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Thetford Healthy Town Newsletter March 2011

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Newsletter March 2011

Text of Thetford Healthy Town Newsletter March 2011


    Bike It schools across Thetford will be joining in the National BIG PEDAL!In March, hundreds of school children from Thetford are expected to race against thousands of children fromacross the UK in a national bike race called The Big Pedal. The race, powered by UK charity Sustrans andfunded by the bicycle industry through its Bike Hub, will last for three weeks starting on the 7th March.

    The three week race follows a similar format to the Tour de France; each day is a different time trial, withdifferent stages, from long flat sprints to hillier mountainous climbs. The more children, parents and teachersthat cycle in to school on each day, the quicker time the school is awarded for each stage. The school with thelowest time overall will be declared winner.

    First prize for the national winners is a spectacular day with the M.A.D stunt team, who have performed forpeople all over the world, from Pepsi-Cola in Saudi Arabia to Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve at hisbirthday party. National runners up win a Minipod bike and scooter storage system worth over 1,000 fortheir school.

    Sustrans Bike It officer, Georgie Burr said, The effort made by pupils, parents andteachers during the race to Lapland in November was outstanding 1,855 journeys weremade by bike in two weeks! Its great to be working so closely with the Bike Hub for thenational race; it will act as a great way for whole school communities and cycle shops to jointogether and to encourage children to cycle to school. The most important part of this race will be to showpupils, parents and teachers how easy it is to choose two wheels, instead of four, for the journey to school.

    The Big Pedal 2011 is open to any school within the UK, and it is free to take part. Schools can sign up to takepart in the entire three week challenge, or register for a special one-day stage that will take place in the lastweek of the race which is also Bike to School Week (21 25 March).

    The Big Pedal, delivered by Sustrans and funded by the cycle industry, celebrates the fun that cycling bringsto children. To sign up contactGeorgie on 07973 128206 or [email protected]

    See for yourself what Thetford Healthy Town can offer you!!!Ever wondered what it would be like to join in one of the Thetford Healthy Town projects? Would you like to see howhundreds of people have had fun whilst improving their fitness levels, or learning to cook? Would you like to see more ofwhats on offer in your town?

    Well now you can!!!We have videoed some of the projects in Thetford and now you can see for yourself bylogging onto www. and in the search box type in Thetford Healthy Town.

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    Chair Based Exercise

    Year two pupils across Thetford arestudying transport this term, themedaround the book Mrs Armitage Rides herbike. So, who better to visit the pupilsthan our very own Bike It officer?!

    Georgie has been giving helmet checks and safety chats to year 1 and2 pupils at Redcastle Furze and Raleigh Infant Schools. Pupils atNorwich Road School also enjoyed a whole bike day, with cycle skills,wheel weaving, helmet chats and making Bike It bunting to decoratetheir sheds.

    Year 6 at Redcastle Furze Primary School are also now fully proficient infixing punctures after spending the afternoon learning with Georgie.


    Sarah Lewis is a Dance Artist who teaches a wide range ofexercises that enable frailer or less mobile individuals toachieve optimum personal fitness, particularly in their lateryears. The exercises Sarah teaches help to maintainstrength and independence as well as helping to reducefalls and injuries that affect everyday confidence.

    Sarah has led five dance sessions with two Flagshiphousing schemes in Thetford. The sessions focus onsocialising, moving and having fun through taughtsequences, games and creative movement tasks.

    Sarah said I dont get tofacilitate dance activity orhave the opportunity to socialise witholder people very often, so in meetingand getting to know these people; Ihave so much fun and learn a lot.Although participants can benervous before a new class ormeeting a new teacher, they are socomfortable in their own skin andup for trying new things, which asa dance facilitator is the bestthing I could ask for.

    Whilst teaching classes Sarah has also been training up 2of Flagships Scheme Coordinators, John and Laura. Theyhave become competent and enthusiastic instructorsthemselves and will now continue to deliver the chair basedclasses so even more residents can enjoy them and reapthe benefits.

    For more information contact: tel: 01603 283399.

