Thetford Healthy Town Newsletter January 2011

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Newsletter January 2011

Text of Thetford Healthy Town Newsletter January 2011

  • free NHS health checksfree NHS health checks

    eat well move more live longereat well move more live longer

    The NHS Health Check aims to help youlower your risk of four common, butoften preventable diseases: heart disease,stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. Thisis for adults aged between 40 -74 whohave not already been diagnosed withany one of these four conditions.

    Patients of School Lane Surgery and Grove Surgery, in conjunction with Thetford Healthy Town, areinvited to attend these checks at the Healthy Living Centre. At the check, your risk of heart disease,stroke, kidney disease and diabetes will be assessed by a Health Care Assistant and if appropriate youllbe offered personalised advice by an NHS Health Trainer to support you in lowering your risk.

    The check will take around 20-30 minutes which will involve:

    Recording your height, weight, sex, ethnicity and age

    Taking your blood pressure

    A simple (finger prick) blood test will check your cholesterol level.

    In some instances, additional tests may berequired and these must be done at your own surgery. This will enable your own GPto review the results and if necessary offerany treatment required, for example medicine to lowerblood pressure. This means some people will not get all their testresults immediately and may be asked to make an appointment attheir own surgery at a later date for this discussion.

    Everyone is at some risk of developing these four diseases in thefuture. By identifying and taking steps to reduce your risk early on,you can improve your chance of maintaining or improving yourhealth as you get older.

    School Lane and Grove Lane Surgeries are therefore encouragingall eligible patients to respond to the offer of a free NHS HealthCheck to help you improve your health, and prevent a disease that may otherwise have developed.

    Heart disease

    Kidney disease



    Free NHS Health Chec


    Helping you prevent

    heart disease, stroke


    diabetes and kidney


    NHS Norfolk Health C


    Could you be at risk

    of developing

    any of these disease


    If you are aged 40-74,

    an NHS

    Health Check could be

    for you!

    Ask inside for further


    Thetford Healthy Town would like to wish you and your families a Happy, Healthy and Hearty 2011

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    Fruit and Veg the convenient alternative!Are you aware that the Londis store on the Redcastle Furze Estate joined3 other convenience stores in the county to celebrate becoming part ofthe Change4Life Convenience Stores Programme?

    The scheme is a partnership between the Department of Health and theAssociation of Convenience Stores, aiming to increase the availability offresh fruit and vegetables in shops. Anyone who now visits the store willfind it difficult to miss the brightly coloured signs outside and the displaystands located prominently at the front of the store. These small changeshave already made a noticeable difference to sales of fresh fruit andvegetables as noted by the Store Manager, Lyn Hargrove. Lyn had nohesitation in joining the scheme which she describes as marvellous,especially with their close proximity to the Redcastle Furze primaryschool. Lyn, and daughter Kelly who also works in the store, believes it isimportant to show children there are alternatives to sweets.

    Local primary school children played an important part in the launch forthe store with one class of 7-year olds being invited to visit and pick uptheir free piece of fruit. The children took part in a quiz with the help ofteachers and shop staff as well as Thetford Healthy Towns Holly Gilbert.Questions had children searching the store for fruit and vegetables onsale and thinking of their favourite meal with vegetables in. Goodie bagswere handed out to all before heading back to class for the day. The event was such a success that Lyn and theteam aim to make it a more regular event, helping to educate children further.

    Many thanks to Alexandra Lynch at NHS Norfolk for organising the launch and to Lyn, Kelly and Regional SalesManager for Londis, Jon Chapman, for bringing such a great initiative to Thetford.

    In November five Thetford schools virtually raced the 1869 miles from Thetford toLapland in Finland! Every time a pupil, parent or staff member cycled to school theywould gain virtual miles helping them reach Lapland, in readiness for the start of thefestive period.

    The competition was fierce, and despite the chilly weather, over the 10days 1684journeys were made by bike!! The winning school, who reached Lapland first, and travelled 3410 miles over all, was our newest Bike It school Redcastle Furze! The school havewon a day of cycle sports with a British Cycling coach, well done Redcastle!

