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The Puzzle Pieces. One can easily see how the continents formed a larger land mass before breaking up. Fluid earth. Mountain Ranges?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Genesis, chapter 7

The Puzzle PiecesOne can easily see how the continents formed a larger land mass before breaking up.

Fluid earthMountain Ranges?Imagine a carpet bunching up as it is pushed. We cannot imagine the glory of the pre-flood world before massive amounts of water and tsunamis (caused by unimaginable earthquakes and global continental shifts) ravaged the former earth. Our present mountain ranges did not exist before the Deluge. When the Flood waters covered everything, it was likely lower heights on earth.

How old is the earth?Adam 0 AC 930 ACSeth 130 AC -1042 ACEnosh235 AC-1140ACKenan325 AC -1235 ACMahalalel395 AC -1290 ACJared460 AC -1422 ACEnoch622 AC - 987 ACMethusaleh687 AC 1656 ACCompare with year of flood. His name means when he dies, it shall be sent. Enoch used his sons name as prophecy.Lamech874 AC 1651 ACNoah1056 AC 2006 ACFirst born after Adams death.Flood Event1656 AC (2459 BC)Shem1559 AC 2058 ACArphaxad1659 AC 2062 ACShelah1694 AC 2097 ACEber1724 AC 2154 ACPeleg1758 AC 1967 ACTower of Babel.Reu1788 AC 1995 ACSerug1820 AC 2020 ACNahor1850 AC 1969 ACTerah1879 AC 2084 ACAbram1949 AC 2124 ACIsaac2049 AC 2229 ACJacob2109 AC 2256 AC

Life in Egypt begins 2239 AC.

Moses born 2589 AC or 1528 BC.

Exodus occurs 2669 AC or 1448 BC.

These match up to 1 Kings 6:1.

This puts the year of creation at 4115-7 BC.6Fossils along northern shores of Alaska and Russia show milder temperatures of pre-Flood world.

These DINOSAUR remains prove a much warmer climate at one time.Drastic Ocean Level Change in Recent HistoryGrotte Cosquer is named for its discoverer, professional deep-sea diver Henri Cosquer. In 1985, Cosquer discovered a narrow cave entrance 110 feet below sea level on Cabo Morgiou, near Marseille, France. His exploration led him through a 450 feet long sloping tunnel to a large, air-filled chamber.

Grotte Cosquer Drawing

Grotte Cosquer Drawing

Grotte Cosquer Drawing

Human structures are under water showing that in recent history the sea level has risen 400 feet!!!

Circa 2300 BC right after the FloodAvebury 2300 BC

Orkney Stones Crica 2300 BC

Stenness Stones

And off of the Orkney Islands, we find in the ocean carved and placed stones.

What does this mean?These huge stones show one people over the area of Britain were engineering geniuses. They had the support of a complex society for these projects. The stones for Avebury and Stonehenge came from over 70 miles away in Wales.And these stones are found in the waters in Pentland Firth.What does this mean?The people who made these stones lived at a time when sea levels were drastically lower, just like the artists at Grotte Cosquer.This means that the civilization that erected Stone Henge witnessed the Great Ice Age and may have eventually been wiped out by it.With stationary snow and iceAvebury, Stonehenge, and the Orkney stones may have survived the long Winter of the Ice Age.This explains the end of the complex society that built these monuments.And what are people thinking in 2300 BC???BABEL PHILOSOPHY If we make BIG MONUMENTS, we make a lasting name for ourselves on this earth.Just like we see in Egypt at this time!!!Foot note. Imhoteph (likely Joseph) was the great pioneer for the Egyptian projects that we marvel at today.

We see the dispersed Babel peoples with this mindset still in them!!!

Birs Nimrud Remains of Babel

Thousands of Mammoths instantly frozen before food digests in stomach.What happened in moments??? Massive and Violent Cold PeriodsVolcanic activity is the leading cause of global cooling.After the Flood, a massive activity of volcanoes brought on the Ice Age.Extinctions would have been continual on land and in the oceans.1816 The year without a SummerMost consider the climate anomaly to have been caused by a combination of a historic low in solar activity and a volcanic winter event; the latter caused by a succession of major volcanic eruptions capped off by the Mount Tambora eruption of 1815, the largest known eruption in over 1,600 years. Hypercanes following the Flood during the Ice AgeA hypercane is a hypothetical class of extreme hurricane that could form if ocean temperatures reached around 50 C (122F), which is 15 C (27.0F) warmer than the warmest ocean temperature ever recorded. Hypercanes following the Flood during the Ice AgeThe hypothesis was created by Kerry Emanuel of MIT who also coined the term.

Source: Wikipedia.

The Ice AgeWhat do we know?

