Thinking critically with photographs

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Thinking critically with photographs. Pictures have been accessed through the Twitter account of @ HistoricalPics. Tearful farewell between 2 brothers separated by the 38 th parallel. Resistance to Modernization in China. What do you think is happening here?. NYC Skateboarders 1960s. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Thinking critically with photographs

Thinking critically with photographs

Thinking critically with photographsPictures have been accessed through the Twitter account of @HistoricalPics Tearful farewell between 2 brothers separated by the 38th parallel

The Korean peninsula has been separated since 1945, the North is an authoritarian state where the citizens have very little personal freedom (e.g. movement, speech), the South is modern, developed with the citizens enjoying high degrees of personal freedom.

2Resistance to Modernization in China

Chinas modernization program in recent years has included the building of new highways across the country as well as developing industries and building new cities. Many people are displaced as a result of these changes. Here is an example of resistance, proving futile as the road has been simply built around the house.3What do you think is happening here?

4NYC Skateboarders 1960s

How does this picture change your understanding of skateboarding?5Golf with Fidel

Who was Fidel Castro? Could discuss icons6The London Underground

How does this picture demonstrate change?7Parents supporting their childrens choices

LGBT rights have been gradually improving since the 1960s but there is still a long way to go in many parts of the world.8Young boy salutes his fathers grave

How does this picture make you feel? 9Northern Ireland, paratroopers encounter children out playing

Why would children continue to play outside in conflict zones?10

Arnold in NYC for the first timeHow has Arnold Schwarzeneggers career evolved over the years?11Dangerous Golf

12Who is the guy on the right?

Osama Bin Laden13The Idealism of the Spanish Civil War

Why does the Spanish Civil War carry romantic and idealistic notions? What was the conflict all about?14

Di Caprio showing off his acting skills15The original MGM lion

How has film technology changed in recent decades?16Mussolini in Abyssinia

What is happening in this picture?17Everyone survived

Why did everyone survive look into the story behind the flight18Permanent shadow after Hiroshima

19Keep Calm and Carry On

Bombed out library in London during WW220

Grand Theft Auto has changed quite a bitHow have computer games changed? How might they continue to change in the future?21

Was the 1950s the coolest decade of all time?What is meant by zeitgeist? How can a single image convey multiple experiences?22

15th century cat left a markIs there an argument to suggest that some things simply never change?23

How the credits for Star Wars was shot24

Japan in the early 20th century25

Why do you think the invention of penicillin was so significant?26