Opportunities in Indonesia's PPP sector

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  • Singapore, April 2015


    Indonesia Infrastructure Development


    Presented by: Freddy R. Saragih

    Director of Government Support and Infrastructure Financing Management Ministry of Finance

    The Republic of Indonesia

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    PPP Projects Development

    Non-PPP Infrastructure Projects and Policies

  • PPP Project Development


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    Govt and Local


    Financing Gap

    SOE (22.23%)

    Private (36.52%)

    + USD 145.92 billion







    USD 399.97


    + USD 88.83 billion

    Govt and Local



    + USD 164.83 billion

    GOI needs alternative financing scheme for infrastructure development. PPP offers a reasonable answer.

    Estimated Funding Source for Infrastructure Development (2015-2019)

    *) source : Ministry of Planning, 2015

  • Click to edit Master title style PPP in Indonesia


    The Government of Indonesia (GoI) considers PPP as an option to support infrastructure development;

    To support such PPP policy, the GoI has made certain facilities for PPP Projects and established PPP Unit within Ministry of Finance.

    Currently, GoI has a new PPP regulation, called Presidential Regulation (PR) number 38/2015, which accommodate some main issues on governments infrastructure development policies , such as :

    Broaden the PPP infrastructure sector to social infrastructure sector

    Provide availability payment scheme to ensure the availability of infrastructure services

    On the other hand, the new business process is defined for infrastructure priority projects regulating in Presidential Regulation (PR) number 75/2014.

  • Click to edit Master title style PPP Unit Business Process





    PPP Unit

    Strategic Funding Decision

    Preparing Tender Document

    *Note: OBC= Outline Business Case FBC= Final Business Case IAC = Infrastructure Acceleration Committee

    Contract Signing

    Project Prioritization

    Identifying the PPP Project Proposal

    Analysing VfM and PSC Analysing the need of VGF

    and guarantee Analysing the need of

    project preparation Setting up the standard

    document for PPP Co. procurement process

    Providing Project Development Fund (PDF) for PPP Project Preparation

    Processing Guarantee Application

    Processing VGF Application

    Providing PDF for Transaction Advisory

    Controlling, Evaluating, and Documenting the Implementation of Government Support


  • Click to edit Master title style The Establishment of PPP Unit


    Become the champion for project preparation and enabling

    environment to accelerate the PPP Agenda Broad Objective



    Provide Input for PPP Policy Devt. and Regulations

    Core Mandates

    Improve quality of project selection under KKPPI OBC


    Support the Project Preparation through PDF support use a

    high quality Transaction Advisor

    coordinate all public finance instruments so project has a

    single financing/ guarantee support package from VGF,


    Act on behalf Minister of Finance in providing Govt support

    approvals for projects in particular stages in bidding

    process. Monitor contract implementation for VGF

    Implement capacity building program to GCA

    One stop shop for PPP promotion & Information

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    Project Development Facility (PDF): To enhance project bankability (implemented by PT SMI assignment);

    Viability Gap Fund (VGF): To increase the financial viability of PPP project ;

    Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund (IIGF): To guarantee for infrastructure risks;

    Infrastructure Fund: To offer long term financing for infrastructure projects;

    Availability Payment (AP) : Currently, MOF structuring the operationalization of this scheme to ensure the

    availability of infrastructure service that provided by PPP Co.

    Fiscal Supports for PPP Infrastructure Project



    PDF Guarantee (IIGF)

    Infrastructure Fund (SMI/IIF)

    Preparation Bidding Construction Operation

    Viability Gap Fund AP

    Project Preparation Demand Risk

    Project Financing

    Policy Risk Construction Cost


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    Objectives of VGF (MOF Regulation Number 223/2012 ):

    1. To increase the financial viability of the project;

    2. To increase certainty of infrastructure project provision in accordance to the designed quality and timing; 3. To enhance the public services provision through the infrastructure with affordable tariff.

    VGF is the government fiscal policy to support the infrastructure provision through the PPP scheme

    Viability Gap Fund


    Legal Context

    Presidential Regulation (PR) No. 56/2011 as a second revision of PR No. 67/2005

    concerning the Infrastructure Provision through Public-Private Partnership

    In PR No.56/2011, Government is allowed to provide government support and guarantee

    Section 17A (4) PR No. 56/2011: Minister of Finance may approve the provision of Government

    support in the form of tax incentives and/or financial contribution based on the proposal from the

    Government Contracting Agency (Minister/Head of Institution/Head of Local Government)

    Minister of Finance Regulation Number 223/2012 concerning Construction Cost

    Contribution for PPP Project.

  • Click to edit Master title style Infrastructure Guarantee Scheme


    NOTE : B exists on if A exists, i.e. if A is part of the guarantee structure provides to the Investor/Lenders

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    Central Java Power Plant 40 trillion Finalizing the rest of land acquisition (handled by PLN)

    Mine Mouth 9-10, South Sumatera 54 trillion Final tender documents has been issued on Des 2014 and GCA

    will hold Bid submission on Mei 2015

    Oil Refinery, Bontang Approx. 60 trillion Minister of MEMR has informally pointed Pertamina as CA


    Umbulan Water Supply 2 trillion Processing VGF proposal

    Lampung Water Supply 1 trillion Waiting for VGF nominal approval from MOF

    West Semarang Water Supply 765 billion Waiting for VGF in principle approval from MOF


    Airport Railway-Soekarno Hatta International Airport

    24 trillion

    Completing PQs documents (VGF proposal)

    Manado-Bitung Toll Road 4.3 trillion Determined as PPP Project

    Balikpapan-Samarinda Toll Road 11.4 trillion Determined as PPP Project

    List of PPP Project

  • Non-PPP Infrastructure Projects and Policies


  • Click to edit Master title style Trans Sumatera

    Trans Sumatera Toll Road is MP3EI priority project with high strategic and economic importance. However, the project is financially not bankable, thus private sector involvement is considered to be not a feasible solution.

    As mandated by Government Regulations No.43/2013, in the event that the toll road is economically feasible but not financially feasible, the government funding for toll road concession is limited, and to accelerate regional development, GoI may appoint SOE (wholly state-owned) to deliver the toll road project.

    Hutama Karya (HK) is assigned by Government to develop the Trans Sumatera project. To deliver the project, HK sees that timing is crucial, thus the commencement of Phase I construction and land acquisition must be kick start in 2014.

    HK will transform itself from Construction SOE into BUJT (Badan Usaha Jalan Tol). HK will then transfer all its existing assets to its subsidiary HK Konstruksi.

    On financing strategy, HK will leverage the equity injection by GoI through PMN. In addition, HK is expected in utilizing cheap funding sources that is eligible backed up by GoI guarantee and bringing equity partners to share the risks.


  • Click to edit Master title style Direct Lending to SOE

    GoI has committed to accelerate infrastructure development and stipulated this agenda as a national priority development agenda in 2015-2019.

    To enable this agenda, GoI support direct financing from Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) to SOE.

    This strategy has been considered to speed up the decision making process and it relatively has lower risk than SLA mechanism because the lender could directly scrutinize the SOEs disbursement planning.

    GoI through MoF will provide guarantee for SOE with some certain eligible criteria.


  • Click to edit Master title style Government Guarantee on Power Sector


    According to the Presidential Decree Number 4/2010, the Government through the Ministry of Finance provides Business Viability Guarantee to PT PLN (Persero) in developing the 2nd Fast Track Programs.

    The guarantee states a commitment of the Government that is stipulated in MoF Regulation Number 173/2014 to ensure that PT PLN (Persero) will be able to fulfill its financial obligations under related PPA.

    The guarantee is eligible only