    Pupils enjoy a Bike It day.

    Pupils learning about bicycles, Norwich Rd.

    Thetford Folk Dance ClubDID YOU KNOW?thatthe Methodist Hall onTanner Street is awelcoming town centrefriendly family churchwhose members hold aFolk Dance Club everyMonday evening from8-10pm? Its foradults, both men andwomen and a partneris not necessary! For moreinformation call Margaret Hayns tel: 01284704095 or Margaret Ince tel: 01842 763183.

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  • eat well move more live longereat well move more live longer

    2011 Census: Completion events to be held at META

    Following last months article, dates have now been arranged for CensusCompletion events at META.

    META project workers, together with UK Census staff, will be on hand to helpmembers of Thetfords migrant worker communities complete their Censusforms, either online or using the paper forms that will be delivered to everyhousehold by mid-March. META staff, who are themselves from the local migrantcommunities, will be able to explain in Russian, Polish, Lithuanian andPortuguese why the Census is happening, what the information is used for andwhat the individual Census questions mean. META workers will also help UKCensus staff to communicate the message thatinformation provided on Census forms will remaincompletely confidential for the next 100 years!

    The Completion Events will be held on:

    Friday 18th March, 1 7pm & Saturday 26th March,9.30 1.30pm

    Both events will be held at META offices at The Limes, 32 Bridge Street, Thetford. Thetford Library will also beholding local completion events.

    META volunteers Jurij and Radoslav getready to help at the Census Completionevents

    Salt & mens healthEach year cardiovascular disease (whichincludes a range of disorders to the heart andblood vessels) accounts for 29% of preventabledeaths in men, more than in women. Why?Well, research would suggest that one reasoncould be that men typically eat more salt thanwomen. On average men also have a higher blood pressure than women,particularly at a younger age, and are also less likely to have their bloodpressure checked.

    It is widely accepted that having a high salt intake is linked to high bloodpressure which is the main cause of strokes. But did you know that salthas been linked to many other conditions, including osteoporosis,Menieres Disease and exacerbating the symptoms of asthma?

    Ready-prepared meals, tinned vegetables, biscuits and some breakfastcereals can contain a lot of salt without you realising, but how do youknow how much salt is too much? Read the label and look at the amountof salt or sodium per 100g and follow these guidelines:

    High is more than 1.5g salt per 100g (or 0.6g sodium)

    Low is 0.3g salt or less per 100g (or 0.1g sodium)

    It is best for adults to aim for having no more than a teaspoon (or 6g) ofsalt a day so it is a good idea just to keep this in mind when buying foodor adding salt to a meal.

    21st - 27th March sees the arrival of this years salt awareness week, formore information see the Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH)website (

    Dental health?Are you looking for teeth friendly snacksuggestions? Are you interested in howmuch sugar we all eat and drink on a dailybasis? Then come and visit the SuffolkCommunity Healthcare Dental health teamat the Thetford Healthy Town gazebo onTuesday 22nd March at 10.00am with yourdental health questions.

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  • More and more people want to grow their own for a healthy diet and lifestyle.Whatever your age or experience, growing your own food and eating seasonal fruit andvegetables not only helps reduce imports, recycling, and givies you healthy nutritious andtasty meals, but also saves you money whilst helping you with a healthier lifestyle in thefresh air. Why not:

    Join in Master Gardener community events Find your local Master Gardener online for the chance of 12 months free support Become a Master Gardener

    If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener or if you would like to join the schemeto be mentored by a Master Gardener (Norfolk volunteers who give advice and support to people and communities who want to grow their own), or if you want more formation on volunteering or supporting local people and communities grow their own food (either in windowsills, gardens or communal land), call Gabbie Sharp on 01362 869286 or Email: [email protected] or visit

    Fitness doesnt have to mean lifting weights or poundingaway on a treadmill.LETS WALK! It takes only 30minutes a day but could cut your risk of falling victim to upto two dozen illnesses, including dementia and cancer.Taking the time for a brisk daily walk could also have other

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