Indonesia's Palm Oil Industry Overview

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Indonesias Palm Industry Overview

Indonesias Palm Industry Overview

Palm OilA type of vegetable oil that is produced from the fruit of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis)

Production of Palm Oil takes place in Borneo and Sumatras rainforest. It has a suitable light, humidity, and fertile soil that makes palm oil grows well in Indonesia.It is used for production of cooking oil, soap, margarine, biodiesel, soap, etc.

Indonesia : Largest Exporter of Palm OilMore than 50% of palm oil used worldwide comes from IndonesiaPalm oil contributes 8.9% of total export from IndonesiaPalm oil as major contributor for GDP Growth rateAround 2.7% labour force created from palm oil industry

Negative effect of Palm Oil IndustryDeforestation: Palm oil industry burns the rainforest to create a new field for palm oil plantationDestroy habitat for endangered speciesAir pollution, haze

Indonesian Government Action to Encounter the ChallengesB15 ProgramA Program to blend 15% biodiesel to diesel fuel. It aims to decreases the consumption of imported diesel fuelReduce carbon dioxide emission by 29%2. Cruse Palm Oil (CPO) Fund- The fund will be collected at rate USD$50 per ton of CPO and USD$20-30 per ton of processed palm oil that are sold.- The fund that is collected will be used for research and development of biodiesel, subsidize B15 program, and also for replanting older palm oil trees and other trees that belong to community to build Indonesias rain forest again.

Palm Oil Chemicals

RBD Palm OilRBD Palm OleinRBD Palm StearinRBD Palm Kernel OilRBD Palm Kernel OleinRBD Palm Kernel Stearin

Palm Oil Chemicals

Palm Acid OilPalm Fatty Acid DistillatesTo buy these palm oil chemicals and other derivatives of palm oil chemicals, you can visit Tradeasias website to get more information ( Tradeasia International Pte. Ltd. Is a global trading organization providing integrated procurement services with a level of certainty and trust, which makes Tradeasia stands unique


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