILHOUETTESECRET GARDEN Silhouettes pay attention to the shoulders, the next it part of the body. The con-tours of the shoulder, neck, and collarbone provide for a sensual but still innocent

    aesthetic, reflecting the same feel of a garden.

  • BEAUTYSECRET GARDEN Beauty colors are inspired by a garden that is victim to the seasons first snow. Pale

    skin and flushed cheeks create innocence and sensuality. Colored or tinted eyebrows become popular. Deep greens, red, and purple applied

    to the eyebrow are applied carefully and are present just enough to draw attention.

  • LIFESTYLESECRET GARDEN Interiors feature small accents of bright colors. Wooden and recycled furniture in-crease in popularity, and bold blues and pinks will be popular for such rustic themes.


    yellow wood

    light bruise

    forbiddenwinter tree

    REGAL BIRDS Inspired by boldness and colors from natures

    more regal animals as well as the emerging Russian culture. Colors are strong, romantic, and even folkloric.

    Lush reds are drawn from shades of Autumn

    leaves and colorful birds. The mix of warm colors with white and black add a level of sensuousness.

  • SILHOUETTEREGAL BIRDS Prints are modern, yet the mixing of multiple prints makes the overall aesthetic

    more organic. Fabrics are mixed and matched but well-tailored to give apparel a modern recycled

    aesthetic, a trend, yet maintain a sophisticated look. There is a sense of royalty.

  • BEAUTYREGAL BIRDS Deep red eyeshadows and blushes against white skin make for an entrancing, doll-

    like face. Blood-deep reds create a lustful hue on the skin.

  • LIFESTYLEREGAL BIRDS The red and royal or mustard yellows are reflected heavily in interiors and mens ac-cessories. Woods are tainted with a deep red finish.

    Mens watches adopt the red tones as accessory designers explore wood and leather.


    autumns end

    young bride

    morning dewfrozen lips

    IN THE CLOUDS An overall dark theme with high-lights of luminescent blues. Colors are inspired by cold winter

    tones like the luminescent quality of snow in the dark.

  • SILHOUETTEIN THE CLOUDS Silhouettes will be airy and light but held down with some certain heavier fabrics or

    components. Sweaters will be loosely knit with oversized sleeves.

  • BEAUTYIN THE CLOUDS We see silver highlight in hair for the season, especially among youth, and give a mystical look. Still, there is some naturalness to gray as it is a natural hair color. Purples and blues are used as eye shadows and for light highlights around the face. It creates a frozen look and brings out the multiple tones. Compliment with a trong

    blush to bring back the life.

  • LIFESTYLEIN THE CLOUDS Interiors are inspired by the colors: whites with touches of light blue. The contrast

    of black and white in photography and interior design emphasizes the brightness of pure white. Tints of blue make the glow feel more natural. Lighting is also included well in the glowing aesthetic.

  • by Jane XiangProf. Christopher McDonnell