Transform Indonesia's Next Generations

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How GEM Foundation transform Indonesia's next generations to globally competitive professionals. Powered by Jawdat Teknologi Indonesia. Partnered with DCT Enterprise

Text of Transform Indonesia's Next Generations

  • 1. GEM Foundation powered by Jawdat Teknologi IndonesiaMarch 2013 Jawdat 2012 1

2. How you see the worldJawdat 2012 2 3. How we see the world Jawdat 2012 3 4. The Way We Live, Work, Play and LearnThe Internet is literally changing every aspect of our lives. Its impact is no longer confined to just business. The Internet is pervasive and its impact is being felt in the way people work, live, play and learn. John Chambers, Comdex Tradeshow 1999Jawdat 2012 4 5. Jawdat 2012 5 6. NORTH AMERICA WESTERN EUROPE CENTRAL/EASTERN EUROPE2.2 Billion 2.3 Billion902 MillionNetworked Devices Networked DevicesNetworked DevicesJAPAN 727 Million Networked Devices LATIN AMERICA MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA ASIA PACIFIC1.3 Billion 1.3 Billion5.8 BillionNetworked Devices Networked DevicesNetworked DevicesSource: Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global IP Traffic Forecast, 20102015 Jawdat 2012 6 7. Jawdat 2012 7 8. Are we going to watch andcontinue being as consumer?Jawdat 2012 8 9. In order to compete globally,we need more thanjust academic Degree Jawdat 2012 9 10. We truly believe Indonesia can bethe leader of Digital Economy Jawdat 2012 10 11. ? Jawdat 2012 11 12. Jawdat 2012 12 13. Need to invent a new way of learning Jawdat 2012 13 14. Jawdat 2012 14 15. Please Stand ByJawdat 2012 15 16. Please Stand ByJawdat 2012 16 17. Learn:Anytime, anywhereAt your own paceOne thing a dayBeyond certificationThe big pictureUsing videoWith lots of practicesIn English and bahasaThings that relevantwith real world jobAnd make networksJawdat 2012 17 18. Jawdat 2012 18 19. CCIE93 Community based CCIE Mentoring program to help to become CCIE certified in 93 days Network Engineer+ (CCNA23) First step into Computer Networking field, learn more relevant skills than just CCNA Global Consultant IP NGN Unique training to combine in-depth IP NGN skill, hands on lab and consulting experience CCIE SP Bootcamp Intensive 7-day class to prepare for CCIE Service Provider CCIE R&S Bootcamp Intensive 5-day class to prepare for CCIE RS IP NGN Technical Workshop Coming soon: 3-Day IP NGN hands on workshop Network Specialist+ IP for non-IP TelcoJawdat 2012 19 20. Jawdat 2012 20 21. info@jawdat.comJawdat 2012 21 22. Questions? Suggestions? Comments?Jawdat 2012 22