Right after the Flood, the Ice Age was so massive that ocean levels were considerably lower.

Think how many scientists say things without out thinking them through. They say that the Indonesian islands are tens of thousands of years old while the Grotte Cosquer says otherwise.

The spread of species was very possible, supported Noahic account in cultures around the world.

Global reference to Noahs Flood in ethic histories

Let us presume the Bible is true (and it is)CreationFallCreature consumes creatureHuman violence is the normDeath becomes normFLOODCivilization flourishes.Stonehenge.Settlement throughout earth.In time, subtropical and tropical civilization continues to thrivewhile other northern civilizations are severely hindered.CONTINUED VIOLENT ADJUSTMENT OF EARTHTO POST FLOOD STATE VOLCANIC ACTIVITYMassive Ice AgeIf oceans were warmer, the Ice Age would have intensified all the more with greater moisture in the atmosphere fueling unimaginable global storms as seen on the Siberian plains. What froze this mammoth was a storm that turned into a massive dirty ice cube.

If the account of the Flood is true, what would happen?After the Genesis Flood all of the oceans of the earth were considerably warmer than the modern temperature of todays ocean waters.Warmer ocean water would have evaporated more rapidly and formed more clouds than todays cooler oceans do. These moisture-laden clouds, combined with a colder atmosphere, would have been an ideal source for major snow accumulations leading to an Ice Age and rapid cooling from volcanic activity.Warm Water / Cold AirCoastal areas would be ice free from temperature warmth from the large body of water, but inland one could expect a drastic change in temperature As seen in Alaska and Canada coastal and inland areas today. This explains why the civilization that built Stone Henge may have survived for a time along the coast.The Book of EnochWhat if this book has historical beliefs and traditions handed down?

The Book of EnochI looked and beheld the great treasuries of snow and ice I was led to the Northern regions and saw this horrid place savage darkness and gloom with no light. There also was fire burning alongside the ice. On one side fire. On the other side coldness and ice. A place that burns and freezes simultaneously. Enoch 5.1, 10, 1.

Genesis, chapter 7Interestingly, the Ice Age movies (completely fictional) show volcanoes and glaciers side by side. Hmmmmm? Where did they get this idea????

Global cooling from volcanic activity circa 2500 BC

Babel DispersementThis 55 ft. long boat made in 2000 BC was discovered in England in the mud. If these huge boats were traveling the oceans, we can imagine the animals they brought with them.

Babel DispersementBut the boats would not have been the sole source of disbursement. With lower oceans levels, all major land masses were connected (except for Antartica).

If oceans were really warmer, would the Artic be open water for sailing? Yes.

Ainu - Basque

The Basque and AinuThe Basque of Spain and the northern Japanese island of the Ainu share an extremely similar language.Right after the Flood, ocean waters were warmer than they are at present. This may have been a carry off from the pre-Flood world. This means that areas like Britain may have had warm water keeping the Ice Age at bay (at least for a time).Ainu

Ainu - Basque - EnglishAspa - aspaldiko - old, ancientTaspare - asparen - to sighMokor - makar sleepAukorespa - aukeratu - to choose, selectKusunkur - kuskusean spyingKayo - kaio - seagullEse - esetsi - to argueAinu - Basque - EnglishKukocan - uko egin - to refuseKonte - kontentatu - to pleaseUk - ukan - to haveIpuni - ipuina - to tell a storyIska - xiskatu -to stealikoro money koro moneyPita - pita - fishing linehantasine - hankagorri -barefooteraman - eramanpen - patience, toleranceWho is the closest genetic relative outside of the Ainu?Kennewick man found in Oregon. Wow! A connection from Spain to Japan to North America! Its a small world after all.

Babel DispersementThis makes sense! Japheths descendants were on the move.

The Ice AgeThe Ice Age ran its course in approximately 700 years, with the snow accumulation reaching its maximum depth about 500 years after the Genesis Flood, with most of the snow and ice melting away during the next 200 to 300 years. For various reasons, the oceans cooled down. With decreased volcanic activity and normal cycles of solar activity, the earth might expect the pendulum to swing to global warming.Consider this.Famine and drought are major themes in the early Bible. What ifMankind had become assimilated to the excessive moisture patterns and then with the gradual adjustment of ocean temperature, new patterns developed.Just to repeatWarmer Ocean WaterThe mass of the ocean is so huge, coastal areas would be mild for human development while ice and snow predominated inland. This could explain the Orkney ruins under water in the midst of a huge Ice Age.With retreating glaciers in AlpsArtifacts and coins are being discovered underneath glaciers.Roman coins point to another cooling trend well under way in 250 A.D. How do you get a coin under a glacier from 200 A.D.? W