    The Bishops school came in second place, followed by The Admirals, Norwich Road andQueensway Junior. Each school was presented with a commemorative wheel to celebratetheir efforts during the race.

    Despite snow, 91 cyclists turned up at the Admirals on the penultimate day of the race. Thefamily pictured travelled together, with little Ben wrapped up warm enjoying his ride to school.

    Bike It Officer, Georgie Burr said I was overwhelmed by how many pupils got involved in therace, and I was really pleased that the whole school community got behind the initiative. Itreally felt as though the schools were in Lapland on the last day of the race as the snow fell .

    The Race to Lapland

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  • eat well move more live longereat well move more live longer

    We all need a bit of fat in our diets, preferably unsaturated, to help the body absorb vitamins and stay healthy. But weshouldnt have too much of it because our bodies find it hard to process, so we start to store it up which means we get moreunhealthy and find it harder to move. This can lead to diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

    Good fat v bad fatWe do need to have a little bit of certain kinds of good fatsin our diet because they actually help make us healthier! Soyou have to be really careful that you know the difference andare making sure the kids are having the right kind of fat.

    Saturated fat is the bad type of fat and the one that weneed to really watch in our diets. Saturated fat can really buildup in the system, eventually leading to high blood cholesteroland increasing the chances of developing heart disease.Unfortunately it is also found in lots of foods.

    Unsaturated fat is a morehealthy kind of fat, and weneed to make sure we havesome in our diets. This isbecause it helps us absorbvitamins and can actuallyhelp to reduce cholesterol,as well as giving usessential fatty acids thatour bodies need. However,we still need to be careful we dont need too

    much in our diet to keep us healthy, so its bestto have in small doses. For more information :

    Where does the fat we eat go?

    1. Body: If we eat too much fat, our body cant process itso fatty deposits get stored everywhere and can slow usdown and make it moredifficult for us to move about.2. Heart: Too much fat in ourbody clogs us up so our heartfinds it harder to beat. Thismeans that it struggles to doits job and carry the bloodround our body, but it can alsomean that it slows down andgets poorly later in life.3. Liver: Our liver helps us todigest fat so when we have toomuch of the wrong kind of fatin our body the liver getsclogged up and struggles to doits job properly.

    4. Arteries: Arteries are big veins that carry blood aroundour body. When we have too much of a bad kind of fat

    called saturated fat in our system, thesearteries can get clogged up so our bloodfinds it difficult to get through.5. Lungs: If we have too much fat in oursystem it means that our lungs have towork harder to get oxygen round our body.This can make your lungs feel strainedand tired, and we may feel short of breathor even develop asthma.6. Blood: Too much fat in our blood cangive us something called high cholesterolas we get older. This is where the bloodvessels become so thick and sticky withfat that the oxygen cant get through,making us tired and out-of-breath.

    these foods are high in

    saturated fat?

    Processed meat like bu

    rgers and sausages

    Butter and lard

    Cream and ice-cream

    Cheese, pastries , cakes

    and biscuits

    did you know...

    did you know...

    you can find unsaturated fat in: Oily fish like mackerel, salmon, trout and sardines Avocados

    Nuts and seeds Sunflower, olive, vegetable and spreadsmade from vegetable oil

    did you know... did you know...

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  • The MEND programme descends on Thetford in January and if you havent booked your placeyet, now is the time! If you have a child that is 7-13 years old and you are concerned thatthey may be an unhealthy weight, then this 10 week programme could really help you andyour family out. For both kids and adults, the sessions are fun and definitely not aboutlecturing or telling you what is good and bad or right and wrong.

    What they do offer is an opportunity for kids to play games in a place that is completely safeand comfortable, with the aim of helping you to understand the small changes that yourfamily could make to lead healthier and happier lives. There is no cost to the programme, yetyou get to be involved in food tasting and supermarket tours a